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    A week or so ago I posted a news link and wee comment on Measels cases in Samoa ...lo and behold shit has got worse ... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-02/samoa-measles-epidemic-prompts-government-shutdown/11757652 It's progressed from one or two case of sick, to fifty-three dead ... and the Gov. is shut down I wonder, I guess the anti-vaxxers are still maintaining thier need to be different and wrong ... well I guess this is the way we cut the pop. explosion . When I first arrived up here people were killing large toads with gay abandon. A lot of the bigger ugly ones were then stuffed and dressed up as different characters, embedded on sticks ( or not ) and sold at the markets ... it was big business. Now though, at least around our area they are not nearly as big. but still bloody ugly
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    Although, most are active.............there are a few who tend to remain neutral.................while the odd one likes to be down to earth.
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    You can really feel the energy in this forum, eh?
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    Great Power Point Presentation, Leo!
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    In the NT, we have "super" cane toads. Not good
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    THAT is just crazy - hopefully Congress will jump on it. The US banned all biochem research decades ago although programmes still exist to be abreast of developments and to concoct countermeasures but to actually work on mutating a virus, no, even Fort Detrick does not do that. They are more involved in counters to chemical warfare any way. Interestingly, and completely tangential, CDC quietly announced a reasonably effective Ebola vaccine just a few days ago. Another scourge is close to being beaten. Cheers
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    This is a wired mouse ... I think I've worn the thing out heh. I have three old gaming mice sitting around so I'm not stuck with it.
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    It is if it's the same but what if it's different? I think of old videos of people jumping off things with all sorts of made up wings to try to fly or at least glide. To use the same method over and over would be madness but to try something new might work. That said, it's a lot of people to risk on one experiment with complete socialism so the analogy is somewhat lacking. Then again, the number of times you've tried to tell Kimmo why capitalism is the shit and yet you keep trying... Well maybe you are a bit mad yourself.
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    The foam Dekoni Bullets from drop.com are my favourite tips at the moment. Also, you can't beat open backs. So nice. Except in public....
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    Last time I tried to tutor someone, mm80x and I got Nodnerb banned >.>
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    I used to slave my arse off to pay $550 a week in rent - I now pay less than $500 a year in rates on 40 hectares I'm a (was) fucking dumb arse
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    Yeah, they all tend to look like that, or like I'm stoned off my tits, like this: Plus I love my greays - make me look distinguished Also "gruesome accident" is vague to me..... Sadly...
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    How does this work - Like dis? EDIT: Holy shit - Does work like that. Well shit me - Internal hosting
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    my new ear pads for the audiotechnica ad700's arrived today - given i've had 'em just under a decade and got 'em used back then, they have lasted well it's only this afternoon that i note the bit you get to force into the flange groove are pleather - mine were so old that i thought they were velour like the rest of the pads and man, those fuckers were a struggle to re-mount - haven't been so concerned the something was going to tear since i delivered my last baby (and in both cases everything remained intact, thankfully for all concerned)
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    I've just spent a month being with mum in hospital. Thank fuck she's getting better. It's just a long, long journey back to health.
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