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    Thanks to the dip in the real estate market, they're taking advantage by buying more. Time to put a stop to that I think. Ridiculous that non citizens are allowed to buy domestic properties.
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    ~VOTE: Cybes Posting suspiciously and muddying the waters. Definitely a Werewolf tactic. I think Eveln and Chrisg are probably innocent villagers, but I'm keeping my eye on them.
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    But would you have it any other way? Yes. The answer is obvious yes.
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    Are you saying all atomic threads lead to conspiracy? Isnt that a conspiracy theory in itself? Wait. I’m having an inception moment...
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    I think it's ok for it to sometimes go without needing to be stated explicitly that you're against some things like that. Just like it's ok to not see that kind of insinuation in comments relating to kids, just because you don't like someone. But, because we need to be explicit about everything, today: I don't condone child abuse in any form. I want to be really clear that I was not calling eveln hysterical, yesterday, but making commentary on the kinds of things chrisg has said in the past and that he's been asked not to keep on at. Except I never said that, and didn't even think that. Perhaps you need to take stock of your own archaic thought processes, eveln. And, given you've done it more than one, I'd also like you to consider the impact of people with vision issues in trying to read, when you deliberately create smaller text.
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    for the record, count me among those who see ZERO evidence that chrisg said anything that could be construed as pro child sexual abuse. actually, i am struggling to believe that you could "go back and read" and actually believe he did. relevant: There's family planning, and there's having 100% accurate foresight. yes, Nich, its a difficult one. i mean, on the one hand, those in a position to be charitable have every right to place limits on the extent of their compassion for those who are willfully negligent. on the other, when it comes to famine, its hard to consider where those limits should lie without the risk of effectively blaming children who never asked to be born for the sins of their parents. (for the record, while its possible that, as a group, those without offspring are more likely to err on the side of a hard-hearted approach to this, any insinuation that a particular individual's childless status would necessarily diminish the worth or objectivity of their insight would be specious, if not impudent (wouldnt it, @chrisg?).)
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    So not selling it at all is not sustainable in any term, long or short. A temporary silver ling for the casual shopper is I would say a good thing .It's like the cafes and restaurants can open for ten people now. Makes the money flow. Surely with a goodly percentage of the workforce not working, this is a timely arrival for a "silver lining ". I would think very few expect it to last. As to your question re who or what countries will scoop up our farms, I've no idea. ... but The other day I did put up a link here about an Aussie Company, or family buying up a cattle farm in QLD that was previously Chinese owned So am really curious to see how this will all play out . https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2020-05-01/queensland-mcmillan-family-buys-wollogorang-and-wentworth-$53m/12102478 found it . sure it's only one example ...
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    You're not wrong, but Australia has a history of ignoring the fact that debt doesnt equal powerless. The USA is king of that example; Something Trillion in debt, but a superpower? hmm... This is one of those things where China can try to play hardball, but there's no doubt that we have materials and land they need. Our GDP could plummet, but we're FAIRLY self sufficient here; and being part of the commonwealth IF things got TRULY serious, means we're not alone. Having a few chinese mates; the reality is that 'on the ground' in china, Australian Made is worth.... more than can be put into words. They're just playing around seeing if dick waving will get them anywhere, and I predict it won't in the long run. It might make consumerism harder for us, but basic living (rates, local food, etc) won't feel it much. Let the politicians yell at each other; nothing we can do.
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    Thunderbolt by (lack of) design was vulnerable from the onset and it's been known for some time. The problem with plenty of Macs is that the firmware allows Thunderbolt devices to perform early initialisation in a privelaged state and additional to that, flashing of the Bios on the computer and device is allowed as well. Problem 2 is that you can be compromised and never know it. So in reality, just having access to your TB peripheral for a minute can be sufficient to get eventual access to your computer.
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    The last month or two has seen a lot of very cheap export quality - read, better than people normally see in a supermarket - meat, fish, etc. It's cheap because the primary producers would rather take a small sale price than have no sale price. But that's not really sustainable. This after a quite sustained draught, and fires, and flooding, has done some not great things to paddocks, whether pasture or cropped. So I mean, if China is turning away meat, then the best case scenario is other export markets are found that'll pay a similiarly high market rate. If Australians are getting cheap meat, that's going to end badly. A temporary silver lining for the casual shopper, but badly for the supply chain. If this means more farms closing, tho', who do you think are the most likely countries who will throw cash to scoop them up?
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    that's a nervous grin @Nich... . Really underneath the laugh, they be hoping they're far enough away from the gas cloud
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    it's inefficient to sell your organs to buy meat your organs are meat so, cut out the middleman (er, woman) as it were
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    The Chinese one would be linked in with their social rating system. Contact with 2 or more Covid carriers = 50 point deduction. Get Covid yourself = 100 point deduction.
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    If you don't like this imagined talk of fucking kids, you could always just ignore it, I guess? IDK, I figured there was enough offense to be taken in spades at the suggestion that not having kids is some pitiable position, without going digging for something deeper. umm... that's where my quoting some of your words came from Nich ... just to be clear with it
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    So he is actually the same person. DMB was I think pretty much pre my start here... wow ! and he still wants to be here now must be the company yeah
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    yeah, "grumbling appendix" is a very contentious diagnosis hahahah.... that's what surgeons always say current practice is ct scan to confirm; a large number of cases settle with iv antibiotics apparently, which makes sense given that it is after all rather like a large internal zit.... most diverticulitis (not dissimilar pathogenesis - a faecolith blocking the opening to a blind sac) settles with that conservative approach google faecolith at your own peril
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    Rolex I moved and ate 3 boxes of laxcettes. I guess you could say I was just passing time.... Yep, not even a box of chocolates .
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    speaking of starving children, i just got back from a trip to aldi so my family is no longer starving for a while and to neatly segue to children, cam you peeps show a brief return to maturity - isolation seems to have provoked some severe regression amongst the madding crowds here, and it's boring as batshit to have everyone snarking like it's a substitute for respectful interaction you people have a whole lot of interesting things to say when you bother, but all this infighting is making for an interweb version of reality tv and now i'll shut up, and wonder if i need the angst, because it's an unhealthy enough environment presently without voluntarily being subjected to this ongoing crap
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    Why would I want to Jeruselm ? Right now, don't we have enough issues in our own back yard ? yeah I get focusing on other's shite makes ours seem not so bad, but it doesn't make it disappear either
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    I don't know any stone fruits that have two words in the name , Maybe she is a hybrid Mango Lychee
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    Rargh! I'll have you know that all the jewellery I have is silver. And, er, that I, ah, haven't worn any of it for over 20 years. That didn't really help my case, huh?
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    Numerous posts, directed at various people, ending in: Eveln, when the entire world seems out to abuse you, maybe consider that it might be you feeling oversensitive or maybe even paranoid. And, no, I won't be ignoring both of you, because individually you both have something to say worth hearing now and then. It's only when you get stuck into each other that you're both a pain in the earhole.
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    Last time you ranted you were AGAINST abortion. Lots of these starving nations don't have birth control.
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    Was looking for a wide, fast lens for astrophotography and was weighing up a couple of options - one in trademart. Talking to my brother in law, he coined the phrase "the poor man buys twice". I ended up blowing the budget completely out of the water although it does give me a lens a little more useful than simply for milky way photos if I ever actually find time to take some. Of all places, JB Hifi on Elizabeth St Melb beat not only the grey market importers for price, it also cost less than the cheapest US suppliers. This is about the 3rd purchase now from these guys for camera gear and the guy on deck there actually knows his stuff.
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