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    New 'CacheOut' attack leaks data from CPUs, VMs and hardware enclaves Intel drops processor microcode fixes again. This is the third time Intel has tried to patch ZombieLoad.
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    If I'm gonna get sick.............I have to do it on Atomic!
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    not had one in twenty years meself
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    Might wanna rethink that 'majority' remark. He leads national polls, has the largest 'second choice' metric, and consistantly tops people's perceptions of 'who cares most about you?' Most Americans support his policies if presented with them blind. It's when attached to the guy himself or the 'socialist' label that they quail.
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    Sanders is not even as radical as FDR. You have let the mass media (who are part of the big business he's going to hurt, and therefore hate him) distort your views. Why not try reading his positions for yourself? They're all posted on his website.
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    Fucken great. Just allowed Thunderbird to update and thanks for telling us after the fact but it's a major release and suddenly everything's become a legacy extension that doesn't work anymore.
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    Well, if The Krauts had won, they probably would have had to come up with some form of bio-fuel made out of human bodies!
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    Because you can’t blame climate change/Trump?
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    Cascade Lake-X is considerably faster than Skylake-X, at half the cost.
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