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    If you were half Chinese............you could get an extra New Year as well as Greek Christmas and Easter!
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    When Kevin Rudd froze the pollies' pay during the GFC.............as soon as it was over they got their pay rises....................plus back pay! Pay big bucks...........get monkeys!
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    Still Easter, here <.<
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    I'm trying to pace myself on this 15kg stash by, uh, eating roasted nuts instead. Not sure it's healthier. I did accidentally start wishing people a good long weekend on the phone, yesterday, tho'.
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    ASUS made an Android phone running an Intel Atom! Battery life sucked on it though. The laptop before my i7 laptop with a GTX1060 was an Intel Atom one. When it died, I decided it was for something with a little more capability ...
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    Atoms aren't too bad actually. Intel dropped the ball though. Realistically we could have had Windows "proper" based phones running x86 with micro HDMI ports that allows using as a proper computer once you get home. But no, that would have impacted other parts of the market too much, so we can't have it.
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    I came here to try to read the whole thread. I have failed.
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    I'd think to be truly evil you'd have to have a discussion about free will. Otherwise you could call a computer evil for how it is programmed.
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    With SSDs, there's one interesting fact. The bigger the SSD, the faster it is.
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    dunno how you could live without ssd all the household machines have one since longtime 60gb is plenty for o.s. and exes, and the cost next to nothing (or nothing when i upgrade and pass them down the pecking order) like, really... ~$40aud gets you a new 120gb ssd currently http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=ssd+120gb&amp;spos=1
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    Even if you have a society of people who do bad things can you call someone in such a society evil for being indoctrinated into something? Are they not "brainwashed," or some such thing? A victim who hasn't had a chance at a good life?
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    @Nich... thanks for the reminder back there ... I'd forgotten my promise to use the full name . I shall from this day forward try to remember to make it a priority
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    So that's the "faulty" higher end ones with stuff disabled.
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    Ye godz. I'm no fan of the man, and I remember watching most of those events, but that clip... Brings it home.
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    Installing stuff on laptop with 5400rpm drive ... need a snooze.
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    there's the rub religion isn't formal church hierarchy or all the other pseudo- "god's messenger" stuff people seem to get really into creating a bureaucracy like any other parasitic industry attached to what might be a good idea, because as chaos says - power
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    This is such a LOL quote. Religion has been used throughout history to control the masses. How? So very many ways. It has put rulers on thrones, it has put people into gubberment, it has started wars, it has told people what to do, what to eat, how to live their lives, who to marry, who to kill. All these are control. And the bible is one of the tools they use. As is the Quran. And most any other religious book you wanna name. Almost all religion is ABOUT control. The advantage is power. Control is always about power. Those who are in the upper hierarchy and want it - get it. Learn your history outside of the bible dude.
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    How can you be sure of anything? Does the pen write? Maybe. Does it write again in 10 minutes? How will you know without testing? Everything is uncertain and all certainty is given as a figure of speech.
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    2 litre milk containers filled with water are 2kg weights, with handles tape 'em in pairs if you need 4kg, and loop a rope through the handles; you can add a wooden handle by using a piece of fat dowel with slotted ends to thread the rope over
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