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    Almost makes me want to move there!
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    I remember at my 20th high school reunion (we'd have been ~ 35 since it was the Year 10 one) the question was asked and at the time there were 2 known sets of grandparents from our year. Given your oldest billy-lid is a teenager by now (?) I'd say the GP-ship might be closer than you think... and it'd be nice to have you around for it.
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    A cowardly troll chrisg, is someone who just spews silly insults onto the page with no given direction
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    ...Nnoo, I don't think so. It's much more of a power thing than a territory one: people made to feel powerless often try gain some through sex (which is why rape, a lot of the time); conversely, people who have buckets of power often get horny - which also often leads to rape. Which is the thing a whole generation fails to recognise - that there is more than one reason for rape. Feminists in particular are taught that it's always about power. It's not. That second variety is about sex - it's just executed with power. And every bit as wrong.
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    Really chrisg you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I mean since you give no indication of who you are referring to, I'm assuming you're castigating yourself .
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    big death little death yeah, big death is way worse
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    I dunno, I thought you were generally opposed to redefining gender like that.
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    If you have content on SACD in particular which uses a 1 bit 1.5MHz DSD encoding that needs a special DAC. The good SACD players will have that DAC while the receivers, external DACS and cheaper players converted to PCM before playing back through a lower sample rate 16/24/32bit DAC (10-15 years ago, that process may have noticeably changed the content - these days, the conversion and PCM DACs sound fine) While DSD format can be passed across HDMI between the player and receiver, many receivers lack the software/hardware to decode the DSD content so that would be a case for needing the analogue inputs. Thankfully my receiver can decode the formats through HDMI so all is good While SACD is a virtually a dead format for new content, I have a few old favourites - Yes I have Floyd's DSOTM but a particular favourite, is a recording of Bach recorded in a German cathedral that has 4 networked pipe organs - recorded in 4.0 as one organ per channel (they even give you the cathedral floor plan in case you want to rearrange your speakers)
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    Anyone here have a clue what a spectacular aphrodisiac weed is? Cannabis is a fucken wonder drug. Lots of great uses, utterly negligible harm.
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    Sorry if you were confused there, "lol?" isn't a question aimed at you. Not sure what else may've got your goat this time. But the only thing worse than someone who is ex-intel telling everyone they are ex-intel to give themselves credibility, is someone who keeps telling everyone else how dumb and stupid they are to make themselves feel smarter.
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    lol? Not sure what's actually funnier to read, that, or this:
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    I don't know one american who would gaf if Biden was pulled of the race via trying to impeach Trump, TBH. I can't think of anyone who'd be ex-int who is worth listening to if they keep bragging about being so, TBH.
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    Hey it's our job to harass and bully MPs to do our bidding, it's called democracy.
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    Much the same with cotton. The Darling river has sufficient agricultural use that it varies between dry and barely flowing. I crossed over it 24 years ago and wasn't much impressed. The Murrumbidgee is a shadow of what it was, plenty of dams on it and it's sources but at least there's reasonable flow much of the time. Murray has some dams and weirs but as the ultimate outflow of most of SE Australia's water inland of the Great Dividing Range it's obviously going to suffer if it's main sources also do. With the Darling at least it seems to be a few upstream taking a lot of water for personal benefit to themselves and not many others. And it's not something new, been going on for decades.
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    Drove through Hilston in NSW in summer passing 50 acre rice crops sitting in 4 foot of water on a 35C day. Dont have to be Einstein to figure out thats just stupid
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