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    Thanks! I care because a lot of the impetus for cable tidying is to have them be tidy, not just messy and out of sight and out of fan paths *twitch* xD Colour me keen, but also, a) in my head adata are the company that produce discount cables and plugs and adaptors, and b) I don't even know what I'd do with a drive like that. Boot device or games drive? Boot device with a big chunk for virtual memory and temporary data storage/downloads? Nice to make use of the server aspects of the build, but also I only have the house wired and switched for gigabitethernet, so I need to work out if I can plug the 2.5gE NIC in and team it with the 1gE port so I can take multiple data streams to try and make use of that diskthroughput D :
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    Try this with Windows explorer ... it changes the icons to display without using thumbnail files. Uncheck the following option, “Display file icons on thumbnails”. Check "Always show icons, never thumbnails".
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    Nich..., I'd imagine the Windows tester thingy is probably outputting a low signal, rather than specifically targeting the LFE channel. I have no way of measuring the frequency it uses. I did come across the suggestion that Intel are supposedly trying to force the world into UHD only, but so far I suspect that might only be yet another urban legend. It wouldn't surprise if something along that line was true, though, even if only partly. As for playback, I tried Windows Media Player, Windows 10's newfangled "Movies & TV" player and PowerDVD 18. Netflix and YouTube in Opera, Chrome and MS Edge. Obviously, only PowerDVD for Blu-Ray. Funny thing is, during mp3 , mp4 or DVD playback, using the Windows test at the same time will still produce the test tone from the sub, but not the base from the music/movie. As best as I can tell, I'm getting a full range signal to the other 5 channels (my speakers only go from 150 - 20 Hz). This whole exercise is going to end in tears, anyway. Having spent a small fortune (for me), on a new supposedly UHD capable PC, a new AVR and UHD monitor, I still cannot play 4K - which was a big part of the reason for the upgrade. It seems that inserting an AVR between the PC and the screen possibly constitutes a break in the DMR security chain and therefore 4K is disallowed! You can do this from a stand alone player, but seemingly not from a PC.
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    Bill Shorten lost the election because, well...........he's Bill Shorten............and a grub. The ABC never look at themselves when it comes to blame.
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    PC looks great! Who cares what is behind it all with the cables and such Could always get some different fans later, the Noctua redux has a good look I went with too. But eh, it is fine as is. And when you are ready, this might be out by then: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/adata-sage-ssd-unveiled
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    and the crux of the present contention is that many are blaming the climate alone for the fires. And seemingly disregarding, the fact that arsonists were more than a passing influence in the number of fires. That is all.
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    When a grown-ass male virtue signals his #woke feminist credentials you can pretty much start the clock on the imminent rape charge.
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    Some pics of how messy it is. TBH I expected more room in the case - I went with a nanoxis deep silence 4 in my last build to cut down on size, and all it did was make it cramped for the GPU. This has lots of space foe each element, but at the same time... in front of the PSU/under the drive bays is a mess, so IDK if I'll actually end up getting a 120mm fan to put down there (I wanted something to add some ventilation to the PSU and GPU). I can't tell if the PSU shroud is so warm because the PSU has it's fan curve set low, or if the GPU is blowing warm air straight at it. Really appreciated extra room behind the motherboard for cable routing and etc. Speaking of behind the motherboard and warm, I don't feel great having the two SSDs sitting back there with no real air, but also I'm not sure if it's actually warmer than where they'd mount above the PSU otherwise, at this point. The case overall, closed, seems relatively quiet. The fans are still audible, but also I haven't played with the fan curves manually. Q-led is a godsend for impatient lil' ol' me. There's a bunch of BIOS settings I'm having to google to figure out WTF they do, but also some that seem to be missing (like some variant of speedstep/quite'n'cool, so it's basically not idling at 200W). Also, with trying to keep the cables relatively tidy: I felt like the HDDs were too messy but wasn't sure what else to do; having to plug PSU cables in before mounting it because shroud blocks most easy access was a right PITA; most of the included cables were of decent lengths, but the PWM cable from the fanbus to the motherboard was too short to snake over to the actual chassis fan header; USB-c front cable felt too short, I had to run it directly across and not route it with the other front panel cables; caps in cables are annoying but mostly fine, the real issue was just so little space to work in, once the HSF was mounted and the motherboard was screwed in;
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    I think they're more than just heros and superheros .... they're decent human beings who always have intelligent things to say, well done guys and girls :)
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