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    Labor doesn't give a shit about workers.............especially the ones in coal! It only cares about votes.......................just like all pollies do.
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    It's fairly common for transfers to get to near finished then just sit there apparently - just the cache destaging (generally the Windows one). Maybe you could get some more unadulterated test results by disabling Windows write caching for the volumes to be tested, at least then it should make the progress meter a bit more accurate.
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    Tried with my system although I only have one NVMe drive I get some weird behavior as well. Copying a group of videos from a SATA SSD and a HDD to the 970 EVO sometimes maintains 500-700MB/s (max for the drives it is coming from) and other times it quickly drops to ~400BM/s with 7 files totaling 20GB on each drive. Edit: Ah could be because I left files in the recycle bin from first try and so my SSD was almost completely full since it had under 100GB free before I started. Edit 2: Ok freed up 160GB and this time I placed 5 MP4 files totaling 32GB on the SATA SSD a SATA HDD and USB HDD. This time it maintained full read speed from all those drives with the 970 EVO doing it easy.
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    What happens if you put the files on each HDD then copy them from all HDD at once to one of the SSD then the other to try rule out one of the individual SSD as the problem. Also is CPU usage showing anything while copying?
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    Are you thinking the US Democratic Party is left? 'Cuz it isn't - not even a little bit. This thread might be titled "Off Topic", but this really is off topic. If we're going to continue on this road, we should take it to its own thread in TGR.
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    The left used to be about looking after the bloke working at the Morris Minor factory. Nowadays, fuck that bloke, his job, and his "uneducated family". Shut the factory and let Mandeep at the Tata factory in Bombay have the job, the industry and the profits.
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