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    Nice timing for a backpacker tax...
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    And 2012 . Youd remember this one where you broke both legs and the ambos didn't know what to do so you straightened them out both yourself. Cool. http://dudeworld.com.au/forum45/index.php/topic,4242.msg52285.html#msg52285 And again in 2012, still a "Para" http://dudeworld.com.au/forum45/index.php/topic,4175.msg51083.html#msg51083 So, no, not stories from last century. Fucken lies from 5 years ago. Fucken own it.
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    Fuck, still the funniest thing I've ever read on atomic. My favorite bit was chrisg saying "eh, lets just drop it" hahahhahaha Had tears in my eyes from laughter. Caught out big time but still couldn't admit to it LOL Ummm, nope. you were a "para" in 2013. http://dudeworld.com.au/forum45/index.php/topic,4445.msg54945.html#msg54945
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    Well that settles it then. 100% bullshit artist.
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    You did . Fuck me if you are going tell huge lies you really should try and remember them when asked. But in your case far far too many to remember. Dudeworld is like a gold mine of your bullshit life.
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