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    I was the @#$%$#@ Virus Scanner - doing a file scan on every copied file! I created a 10 GB RAMDrive and sawa 5.8 GB file copy in 4 seconds to and from it from either NVMe drive in but then I tired a 6.5 GB file and it took 4 seconds again to copy but 18 seconds to complete and I thought WTF! I tried a few other files in the 4.4 to 6.2 range - many went slow finalising the copying them to or from a RAM Drive. or to an NVMe drive. So I disabled Avast file protection scanner (which scans all files when they are moved apparently) for 10 minutes and some benchmarking show these drives can really fly - it was the trusty Virus scanner stuffing things up. So many thanks all - problem solved and a very happy me!
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    As long as she brings me my pipe and scotch , I'm happy
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    we'll all be rooned said hanrahan, before the year is out...
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    this live version is pretty good the album track is so tight !
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    You can use windows 10 for free without registering it you just have some very minor limitations but it sounds like windows 7 may be better suited.
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    I like this one better.
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    If you have a bunch of windows 7 systems with keys just download windows 10 from microsoft and stick it on a USB stick https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10 That way you will have less updates to install than if you used a old DVD Then when installing windows 10 you can format the drive which will wipe all data on the old PC and use the windows 7 key from each system to activate windows 10.
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