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    So I figured I go ahead and replace the tim. PCB: VRM: Heatsink: Then I saw these horrible grooves.... Couldn't believe how rough it was! I couldn't just put tim on, I knew I would be taking it off again if I did. 2hrs later using 2000 and 1500 grit, it was all I had, there is still some lite scratches, but i would need to take off quite a bit more to get those. There was two really bad machine marks going thru the center area... At least it is smooth now and doesn't grab with my nail.... How much this has helped, I don't know yet. Been awhile since I had to lap anything. Nearly the same cooler as what was on the 2080, but I guess the tooling was getting to the point of needing replaced, well at least imho. Same but the 5700xt is slightly thicker: Edit.. WOW! Junction is down a solid 20c! It is most the time around 90 to 89c, it hit 93 for like a second running higher clocks. This is running the 50mhz higher than "yellow" setting in my previous tests: FireStrike Extreme Stress Test 20 loops. Core: ~2000mhz (Setting it to 2060mhz runs load around 50mhz less), very little fluctuation Volts: 1.181 to 1.2v little fluctuation Power: +20% Core temp: 70c max 68 to 69c mostly Junction: mostly 90c or less, a few jumps but not much. The only bad is the memory is 2c higher at times.. possibly the pads were not put back on perfectly. Super happy with results but now I need to retest everything ----- Edit 2: Seems like the tim is really working in now after a few runs. Im running out of time today to test much more but lapping really helped, wish I did it sooner! FireStrike Extreme Stress Test 20 loops. Core: ~2050mhz (Setting it to 2100mhz runs load around 50mhz less), very little fluctuation Volts: 1.2v solid Power: +50% Core temp: 70c max 68 to 69c mostly Junction: mostly 91c or less, a few jumps but not much.
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    what's crazy is theres more than enough stars in the universe for there to be at least one in any possible direction you could point to. the reason the night sky is dark is because most of that light hasnt or never will reach us. btw, fuck the balloon analogy. i'm sorry, but its one of those things (like the ball on a blanket demonstration of gravity) that gets over used and really shits me. why? because it creates more confusion than it alleviates. the balloon gets across that everything is moving away from every other thing more or less uniformly. fine. its also a way of showing theres no centre point of the expansion as you might expect — so long as youre fine with treating the warped surface of the balloon as a 2D projection of the entirety of 3D space. yeah, good luck with that.
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    the only problem in a leonid fantasy of a dog eat dog world is that you end up with a monoculture of fat dogs and not everyone is capable of (or even more commonly, inspired to care to have a go at) being a fat dog the idea of unbridled expansion as a goal is as attractive as the concept of a fart in a vaccuum success is a personal concept, not a mandatory capitalist paradigm good luck with your plans, leo, but by no means "all power" to your idea of what life is about and stop bitching about paying rent for your place in a relatively stable (though inert and ineptly managed) country
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    Either you are explaining that badly, or you missed something. Since it is not the stars moving through a static volume, but the space itself expanding, any redshift will neccesarily be additive - proportional to distance, iow. The stars moving within the space is called "proper motion", and shows no such proportionality.
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    Throw flour between their legs to reveal the wet spot then slap 'em on the leg and ride in on the wave.
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    I've beaten my finances back into submission after getting a back payment (just before I bought the two monitors). I bought a Surface Laptop 2 (Cobalt Blue, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, and i5 CPU) mid last week and am enjoying it immensely. It's the first laptop I've ever bought, I did have an old HP boat anchor given to me a few years ago that wasn't much good for anything (nice keyboard though). Now to not spend anything until payday.
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    "A Universe from Nothing", by Laurence Krauss ? Vacuum foam is a pretty established concept at this point.
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