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    It really fucking is - Thanks for the acknowledgement. I gotta go round, pick up all the dead shit off the ground and stack it up. Then go round, and use a chainsaw drop anything dead and untidy. Stack that shit up. Then got to go round with a rake to bust up the dead matter on the ground which is up to 4 inch thick in some places It's going to take me years to get this shit tidy "but why?" some may ask - Well, I'm planning a RC car track, a Downhill MTB track, I got a dam 4 meters deep, so Im going to run a flying fox over it, motorbike tracks. Fuck - I want to get a front wheel drive car, take the wheels off the back and replace them with plough discs laying flat to turn it in to a drift machine - Fuck, I have a rifle range at 2km (I shoot a remington 700 PCR with ATN thermal scope). Also I don't want to lose another place due to fire I'm "off the grid" - I live in a shitty little caravan in the bush. My power comes from 12v solar and a cheap 2kw pure sine wave generator. If I was to be honest? I wish I had done it sooner
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    I can't remember when I actually started posting - I thought it was 2003 when I moved from Cooma to Melbourne, but I got an old mate from the old Cooma days who tells me I've been here since before then *shrug* What I do know is, that after moving almost 700km from a medium town to a big city, this place help me feel *connected* I know I was a pain in the fucking arse - Toeing the line of spam. I think my post count was one of the most quickly accumulated in all time (If not *the* quickest). I posted a lot of shit - Absolute shit - And I got away with it with weak bullshit about "It's not spam - It relates to the thread!!" Yet still, I made some awesome friends here. I remember Osinaka and Furcat, who also seemed to run peoples hairs the wrong way. Met up with Cisco, who I'm still friends with who I don't talk to enough. mm80x, who was my spam buddy - We'd often spend nights sending each other spam messages trying to crash the forums (I think it worked once or twice) I remember The_Tick, who, iirc, completely changed my view of vegans. Ok sure, he was the only cool one I met, but it did open my mind to be more considerate And Fredzfrod - Who says he owes me beers, but he wont drink them himself no matter what I say I just... yeah. There are so many people here who tolerated my bullshit - I wish I could name you all (But it was everyone). I wish I could thank you all. From my talk of asking who shaves their nuts, or discussions of me treating my ADHD with marijuana Even The_Fuzz_damn_you (Did I get that right?) I butted heads with him a few times, but I do appreciate the English lessens he taught me (Oh yeah, he was right - took a few posts before I'd realise it though) Yeah, I can't think of a single cunt here, who posted over the years, that I didn't learn some kind of lesson. Thank you everyone for that EDIT: Cheese is the word!!!!
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    Lost my home back in January due to bush fires. Have sold up my 40 hectares and moved on to my dads 70 hectares. Been working hard to do fire hazard reduction. NFI if we're doing the right thing, but come on - I think we're cleaning it up ok given it's been untouched for 30 years
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    Take each day, one at a time. Dec/Jan, fires. Lost my place. New years dad had a PTSD attack, leaving him in hospital, leaving me to look after his place and mine. I could of got more of my stuff out, except the fucking tourists didn't leave East Gippsland when they were told - They fucked around and left it till the last minute (And stripped the town of all supplies as they went through) - There were quite a few of us who could not fully deploy our fire plans due to fucking tourists - Jammed up our roads and blocked our transit paths. I am so fucking pissed off, even six months later. Selfish. Fucking. Cunts. "Ooooh, but my holiday" - Meanwhile I'm stressing because the mobile phone network was going down for days at a time, meaning I couldn't keep an eye on the Fires Near Me app. Id watch the red embers fall at night and stay up - Weeks without sleep Jan Feb, I was living out of a dome tent - Massive flooding. Still, not as bad as some Then Corona, and my work being a pack of cunts. I completely missed my own birthday this year I attached a photo of what it looked like out my front door for over a month PS: Thanks for noticing the tag - I was rather proud of that
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    I can't actually remember my first PC on Atomic. It may've been the ye olde Cyrix 6x86 p200+ (haha, tell them they're dreaming) with it's jankyasfuck S3 ViRGE, but either just after - or more likely, just before - Atomic debuted, I think I'd just put together my old Athlon 500 beige monster. Spent big on an original GeForce 256, but I couldn't remember how much RAM it had going on. It's still tucked away in a box in some house, somewhere. Maybe even, too, the old mid-90s era 14" fishbowl I somehow got running 1024x765 for me to squint at. At some point I got tired of flash ads making things too slow, and moved to a 2600+ xp. When the same thing happened all over again, went back to Intel (first time since the 486) for a C2D E6400. Held onto that until the first i5, a 750. That lasted until low-fps and multitasking meant an i5-4790k, and that gave up the ghost earlier this year, taking me full circle back to AMD with this 3700x. I remember when 500MHz seemed barely adequate to properly emulate games that ran on my old 7MHz Amiga just fine.
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    That is pretty much my whole history here....
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    Exactly. No one else gets a pension and earn at the same time.
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    10XF You have come a long way my friend. You are doing so well these days! Do you remember you and Agent 1337 called me at like midnight when you guys were leaving for the road trip up to Brisbane asking me if I wanted to go? I wanted to, but I said no at the time because I had school in the morning and I was worried my mum would flip out if she woke up in the morning and I was gone LOL. But I had always wished I just said "yeah fuck it" and went along, you only live once!!
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    I had spent five years in a relationship with a guy who was in some ways my soul mate, and in others a giant turd, and in any case a freakin genius coder who within two years of leaving high school was coding 20 hours a week for six figures. I still have no idea why I put up with some of the shit I put up with - I guess growing up nerdy meant I was always convinced that if I broke up with this guy, I'd never have a boyfriend again, because I was ugly and difficult to put up with (yes I really believed this). Anyway, after five years together we owned one computer between us and I only got screen time when he was out at work - which wasn't that often. And when we broke up the first thing he did was delete my user account, all my files, and my email address. No warning, no saving stuff, just bam - gone. Everything down to and including save game files for my Diablo II character I'd been playing for the whole five years. I left with my piano and $200 - half of which I spent buying myself the Diablo Battle Chest, even though I had nowhere to install it. When I started dating AccessDenied he was living with his parents, and had his desk and PC in his bedroom. This bedroom was roughly the size of the entire apartment I'd lived in with the Ex, there was plenty of space for a queen bed and a big old desk. His PC was The Fluffy Cow. No idea what was inside it, but if you happen to have a copy of Atomic #4 it's all listed. The outside of Fluffy Cow was covered in cow print fur, and the old dining chair AD used at his desk was upholstered to match (and had the remains of a sub-woofer-in-your-seat experiment still attached underneath but that's quite beside the point). Fluffy Cow was a few years old by then, but still a damned impressive set up. One day, about three weeks after I started dating him, I was sitting at the desk doing - whatever I was doing, probably playing Diablo II. AccessDenied was reading his Atomic mag on the bed when he suddenly announced, "This isn't going to work." I was stunned, and I was still a little shellshocked I guess. "I just can't keep sharing a computer with you." I know I started to babble, to apologise and say that I wouldn't use the computer any more, I didn't need to, it was okay... "I found this really cool case online. It's piano finish black. I think I'll get a dark wood desk to match, this white one sort of goes with Fluffy Cow." AD proceeded to flip through recent Atomic issues pointing out which bits of hardware he would get. Eventually I managed to ask him what was going on. "Oh! I'm buying a second computer! You can have Fluffy Cow. It's a bit old, but it's still good, and I think if we put a new hard drive in it should keep going for a few more years. Is that okay?" *** That wasn't when I joined Atomic, but it was when I decided to marry AccessDenied, and it's also why my PC was an Atomican long before I was.
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    What was your beginnings in the house of green and black? Mine: I was at uni, late 2002, and had made friends with another student. We were wanting to set up a network between our computers. I was heading home for the weekend, and needed something to read on my journey. Sitting there in the newsagent, was a cool looking pc mag with a CD full of networking stuff! Score! Signed up for the forums later on, and you've all been stuck with me ever since! Computer at the time: Athlon XP 2000+ gForce 2 MX200 either 256 or 512mb ram. 15" CRT CD burner (essential for those long train rides!) "Nokia" style case Computer(s) now: Desktop: Intel i5 2500 16GB ram 27" monitor Basicly a filestore nowadays, but it has its advantages Laptop: Metabox N850HJ i7 7700HQ 16GB ram 1050GTX Atomic sticker
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    Amazing colour in that photo though! Most things that don't kill you become an interesting story to tell later. Still.... You can do without it at the time. I like your attitude towards it.
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    Plus my job means the thin gloves don't last long - When we first returned to work I was having to make a pair of gloves last multiple days if I could - Was having to patch them up with insulation tape. I've had training in infectious disease and shit, and it's stressing me out how work doesn't seem to give a shit about the whole situation
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    Ford - poor marketing and management for most of the last 25 years. Holden - GM worldwide so pathetic that they're pulling out of right-hand-drive markets near completely. Toyota - when their main competitors announced they were pulling the plug, they had a potential bonanza on their hands but instead just followed suit. Historically the car makers have taken money and given little back in return. Nissan took something like a $30 million grant just months before they shut down. It's a whack to the pride for sure, but the net job losses aren't all that great, and the profits were going offshore anyway.
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    @Khirareq glad you're okay today . ... and um just love your tag . hahahhahha
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    I think most places are now furiously churning out out hand sanitiser as though they're not three months too late. If anyone's having trouble finding it though Wattyl Paints is selling 1L bottles to refill any old pump pack for $20.
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    Most recently, these things: I delayed getting on the Bluetooth headphone bandwagon for a long time and stubbornly clung on to my 3.5mms, but after killing like my fifth pair of Momentum in-ears I decided that $299 would be cheaper in the long run. Time will tell.
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    haha do right by. Yeah, that's what this Govt is known for.
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    Kawasaki KLR650, reputed to be the bike that's been around the world more times than any other. Starting small and going for a lap of Australia for three months next year.
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    Well duh. It ain’t kosher until the rabbi sings.
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    Its not the wages that bother me so much, its the never ending gravey train once they have done a couple of terms in gov , the super needs to be looked at and trimmed a bit too.
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    Trouble is when this is shitfest is over the pollies will want and feel entitled to recompense ... it's not kosher ! TBH, I am glad they are working hard now, they might finally be actually earning the inflated wages they already get.
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    My wife’s a child psychologist by degree. She says I’m a lifelong project. She married me either for my outstanding Slav Squat or out of professional curiosity.
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    I'll throw in support for C# - The language is very structured and strongly typed, it's basically impossible to produce "true + true == 2" type bullshit (looking at you Javascript ), so it encourages good programming practice -- While this might make is seem less "forgiving", Visual Studio does relatively thorough syntax and type checking on-the-fly, so you don't have to wait until build/run to find your errors. -- Curly braces and semicolons make blocks of code unambiguous. JS has this as well, but this is in contrast with Python. - The tools are sophisticated, mature, and free. Visual Studio community edition contains most of the development/debugging tools found in Pro/Enterprise. - Both the applications you produce, and the IDE itself are cross-platform. - Unity Engine uses C# as the scripting language, if you ever want to muck around in that space - NuGet.org contains libraries for almost anything you could ever want to add in, and the package manager is built right in to the IDE. - Syntactically very similar to C++
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    interesting surmise i have nexus 7 tablets, both the 2012 original, and the 2013 reboot and a sony xperia xp as my backup phone (my daily driver is an lg nexus 5) all are jailbroken and running android 8.1 (as lineage os 15.1) and work really well for my needs, which are more single app at a time rather than crazed multitasking but as a phone, the phones are great, and as media conduits for neutron, the tablets rock as music players (one as the bedside > dac > phones, other via bluetooth to speaker in the pottery for the ms.), and do okay for basic surfing hell, i still run a pair of asus transformer tf300t's from 2012 (running timduru's last iteration of katkiss, aka android 7.1.2) which is great for watching movies on a plane, and basic email and websurfing almost a decade later this form a man who only recently jumped from a fully pimped i7 2600k (overclocked, natch) to a ryzen 3600 - after around 7 years of good use so i might buy another tablet eventually, and mod the crap out of it
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