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    don't seem to be able to paste the youtube ... but after nourishment my brain kicks in to the Williams sisters of tennis ... lol. rockwiz ftw ! = Crazy Mary. how's that fliptopia !! :P talk about being led by the nose ring ... mind you if I had a nose ring it'd be torn out by now
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    Given the demands on your time, I'm surprised you still drop in to tell such a small audience how very wrong they are. Gonna tank your KPIs.
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    Which actually could be likely given the continuing drought Australia wide and the fires everywhere - 260,000+ hectares of farming land was just ripped through in the last few days not far from here from a lightning strike - I don't know total numbers of burnt out lands here but its nudging up near 2.5million hectares - a lot of farmers are de-stocking their surplus stock so they only have minimal stock for breeding purposes due to lack of feed and water. I'm putting money on the price of beef and lamb, all dairy and cereal crops to reach new records this year (I seriously hope I'm wrong - but its looking likely)
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    The cashless welfare card is administered by a company ... controlled by the LNP.
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    So supposedly money's too tight to raise Newstart, but not so tight the filth can't see their way to slinging $10 fucking k per person per year to their dodgy corporate mates running the cashless welfare card scam. Let's roll it out to every poor bastard on Newstart!
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    In movies, two people can use one keyboard to complete two tasks on one computer at the same time; people can fly; and space ships have artificial gravity, inertial damping, and FTL travel.
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    I didn't find the receipt but had a purchase record. And I think they had record on their club database. They couldn't find the same shoe at the price I paid, normally it's more (laughs), I didn't bother getting the same thing as replacement as it's obviously a flawed design with the 2-coloured sole where the second casting just comes off. If I'd had the proper receipt then I'd have gotten the refund so I suppose the end result is positive in a way.
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    Don't be ridiculous. That's way too much detail. God sends a push notification. One that God approves of, or that you approve of?
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    Me too. How many genders have you made up to scare yourself at this point?
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    I'll go with door 2. Yes, but also, there are some... cultural norms that aren't all in favour of the basic stuff on that list. Toxic heteronormativity is fairly ubiquitous. But yes, good luck telling someone in a toxic relationship that they're allowed to have friends. And good luck convincing someone who thinks their partner should have no friends, that it's ok for them to have friends. But lines in the sand and etc. Which is why Arndt comes across as so batshit crazy. Because the language she's quoting is quite gender neutral, but you'd never think so from just her reaction.
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    PMSL Tango & Cash (1989) with the attempted escape. 2 big ventilation fans, one running at a speed which would chop you to bits, the other inactive. Little did they know that less than 10 years later it'd become a staple of FPS games.
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    Member of the Order of Australia for gender equity, indeed. Just like you don't need it to be listed on your birth certificate to be a massive cunt
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    yes, let's not hold a liberal federal politician at all responsible for producing a fraudulent document it's not like there's any demonstrable standards for being a politician these days, so what does it matter ? we shouldn't be so demanding of these hard working representatives of our great system, because it's a good system and the fact that they aren't so good is irrelevant so long as money is happening, no problemo
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    i love how you choose to ignore any scum that isn't deemed socialist ion your view angus taylor is a dipshit, and a very poor liar
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