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    So he's just stepped up. No holding him back this time, fucken corrupt-arse DNC. Why Bernie Sanders' radicalism can take out Trump
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    ooh, i don't like it so anyone that does must have the problem
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    yep, that sure is a head scratcher.
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    Score! (maybe) - got given a couple of computers to dispose of. FIrst one has an Ivy Bridge 3770K, and factory liquid cooling (funny for a HP). I suspect the graphics card is probably a GeForce 750 or similar. Second one also an i7, I suspect probably a first generation from around 2009/10 (has a Win7 sticker, the first Win8)
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    much of both until cotton and rice get off the wide brown land, we're squandering resources and covering irrigation channels would be clever
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    too confrontational for such a cis perhaps you need a new sobriquet for that type ? maybe cissy imho, no-one does truly o.t.t. cabaret as well as trannies
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    Anyone who still barracks for these fucks is an utter moron. 'Er, Labor would be worse' - pig's fucken arse, dipshit. When the fuck are ya gonna realise neoliberal scum literally redefine worst, beyond the reach of imagination.
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    i'm old people and chemo certainly fucked up my thermostat
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    if you can't survive 25 0r 26c dehumidified (which saves a lot of power), you need to take a dose of concrete
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