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    The problem with real low humidity, and we get it here often in the heat, and it's worse by 2x if it's windy too is it dries out your lungs which is a multiplier for dehydration.
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    Yes it's hot. Summer has arrived up here in the Far North. Maybe it's that I'm a bit older. Maybe it's that the cool nights changed with the click of a finger to nights barely survived with the fan on the number two setting Right now, the night has passed with three incidents of water type stuff leaking from the sky. It will be worse come February. Today this couple from Darwin told me how this heat meant nothing to them here - sitting in the air-conditioned lobby as they were, having come from their air-conditioned room. Waiting on the air-conditioned bus that would take them to town, this summer in Port was less than a breeze for them, after all, they were NT people used to the heat in their air-conditioned life. What a fucking wank ! Truly.
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    So it's an outdoor sauna or an oven ...
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    um. ... you'll get waited on hand and foot yup QFT !!
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    Yeah, the top two surgeons don't come in on Fridays, so then I will have to wait until Tuesday to get discharged I hope that they will be able to fit the first prothesis before xmas, otherwise it will be in the new year hate to be legless new years eve
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    You probably know they like to have as few patients in beds over Christmas, so I'd expect them to boot you out beforehand. We have faith in you too!
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    Not sure what xmas will bring with the surgery on the Thursday, then the next week will be xmas, not sure what the timetable for rehab will be but fuck it, I had to do rehab two years ago, I know what is expected. main thing is to have faith in myself
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    Ordered a bunch of stuff, look forward to putting it all together once it all arrives. CPU Ryzen 5 3600x (Should be all I need for gaming mostly) MB ASUS TUF x570 Wifi (Looks to have good vrm) RAM 4x8 G.Skills Ripjaws V 3600 c16 -19-19-39 (Hope that I can tighten the timings, was on sale and thought I read of advantages of running quad) GPU RTX 2070 Super (Blower style, HP Omen series I believe. Got it off ebay for around 5700XT prices so thought I'd go with it. Plus was having crashes with 5700XT when playing World of Warships and it was pissing me off a bit. Other games worked fine though.) SSD 1x NVMe SX8200 Pro 512gb, 2x SSD Mushkin 1tb (Wanted to get different sizes/qty but did it this way to get more paid back) PSU EVGA SuperNova 1000 PQ (Overkill but was on sale) CASE Phanteks Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass (Went full size to make it easier to work inside) LOOP EK Classic RGB P360 Kit (Pump looks to be only ok but not a d5. Might look to add a gpu block later. Ordered some extra fitting and a drain valve) MONITOR LG 32GK650G-B G-Sync 31.5" 2560x1440p 144hz (Was 50% off and wanted to try g-sync monitor, its also flat which I wanted to go back to.) Some things I had to order a certain way to get depreciation value back from insurance, like the water kit... I couldn't piece it together and needed to be a single item purchase. Basically, they say it's worth for example ~350 but its 5 years old so we will give you ~125, but if you buy it again and turn in receipt, we will give you up to $350-125(that was already paid). But my old 3700x cpu, they didn't depreciate it much and gave me nearly the current price it is going for, so I just got a lesser priced 3600x that was on sale this last week and used that money on other parts of the build. Tried to get everything on sale for this build and play the numbers game. I did order a cheap gpu AIO water block but not sure if it will fit what I have or if it will do good. Im going to test with the blower first then try it out later. It has aluminum and copper mixed so it wont last all that long but it was cheap to play with and might be able to use parts of it later or just connect the block part to EK kit but yea need to check on that. http://www.idcooling.com/Product/detail/id/134/name/FROSTFLOW 120VGA Should be a fun build, can't wait to run it thru the benchmarks
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    Hi Folks!..................and welcome to the Ass and Bitch Show!
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    ...and I can be a right bitch ... so thanks, but really, I was trying to explain my inane posts is all
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    with low humidity, even 44°C is bearable. almost nice if you have access to shade and a place to swim. but ive done hard physical work in that. sure, you seem to lose your body weight in water every minute, but you keep your sanity. but anything above 28°C with really high humidity — fuck all that. brain fog. humidity makes me retarded. the only thing thats good for is drinking frozen margaritas on balconies into the late evening. theres a whole different night atmosphere in places that skew tropical. having said that, ive never been much further north than Brisbane, a.k.a the last outpost of the habitable zone.
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    Yes..........the other name for it was Wogball. (Don't worry, I played it for over 20 years until I was suspended for 16 weeks for inciting a riot)
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    @datafast69 when I start referring to the moon as a planet then it's probably best to consider what day and time of night it is, lol.
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    Do you need to be a Lawd Jaysus fearin' bible-tootin' Christian to be a moral person? Is the bible the only thing between morality and the abyss? Hell is the bible required for anyone to be moral? If not, why is the EU the bible of Europe? Are we that worried that Europe will got to war against itself again in a post-monarchy, post-Hitler age without it?
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    Dunno, the Shuttle was probably a bridge too far but by now we really ought to be able to do Single Stage to Orbit repeatedly - I guess the privateers have to re-climb the ladder - the way they are going it probably will not take long Cheers
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    Because that would be like electing the arsonist as fire chief
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    I believe that's their favourite position vis-a-vis altar boys. ffs not even my slightiy tipsy brain can muster more than a grimace here . interesting " fun " fact : there is not an emoji using the symbol of the cross for warding off evil
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    Sailors call it looking for the Golden Rivet..................
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    I posit that Aboriginals are just as capable of being utter pieces of shite same as any other person of whatever race is. Being a real Aussie Aboriginal does not mean they are saintly. Also even though I was quite straight, no drugs of any persuasion, I don't remember too much of Avatar
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    I agree with what Datafast has said, completely. Both NATO and the EU are well crafted institutions that do what they do very well, NATO has in many ways a simpler task, which is just as well because military minds tend to the pragmatic. The EU is, I'm getting tired of saying it, an organisation overdue to be trimmed but it had a complex task to do, one that has thus far, aside from the ridiculous intervention of Brexit, been achieved fairly well. It is not that the EU has to handle trade, it is that placing that responsibility in the hands of a military is way beyond foolhardy - it is not what a military is designed to do. It is also why history has shown the wisdom of keeping such decision making away from the military. Otherwise you tend to get over ambitious Generals and coups. Your simplification of centuries of European intrigue is breathtaking, in its stupidity, how very Russian of you. The way you are framing this makes me wonder if you do not have wet dreams of being the next Hitler... ( Sneaky suggestion: It did not go well for him.) Europe remains a very complex beast, simplistic solutions will not resolve the entanglements, not when Spain cannot decide if it wants a monarchy or not, is still dealing with Basque insurrection and was once a rival to Britain as lord of the sea, Italy still fosters a degree of fascism, Germany can quite easily tip right without a firm hand, France can get snooty any time, take its ball and go home, England demonstrably has lost the plot, the Scandinavians wish they were far away, the list goes on, those are just the main players. You approach is stupidly simplistic and seems born of some bewildering hatred of the EU. I'll say it one more time, the EU promises an enduring peace for Europe - that is worth putting up with its short comings. Oh, which countries might those be Eveln ? Cheers
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