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    Mix of gaming, web/file/media serving, and leaving firefox sitting around with 500 tabs open, for the most part. At this point I'm thinking that I'll just run something as my desktop, and if there's significant changes with next year's release to give me buyer's remorse, I'll get that for myself and shunt this purchase into my now vacant (matx?) case to run as a discrete home server (trying to work out what's going on with x570 ECC support is a PITA). So if my desktop will also be the home server, I guess on top of that, at some point it'll be setup as a base station for a handful of IP/PoE cams. IDK. I hate forced upgrades. Biggest gutpunch is knowing that the 4690k running at 4.4ghz is probably going to be the same as or slightly ahead of what I can expect from a 3000 series. Lucky I like to run all the things at the same time, I guess.
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    Depending on what you will be doing with your PC, you might be able to snag a 2000 series cpu until the next wave hits of the 4000 series and save some $. Even a used eBay deal for a 2600 or 2700. It will still be fast and offsets the price for another year for cpu. Edit: PSU, target a 600w which should be enough for almost any build unless you go 2080 ti
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    Much the same you just have to go into the other end of the plug beside the wires. It should force the PSU to power the MB unless it detects a short in which case it should instantly power off.
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    In the article it says 'some' are working from home.................cleaning out the gutters?
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    i thought "the office" was painful on the brief viewing i had but gervais as a presenter of awards is consistently good value, often pissingly funny, and extremely adept at simply dead panning completely honest observations about the complete artifice of the inbred establishment of hollywood do yourself a real entertainment favour, and look at prior events if you don't laugh, you need better drugs
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    It seems the actors still got up and made their wokeness apparent though.... seriously got to wonder how they ( the actors ) don't realise that they aren't famous for their ideas, they're famous for their acting ... ohhhhh I get it now .ffs I don't know, I still had the urge to slap Gervais' face even while I was enjoying his speech
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    Not ever been a fan of Ricky Gervais. I did try to watch him a few times but well he just didn't take . Just now flicking through my abc site I spied the Golden Globes thingy and a vid of Gervais doing his presenter's speech . Now right up front he gave a full disclaimer that everything to follow was just jokes . LOL. First time I've bothered to listen to his speech and this one was his fifth and final . He went for the woke, Epstein, the Huffman ( I think that's her name ) woman who paid to get her kid into some College. Also the " Two Popes " and various others. He virtually told the people collecting awards to just get up and thank those responsible accept their awards and that they weren't gods and " fuck off " from the stage , he wanted no woke speeches. lol. The camera rolled over the audience a few times and Tom Hanks was not finding his humour with it at all. ... quite enjoyed it really, I usually just flick through the pics for the fashions and the jewellery edit : " "If you win an award tonight, don't use it as a platform to make a political speech," he advised the stars during his opening monologue. "You're in no position to lecture the public about anything, you know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg." " https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-50983253
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    Bit of a joke really, today was among the best 3 of the last 20 days for visibility. The air quality wasn't too bad. But the nights have been generally bad, the smoke settles in and the smell and visibility isn't so good. I guess in theory they might have had filters clogged with crap though in general most government buildings shut off the AC after hours and people that happen to work then or weekends usually just have to put up with whatever temperature gets dished up. For the agency responsible for emergency actions though, a bit of a joke especially considering there's fires around that could easily threaten the area if the right conditions arose.
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    Hopefully it drops widespread rain right across the guts....
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    Can I just take a moment to retract any flippant remarks I may have made over the years about the personal character of Tony Abbott? @Leonid You were right, away from parliament, he's a good guy.
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    PSUs are temperamental things. I've had them start with a paperclip but fail to boot under load. Best way is to borrow a new or known working PSU........................pain in the arse, I know but it's really the only way. (did get a faulty one new out of the box once................that threw a spanner in the works for daze!)
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    It won’t last long. Can you imagine that many people with degrees in Feminist Dance Theory in one place with no warning signs?
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    Can't find it on YT so FB link (sorry) https://www.facebook.com/BBCScotland/videos/550606562449954/
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    The election is 11mo away. In a 24hr news cycle that’s not “just in time” for the election. Tho I gotta say, making the Dems defend Iran is a master-stroke.
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