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    No particularly. What horrifies me more is the emphatuation some Australians have for American politics. You might have to say it louder, I don't think America is really listening to what anybody on Atomic thinks. Let alone what anyone in this country thinks.
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    Spent the day helping a friend put together a custom loop there is still a bit to go but we have made some good progress for a couple of hard tubing noobs. The tube running from the CPU to the front RAD had nothing cut from it... wasn't sure it would make it but it did. We also did the other two tubes but we were getting tired and damaged them so left it for now to be resumed on the weekend. There is still three tubes left so we can only screw up once more. We are one fitting short but that was only due to a mistake with the order being placed with 9 instead of 10 compressions although another 90 at the pump would make things easier I'm sure. I delided his 7700K with a razorblade which I think it survived but time will tell.
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    Repairs are currently underway. I have decided to rebuild the chassis from scratch. I had steel for all bar the drawbar already in the workshop. The original four year, been everywhere chassis Some of the damage. This was collateral damage caused while we were trying to extract it. This is damage to the tool box on the front of the trailer and was just general wear and tear New main frame. Doubled the wall thickness so hopefully it will be more resilient.
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    It's whatever you want it to be - you're an adult aren't you?
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    Olaf from Frozen, right? or maybe its more like this :P
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    Rescue mission successful.
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    He gets points and major creds for his work in keeping this place alive, and it is fitting that NZT48 acknowledges this with regularity
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    NZ had 1 metre tall parrots at one stage, yes a parrot 1m tall yikes. https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2019-08-07/fossils-of-giant-parrot-heracles-found-in-new-zealand/11384612
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    So they combined Obama and Bush and there ya go. Precisely. The left’s all about science (and good on them). Yet no-one on the left bats an eyelid when statistics reveal that in a given calendar year x (where x is a number) of men have given birth. Don’t get me wrong. The American right are batshit crazy. But when the level of insanity is a choice between “god, guns and country” vs “there’s 61+ genders and you can get sued if you insist a Two-Spirit Trans-Mermaid Butch Femme is actually a bloke with mental issues” - guess who the sensible centre choose? The other problem is that craziness on the right has been a given for decades. Craziness on the left has become a problem in the last decade and as they disappear up their own assholes trying to find the holy grail of identity politics, they leave traditional voters behind and who hoovers them up? I watched both sets of both debates. It was fucken horrifying. More cringeworthy than “Grab ‘em by the pussy” combined with “I’ve got a bigger button”. They’re all trying to outdo each other on how much free stuff they’ll give to illegals while acknowledging their white privilege and vowing to tip trillions into healthcare, education and climate change. Like great goals, guys. Massive respect. But FFS, you don’t get there via any form of socialism or higher taxes. You just don’t. And then you’ve got the stupid war. Harris tries to tear down Biden for working with racists in the 1970s. Well so did fucken Lincoln! Harris imprisoned 1500 marijuana users. Gets roaster by Gabbard. Then Gabbard gets a serve from Harris’s people for meeting Assad. And then you’ve got Bernie who just seems like a typical old Jewish grandad who has never gotten over the injustice of life. And Warren who parrots the same stuff but at least has the brain cells to realise that calling yourself a socialists wins you absolutely fucken nothing. In the meantime every Democrat on that stage is yelling “Racist!” at Trump while cultivating ties with racists Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan to win token support from the black community of key battleground states. It’s a fucken disaster. If Trump doesn’t beat these guys in 2020, America deserves them. That woman is dead set fucken crazy. I don’t get it what is wrong with the Jewish candidates in this election. One’s a fucken socialist. How a Jew remains a socialist in 2019 is beyond me. May as well join the fucken Nazi party while you’re at it. The only one who seems reasonably sane (by the standards of the crazy Democrat left-swing) is Michael Bennet but he’s polling at like 1-2% so won’t last long. Here’s what I think will happen. ”Get woke, go broke”. IE. the Democrat field will narrow to a bunch of old people with alabaster white skin. Sanders, Warren, Biden. And Biden will probably win the nomination.
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    As per Dan Hodges: “In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.”
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    That looks as uncomfortable as all getout (says the man who drove round most of Australia in a Mini Moke). But you certainly would have time to take in the scenery at tractor speed.
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    is there ever an appropriate time to ruin perfectly good cheese and toast? not sure that ive ever had it. baked beans — out of a can at least — is dog food.
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    There is actually international super company's buying up our water as a commodity now that they have changed the laws so you don't need to be a land holder to own water, they are manipulating the markets to drive up prices and holding our agricultural industry to ransom. Combined with them flushing huge environmental flows down the river greater than what is running into the catchments due to it being a drought... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that is not sustainable or natural. The rivers in this country use to dry up during a drought not flow 24\7. But maybe I am bias living on a dairy farm on the Goulburn system. And while cows may fart and burp they are eating grass grown for them that has captured that carbon in the first place they are not just producing it out of thin air. We have also planted thousands of trees on our property.
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    Buildzoid RAM and FCLK settings vs performance on Ryzen 3000
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    He is reusing the old GB 1080Ti we were able to get the last Full cover block available for it as it's now EOL. EK XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM Pump/Reservoir Combo
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    I actually know a LOT about these things, because I used to sell (con?... nah a lot of it was real, but there certainly was SOME placebo...) 'Elitist HiFi gear'. We're talking "If you don't have $30k, and you want a 2.0 stereo, you're in the wrong shop". Anywho, the TLDR is that most of the power conditioners are bogus, but there ARE a few that actually do their thing. There was this neat device that was basically a speaker, connected to an AC power plug, with a crossover set at 50~60hz (where our power is meant to be). Anything outside of that, would work, well, just like AC waves into a speaker do. Loud, horrible, distorted buzzing. It was actually interesting to me to be able to go to each of our different brand power boards and see which ones kept power\noise out of the circuit. And while anything compact (class D) was pure placebo, and most Tube amps 'filter' themselves by design; some of those Class A\B amplifiers that run on direct AC voltage, did in fact care noticeably if the power was clean. ANYWAY, about the only brand that cleaned it 100% was THOR. Coincidentally, they made the speaker device also, but it certainly worked (I was able to find other boards that were also silent). Out "Really good shit" used to run off of a PS20 https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/product-category/power/ But you do NOT want a $2k filter for a $500 TV now do ya The solution to our customers turning their noses up to that, was their passive range; https://www.rio.com.au/product/b8f-power-board-thor/?adTribesID=24dbad984f963486b5916a99cbeadb57|adtribes|7149&utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=7149&utm_content=HJFeed&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjK_Q55XH4wIVg4BwCh1QSwf0EAQYASABEgLoU_D_BwE Those "Smart Filter" power boards were killer. Silenced my little speaker tool, and took the "Max volume hum" out of the Class A\B amps. Benefit of those power boards is that that usually filter COAX as well; so you can get SOME protection from indirect lightning strikes, and if things like light switches are killing the TV, it'll also filter any noise getting into the 'ground' of your house. Worth a note; I get nothing out of this nowadays, and it wasn't that company whom I worked for (they've since closed down); so it's nothing but the fact that they gave me a tool to test them, and was impressed.
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    yeah the ones ive looked at have a domestic section. looking at the proportions though, i'm like, waaaay too much milk for my purposes. its no surpise he says the domestic maker needs to eat it the same day. ive used mixtures with a lot of milk. they were at their best after a few hours of freezing, but melted too quickly for my liking, and soon froze too hard. whilst alternate sugars would probably reign those negatives in, i think i mostly prefer a harder, more "ice creamy", texture that only comes from a higher fat %. mine is usually unsatisfyingly soft until the following day, and then fairly stable over several more — moreso since i started using glucose. sometimes make "soft-serve" by blending in some milk into already set ice cream with a stick blender. if done right (like beginning a mayonnaise), you end up with really uniform and superfine ice crystals. texture more like McDonalds than Mr Whipee. got to eat it there and then, though. the distinction between ice cream and "gelato" may be a misnomer, but its a way of distinguishing between these: 1 2. (<-- LOL at the so called 'short read' versions). 8% vs 18% fat. i've had most success hovering around the latter. interestingly, in the section on fat he says "In my tests, I’ve found 23% milk fat [total dairy fat i think] to be optimum for texture for homemade ice cream". of course, as long as an ice cream doesnt have grittiness of any kind, or taste vaguely of scrambled eggs, or leave a gummy residue in the mouth (like a lot of the shop bought stuff — saliva?), the rest is very subjective. as for store bought ice cream eventually setting hard? heres a theory for you: theres lowish fat, partly due to cost and a desire for lowish kjs. theres also the fancy sugars. so these factors come into play: "Fat globules mechanically obstruct the growth of ice crystals, thereby slowing the rate of recrystallisation and extending shelf life" "Several studies have found a direct relationship between recrystallisation rate and freezing point; that is, the lower the freezing point, the higher the recrystallisation rate during storage (Hagiwara & Hartel, 1996; Harper & Shoemaker, 1983; Miller-Liveney & Hartel, 1997). This is because as the freezing point is depressed, the amount of unfrozen water increases, and this unfrozen water will participate readily in recrystallisation during storage." ... so my guess is, as larger ice crystals form, even before theyre noticeable on the palate, they have begun to break the structures held in place by the stabilisers, causing everything to start collapsing under its own weight as air is continually pushed out.
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    Vanilla tends to suck (half-second long-press delay, anyone?), so those with a DIY ethic can have a hard time understanding why so many folks don't care... especially given the vindication of so many backyard tweaks eventually becoming mainstream. The ignorant masses tend to react to those who push the boundaries in almost any field of endeavour that ultimately benefit society in negative ways; anywhere from background microaggressions to outright persecution; it's somewhat contemptible, no? Consider the douchebags who slag off environmentalists and 'social justice warriors' (in what demented headspace is that a bad thing?), who don't seem to mind advocating for a shittier world for their own descendants to inhabit. I'm well aware misanthropy isn't a healthy attitude, but damn. He might have a heart of gold under the layers of interalised propaganda, but the man in the street is a fucken dipshit. And I'm supposed to love him anyway... at this rate, it's gonna take while for the meek to inherit the Earth... not sure there's gonna be much left of it. But I digress. Howdy, Ivan!
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    I’d like to rewind back in reverse order, so that we can unpackage the stupid. ANZ Bank, recently shown to have defrauded 2m Australians criticises the values of a brown woman supporting her husband. A bunch of people who ran interference for religious powerful pedophiles raise $2m for rich brown man to defend his right to post stupid shit on the Internet. Lefty whiteys shut down a GoFundme page for the rich brown man who said some stupid shit, instantly turning him into a christian martyr and free speech hero. A religious brown man who knows how to run and carry a ball at the same time, is fired because people who don’t believe hell or god exists, are awfully outraged on behalf of people who might have been outraged but are yet to be located - on account of an insta post suggesting god and hell exist. Airline that transits and has a strategic partnership with a national carrier of an apartheid, sexist and homophobic country has its gay chairman issue another one of those values statements. Brown islander dude employed to take elbows to the head and carry a ball he probably doesn’t even realise doesn’t fit the physical requirements of attaining ball-hood, makes a post on Instagram that reflects majority opinion of 15y ago and is now effectively hatespeech by virtue of the same people whose ancestors taught said religion to said brown man’s ancestors at the point of a gun as colonisers. —- Who wins in the battle of stupid vs. stupid?
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    He checked out over ten years ago. Sad, the guy was extremely funny and smart....very unhinged though. This was the YT video he sent me before he killed himself.
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    The discussion popped up on another forum about why AIO don't perform as well as some might expect and the common thought was low water flow but that's just a small part of it. A mate I play games with was good enough to send me his old H80 to play around with and here are the results. 6700K@4.6GHz 1.375vcore Prime95 FTT 16k Corsair H80 Lapped with 220CFM Delta and old fan with guts removed used as shroud. TIM is Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Ambient 17-18c Water Idle 18c Rad inlet 23.2c Rad outlet 19.8c Idle CPUTIN 20c Core\Package 15-22c Load CPUTIN 42c Core\Package 88-92c <Hits 88c within about one second of prime95 load So the low flow rate is only adding ~3c to temps with the water being 3.4c hotter after it has been through the water block but this is only a 6700K using ~150w not at 9900K. With the 220CFM delta the rad is ~3c within ambient which is about as good as it gets even with a custom loop so a bigger rad or more airflow wont help. So the problem is in the mount and bad IHS contact guess I will see if I can mod the waterblock for increased mount pressure and maybe delid my CPU. Remount with washers between backplate and MB for increased mount pressure, also used a little less TIM. Ambient 20-21c Water Idle 20.5c Rad inlet 27.2c Rad outlet 23.6c Idle CPUTIN 22c Core\Package 17-23c Load CPUTIN 42c Core\Package 86-88c <Hits 85c within about one second of prime95 load The CPU core delta shows that the CPU temp has dropped by about 8c after the remount with increased pressure. Now that we have water flow rate out of the way let's see how the stock fans perform Fan's off Phone is reporting ~15dBA Idle fan noise With h80 set to low Phone is reporting ~17dBA <Clearly audible but quiet. Idle fan noise With h80 set to medium Phone is reporting ~24dBA <Annoyingly loud. Stock fan's@ medium speed using corsair AIO speed control Phone is reporting ~38dBA (Fairly loud similar annoyance to the Radeon VII) Corsar 2x120x25mm 92CFM@2500 RPM 7.7mm/H20,39dBA – Phone is reporting ~47dBA Detla 1x120x38mm, 220.01CFM@4600 RPM, 65.0dBA – Phone is reporting 63-65dBA Stock fans 2X120~2500RPM Ambient 21-22c Water Idle 23.2c Rad inlet 30.2c Rad outlet 26.5c Idle CPUTIN 29c Core\Package 20-27c Load CPUTIN 46c Core\Package 89-92c <Hits 85c within about one second of prime95 load Stock fan's@ medium speed using corsair AIO speed control Ambient 21-22c Water Idle 24.5c Rad inlet 33.3c Rad outlet 29.5c Idle CPUTIN 29c Core\Package 20-27c Load CPUTIN 51c Core\Package 94-96c <Hits 85-90c within a few seconds second of prime95 load Obviously this is where the cheap little rad struggles with lower fan speeds. The rad is only 15FPI by my count and has 12 water channels, apparently it is supposed to be closer to 20FPI so there was obviously some margin for error in there production. The rad is 42mm thick but the core is only 38mm leaving just 2mm between the fan and the fins.
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    Good. Cos you don't.
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