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    My Doctor has me on Trulicity Injections ( once weekly) to help with my diabetes. ( Type 2) One of the side effects is loss of appetite. And I mean LOSS of appetite. I am struggling to eat half what I normally do, I'm down 7 kilos in 2 weeks ( which is a great thing). I am also finding I don't want alcohol at all which for me is a big thing. Id normally kill a bottle of jacks and a carton of coldies in 3 days. In the last 2 weeks I've have had 2 beers. No urge at all to drink alcohol. Weird but good I'm not complaining at all !! I'm feeling pretty bloody good but I've read feedback from others on it with all sorts of issues due to the drug. So just curious if anyone here has been on it before and how it affected their weight/alcohol consumption.
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    I'll try and keep it above board for a bit. There are even memes I don't forward to you @twinair
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    I'm pretty sure we haven't had a thread dedicated to memes. I could be wrong. Back in the good ol' days memes weren't even a thing. I'll start. Only rules... one meme per post GO!
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    As the title says. I had my OEM win 7 on an 11 year old PC and a mate gave me a slightly newer PC and of course as it's a different mobo MS aren't allowing activation, bastards! The phone activation is a complete PITA, been there done that before. Is there an easier way?
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    If it's OEM (PC licence) then the Bios will contain the licencing table which allows activation of the relevant version/editions. If it's retail then you enter your code during or after install and it should verify once online. I not long ago bought a Win 10 Pro licence for under 10 bucks, I imagine the Win 7 ones are almost giveaway prices by now. Though the Win 7 licence on this machine stopped working after a year, dodgy seller no doubt flogged the same one off multiple times.
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    Pity I didn't have that luck last Monday when my car packed it in.
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    Haven't had it or previously heard of it. For a while I was on Daonil which was a daily tablet, from a quick look it does much the same thing (promotes insulin production). Most recent H1a1c test showed improved results and the doctor I saw recommended to stop it. I gladly have. I don't think it made an appetite difference though I've dropped weight to the tune of 15 kg in the last 2 years but put about 5 or 6 back on probably in the last 6 months. The Daonil is dangerous stuff in that it starts working in 15 minutes and can cause hypoglycemia if you don't have food again within about 5 hours. I had the dizzy, sweaty, tired sugar crashes probably half a dozen times or more. Luckily at home for all of them so they can quickly be rectified by eating a bunch of sugary lollies. But overall I just felt different when using the things, glad to be away from them. The Metformin is bad enough in that it gives you a chronic crook gut though I'm used to it and it barely bothers me.
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    Had a rather strange occurrence Today, I had an appointment booked for NBN FTTN install this morning AND THEY SHOWED UP. Wonders will never cease.
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    What a nice surprise when I woke up from an edible haze this morning. Apparently I bought the Diezel VH4 pedal because I can't afford to drop 7k on a Diezel head. That Adam Jonesey/Matt Bellamy tone is coming to an undersized home studio near you me!
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    I think they named the yellow one white because clearly white is the superior colour.
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    Yeah, hate cracks, plumbers especially! Haven't done those things in many years. Just did the phone thing, but he says shit so quick and then expects you to write down the confirmation code in 3 seconds, stupid bot Anyway, is done Now I can install 10 on the old one and try and sell an old computer with one case side missing and a new copy of win 10 for a couple of hundred! Tell him he's dreaming!
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    Better versions around but I always liked this one:
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