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    you say that, but have you ever tried dragging a kid out of a burning building, or running over broken glass to tackle a would be bank robber, WHILE WEARING THONGS! i bet you havent. i am not someone who goes looking for trouble, but for whatever reason, it always seems to find me. just unlucky i guess ;-). its little wonder that experience has taught me to be prepared. lets just say theres a good reason why the SF boys choose boots over thongs. not wearing thongs has probably saved my life more times than i care to remember. that was a long time ago, during a very strange and very different time in my life, but old habits die hard.
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    thongs just make me feel slow and stupid and defenseless. call me paranoid, but i need to feel ready to throw down at a moments notice (¬_¬) and limp clippety clappety flaps of rubber won't cut it. the noise makes me feel like am wearing a cow bell. give me something with grip that will stay on, hence i opt for those covered sandals things that look like sneakers.
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    this is the person who introduced me to that term all those years ago "royal with a toilet seat and ribbons" decor
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    I cannot believe the mindset of some people of late. Part of my job is sending our service guys out to jobs, billings said jobs out to customers and then chasing up people that for one stupid reason or another, dont want to pay. Excuses I have gotten this week for non payment of bills; " I don't have the money, you will have to wait until I have my xmas shopping done" " Can we have a 3 month account please" " I didn't realise Id have to pay it all at once" " Im not paying for you to drive down to my house to fix it. You cant charge travel" And its only Wednesday. Sigh. Gonna be a good week.
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    A religion that works Kimmo ? It would have to begin with no tithing - the Church of England and the Church of Rome seem to own half the worthwhile real estate on earth... I'm really not kidding, their holdings are massive. Cheers
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    Spoken just like a libertarian fundamentalist. I'm sure the fact you're white, male and straight is just a coincidence. Reality is a lot messier than you'd like - you can't have liberty without security, like for instance, the state protecting your human rights.
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    Printing money out of thin air based on nothing has consequences.
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    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
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    *facepalm* In economic stagnation and deflation, there isn't "another growing business", but there is a growing population of unemployed fighting for a shrinking number of jobs. When there is rising unemployment, people don't have money to gamble on entrepreneurial ventures. Banks are averse to lending money to new businesses, when the existing businesses are already experiencing losses. Nothing in this sentence makes any sense, and at this point, you're just spilling word soup all over the place. You won't be taken more seriously, just because you litter your posts with keywords, much less as you proceed to demonstrate nothing more than a passing understanding of the meanings of the words you're using.
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    Trump must have borrowed too much... Cheers
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    I don't mind the length as it's really just audio so I've been listening in the car. Interesting listen from someone with less vested interest in a side. Although she was sent there as part of a prearranged delegation so you wonder if things were set up to be a little exaggerated. Maybe, maybe not... You feel like it's not far off the truth from that side of the fence though. Like she says though, there are very real security concerns for Israel.
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    Hi! Been several moons since my last fly by. I don't have a lot to say but I've loved reading the ponderings and postings here over the years. You folks is smart! Guess I signed on some time around 2002, give or take?
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    The 6pm news on my car radio told me he'd had about fifteen previous attempts ... sorta like crossing it off his bucket list really They are hideous pieces of shite
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