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    There will be a lot of jobs completely disappear after this. Consider it an opportunity to get rid of those pesky employees without recourse. A lot of businesses won't reopen and I reckon money will be tight.
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    Well I'm now a Grandad with my eldest having a little girl a month ago. Her name is Kaylee Named after
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    Hello! So I have a bit of a query for all you smarter than me out there - I have a TomTom Via 52 (I think thats what its called) and I want to completely change what is on there. Now - hear me out - Its a touchscreen computer so I was wondering if its possible somehow to put some sort of software on it that would make it act as a sort of in car display (only with like a few buttons but mainly the clock really and the car logo or something). I have absolutely no idea where to start. I did some googleing and found that old old tomtoms could be hacked and a media player put on there so something like that, just something that I could put on there and leave in the dash of my car to make it look a bit more modern with a screen. Any help is appreciated as I really dont know what Im doing when it comes to things like this. Thanks very much!
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    Nope, it'll be an ARM processor, which might run some versions of linux, but once again, if you manage to boot *nix on it, you'll still need to learn how to address the touch interface. Its likely all soldered into dedicated inputs, unlikely to be USB standard or anything useful Please stick around though, it's rare to get non-bot new members. We're a tight knit group these days; fresh blood is always welcome
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    Ahh okay, I was under the impression it was essentially a computer with a touchscreen that had a map installed on it and could have the software wiped and changed like the old TomToms. Thanks for the reply though! Might see about getting one of those raspberry pis with a touchscreen and put some sort of car UI on that instead then. Thank you!!
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    While it is a small computer, it's processor will be 'wrong' to do what you want; sort of how old Mac's can't run windows, and vice versa. Literally the only thing you could reasonably do, is find the LCD controller, and touch screen controller, and see if you can provide them the inputs they want. This is (theoretically) quite achievable, but it is a few months worth of studying for you to learn how to interface something like an Arduino to handle video and touch. It's not something you'll find instructions for, because it's so oddball, and small touch screens are so cheap on places like ebay; but it's still worth doing because you'll learn how to address hardware. Open it up, start googling the chips you find, and see if you can identify the LCD controller and the touch controller. Also, WELCOME!
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    That's lucky. Imagine if it was false negatives!
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    One can only hope so. If not it goes
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    Yes and Yes . Whats wierd about Bardot,s bloke is that Serg was supposedly porking her, everyone knew except ...him ???? BB version . Personally I think all the versions are cheesy and naff. I don't really understand what was special about it, its a surprise that Samantha Fox never did a version. SG and JB Version
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    We have several problems stacked on each other, we're just distracted by the current one.
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    it's just full of facts is the guardian. what's the matter, is coronavirus reporting waning in the interest stats so now it's time for more climate revolt ?
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    Everyone he comes in contact with when he doesn't know he has contracted the disease?
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    Could they though? Will they have a BBOS10 version for me? Or a WindowsPhone version for my mate? Or even for Android, pre v4 for my mates dad? While moronic, is it a risk to anyone but himself?
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    serge had a bit to do with ms bardot before he and jane became a permanent thing i have a copy of histoire de melody nelson which was gainsbourg's equivalent of sgt peppers in terms of being a concept album before there were routinely concept albums it's a bit hit and miss, but overall pretty good jane birkin is a doll
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    Being a grandfather is great, all the hugs, none of the nappy changing
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    Probably a bit of both.
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