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    True last pair of headphones (EarPods) broke around that spot except the EarPod cables are really dodgy ... like the Lightning cables Apples sells.
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    The local chemist which is a sort of major one was down to it's last Ventolin. Gladly I only use the thing once a day though it'd be nice to have 1 or 2 more in reserve. My bathroom stuff aside from the antisplash is now adequately stocked. Junk food - I doubt there'll be a rush on it. Maybe chocolate as at least it has some energy value.
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    today at cbne i found a digitech ge4068 cd/record player. so i'm going to use it as a pc case. i will update the build log every time i can. Before i did anything: http://imgur.com/RZw3x5B After ripping everything out: http://imgur.com/tHQe2ma
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    you may just need another tube to get you by then
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    I'll 3rd that one. Hardly any dry juicless crap ones. Mostly quite nice. Nothing like the local ones here for flavour but still quite acceptable.
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    Well that's a turnup. I've been avoiding mandarins like the plague as they're currently all overpriced disgusting looking imported crap. Oranges in some cases the same. But just had a US produced one that I bought the other day and I'd give it about an 8.5/10. Seedless, nice flavour and healthy looking skin and not too pricey.
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    A near complete shut down is what is happening ... given that business was already dead for all those bushfired areas , this is just a total whammy regardless of territory. Speaking with a man arrived from Vic. today, he's amazed that the loo paper section is all that's daily wiped out up here. The Indigenous areas north of here are closed to tourists now and I don't blame them for doing it tbh. Just wait till the planes don't want to fly at all. Just wait till the trains and buses, for the same reason, stop ... lol Seriously the hype is gonna send us jobless and to the poor house before anything else.
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    With my right leg getting the chop, i also lost my licence to drive Today i took the first steps in getting my licence back. A small knowlege test, a strength test, and a cognitive test. Passed easily Next week, actual driving test!! Still waiting on a leg though
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