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    ain't that the truth ?! going into WoT was fearful, wonderful stuff, it still is. But am now managing to last a bit longer in each battle as I can just mansge to not be distracted by level of scenery etc. Also no delayed reaction is fucking frightening. playing UT2004 has helped big time. Oh I get killed all the time but the sheer pace of the game is helping my adaption to the new beaut world of tanks .
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    am not sure, but I think I just created my own wee historical moment ... I made a post in " building and troubleshooting " ...never been there before I don't think
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    Yea she has more than paid her dues struggling to play World Of Tanks on an entry level notebook with on board graphics. We plugged in a keyboard and mouse and a monitor 22" . At absolutely minimum settings it chugged and farted, despite this the eveln persevered. ............................................................... So impressed by her tenacity I decided to put together or acquire for her a beast well as much of a beast as we could afford. I did a lot of looking around to get back up to speed re: computer components . wanted to do a build but didn't want to carry the load dealing with doa parts and such , most pre-builds I looked at just didn't fit into The price performance envelopes I was looking at . I found a place I bought stuff from many many moons ago, PC Case Gear I haven't really gamed much on PC since just before PS3 I still have it and a PS4. Any way it was possible to choose a from a selection of start point rigs of various prowess levels, and then reconfigure the to suit ones needs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what the end result is. Kept old keyboard,mouse and monitor . The rig ............... Case.. Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Black Power Supply ... Phanteks 550W Gold non modular MoBo ... Asus Prime B450m-A CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6Core 12 thread RAM .. Team T-Force Dark Z 2x8gb 3200mhz CL16 DDR4 GPU .... Gigabyte Radeon RX570 Gaming 4GB C Drive .... Adata XPG SX6000 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD 256GB D Drive ... Seagate Barra 1TB 3.5 ...................................... LG Slim External DVD Writer TP-Link Archer T4U V2 USB Wireless ................................................................ Yah I know The GPU is the bottle neck , and if it starts to be a problem down the track, The rest of the rig is ready for a more powerful GPU , preferably some thing that is hot stuff now that has had a massive price cut ,when the next generations hot stuff deposes it. ......................................... I think its a pretty good rig. boots in 14 seconds Plays UT2004 Maximum Settings and resolution at 380 FPS hahaha And World of Tanks which IS what I wanted to be sure didn't disappoint Plays At 1080p SD Ultra getting about 80 fps. I am happy I even booted up my my wot account and had a mess around . anyways the post is long enough. Cheers {:-)
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    That's got to be a wonder experience over the lappy! The gpu should do fine at 1080p for most things and like you said you can upgrade in the future when needed, or overclock it when you need to (or now for the fun of it ) WoT should run in the 70~80fps range I would think at ultra. The 2600 is a great chip, the price is hard to beat. Probably fine but you might want to check the ram is running at the bandwidth in the bios and set it to docp (xmp). If it wont take 3200, you should be able to run it at 2933. I mention as I had issue with running over 2933mhz. It might do the 3 post boot when you first set it, if it is not already. Enjoy!
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    Apart from an rx580 instead of the 570,thats pretty much my build (different brands but mostly same chipset etc)
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    Nice. I do suspect you now have a more powerful machine than mine, even with the relatively paltry graphics card (GTX 960 here).
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    I've got an old USB 2 one that's essentially retired. Got 2 x Vantec NexStar USB 3 ones - one goes in the toolkit to go out & about and the other sits on the desktop here. Had issue with the home based one though, it'd sometimes just drop out for no reason but hasn't done it lately. One complaint with the docking stations - if you've got screws in the sides of the drives like you use with so many mounting solutions these days, they have to come out which is a PITA. I've got a removable bay on the desktop so that I can power down the archive drive. And a hotswap bay that I've not used yet for others. And about 4 WD and Seagate ones sitting in the drawer next to me and probably another 4 or 5 in the cupboard. Probably well over 25 TB worth of disk floating around now. But still got lots of burnt DVDs with videos that I should transfer over.
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    I used to give/sell them to my customers to encourage them to back up. I've used a lot over the years and they probably all use a common chipset but some are easier to insert the drive while others feel like you are going to break something upon insertion. (sounds like sex with a really old woman/man, I know) Anyway...........I'm thinking of buying this thing ATM.................... https://www.ijk.com.au/branch/ijk/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&products_id=162984 I've got one of these which runs fine........... https://www.ijk.com.au/branch/ijk/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&products_id=156352 ........and I've got a Pata/Sata one somewhere..........would be USB 2. The first one I had was PATA only...........might even still be here somewhere. These things were invaluable for fixing computers. Saved a lot of mucking around.
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    I'm not sure what's more amusing: that chaos and I are woke kittens and rainbows (what, both of us, or one each?); That you think the same handful of people abusing each other over the same things, over and over again, year after year, is somehow both insipid and also worth saving; that you've forgotten what it's like for even basic moderation to take place and the consequences of ignoring direct requests from mods; or that a thread mocking people for safe spaces was not shown the due respect you thought it was trying to engage in.
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    Unread Content - the preferred way it works for me was the old way where it just gave a condensed list of threads in reverse order that they've been posted to, regardless if you're subcribed or have read them or not. None of this conditional stuff, and no preview that bloats each one out to 4 lines of display in the list, no other unwanted stuff like status updates or whatever. The reasoning for that being you don't have to browse through each section to get the new stuff.
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    Additionally, we have SMR drives which are the work of the devil (shingled mode recording). Since the write heads can't be made as small as the read head, they cram more data in by stepping in by a fraction of the head width for the next track. All well and good until you need to rewrite a particular sector - the drive has to reread and write back the entire group of tracks - a largish cache helps with this - but it's often not transparent to the user and you experience a real slowdown. You have the track grouping such that a rewrite doesn't need to do too many. I've got both 4 TB SMR and perpendicular recording drives and the SMR one is well slower. The $99 ones you see at Officeworks are Seagate SMR drives. I'd not trust a 2.5" drive for anything I value. The reliablity is horrendous. But the other problem is 3.5s are heading the same way.
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    Those are oak shelves and a 35mm dowel for support. If I screwed it to the wall then I'd climb it.
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    I bought all the bits to make desk, shelves and drawer And this corner shelf unit for the kids lego
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    NWS. PMSL @ the bloke in the T2 lane.
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    Off topic a bit, but I recently discovered a thing with some recent WD external 3.5" drives... They tend to sell cheaper than internal drives so plenty of people get into shucking. As a deterrent, some drives will go into a holding pattern (reset) if the 3.3V is present (as per the SATA power standard for internals). The fix there is to tape over a couple of pins on the drive's power connector so it's presented with the same power environment that the caddy has.
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    Well, after getting it all going with a USB 3 WiFi unit...........the sound card stopped the next day. The day after it refused to boot and when I got it to start, it went into boot loop! That motherboard I'm using was a quick and dirty replacement a few years ago when the original ASRock board crapped out.
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