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    three weeks after surgery, and the wound is not healing they are giving it another week and then make a decicion wether to cut off more
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    angry with myself today. i was not paying attention last night, lost my balance and came down hard on my stump this will delay my recovery 2020 has to be better
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    Finally have build this new rig, quite happy with the case and everything is blacked out... RGB from the EK kit is nice with the tempered glass on this case... Have to say this has been a great case to work with, all the cable mgmt and being able to remove all the cages. had to move the rad close to the front for cpu pwr connections and there is only a few millimeters from the vrm on the mb area clearance. The monitor is so much better than my viotek was. Gsync works great too, really like having flat screen much better. Pics do not do it justice for how it looks thru the glass. Below is with core @ 2040 ~ 2055mhz / ram +1250mhz: https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/8030996/spy/9017762/spy/9895785 https://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/21358942/fs/20068095/fs/20784772
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    It is what it is Up and about, scooting around in my wheelchair EDIT actually got out of the hospital and got me some sunshine
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    peth is on the outer now they get you stuck on variants of oxycodone, or more recently, tapentadol (the "new" tramadol) as my wise old mentor used to say "always use new drugs before they develop adverse effects"
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    Depending on what you will be doing with your PC, you might be able to snag a 2000 series cpu until the next wave hits of the 4000 series and save some $. Even a used eBay deal for a 2600 or 2700. It will still be fast and offsets the price for another year for cpu. Edit: PSU, target a 600w which should be enough for almost any build unless you go 2080 ti
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    Much the same you just have to go into the other end of the plug beside the wires. It should force the PSU to power the MB unless it detects a short in which case it should instantly power off.
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    Can't find it on YT so FB link (sorry) https://www.facebook.com/BBCScotland/videos/550606562449954/
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    That's what I said they should do. Hot crossless buns and then surely everyone gets what they want. The cross is not why you buy the bun.
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    Final pics with Noctua fans in. Used a Y splitter, 1x on the gpu rad and 1x on the bottom of chassis under the cpu pump/res. I have them set at 1300rpm (1700rpm is the max) running all the time. This speed is really quiet and still gives top temps or 57c when stress testing. The bottom fan should help feed in some air for the gpu when the cpu has low load/temps. Few final pics... Really wish I had some different fittings a few 90 and 45 degree. Ill probably do that when I drain it next time. Glass open, lights off: Glass open, lights on, room lights on: (pics can only do so much.. in person much better) Glass closed: (yea it just looks much better than this shows) This one was just fun, feel like I had plenty of room to do what I wanted with room to change things up in the future. This might have been my favor build as most of the time I would reuse as much as I could so haven't done a complete rebuild in quite some time.
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    stuck in hospital hospital unttiil at least next week
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Especially me after putting a significant amount of money down on my new build for the decade; AMD Ryzen 7 3800X Gigabyte X570 AORUS ULTRA AMD AM4 2 x Corsair Force MP600 1TB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB 3600MHz NZXT H510 Elite NZXT Kraken X62 Still keeping the Gigabyte GTX 1080 and my Silverstone 700W PSU for the time being, but also throwing in a CableMod Pro Carbon pack to make it all look nice too Easily over 2K in cost, and it being the most I've ever spent on a new build, but I'm happy so far
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    just zipped outside again, the booze shop was closed, but i think i could get to the KFC a block up @ scruffy1 , benifits of being a patient, once they admit you, they cannot kick you out i am supposed to get help when moving from the bed to the wheelchair, but as long as i can reach it ,i just stand and pivot into the chair the nurses berate me, but the doctors tell me to go for it and i have a theory, being able to be indipendant shows i am ready for the next step
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    they took the bandages off today i am healing well, but not well enough stuck in hospital over xmas,
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    the planet will be just fine after the next major extinction event we won't
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    Hey fuck off. I hand out the shekels around ‘ere.
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    There was an ep of Good News Week where Sandy did a nudie run through the audience but YT doesn't have a clip so this will have to do.
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    Fun fact: Hillary is now the only woman to be screwed by two impeached presidents.
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    sure thing there, professor, i will get right on that. ...when i get around to it though. because theres just so much other cool stuff to research! Space Aliens Live Quietly Among Us, Say Some Scientists and Officials 3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life as Snake? Gives Verified Details of Encounter With Hunter Woman Has Near-Death Experience, Sees 'Hell,' and Comes Back a Better Person 5 Best UFO Sightings This Week: March 7-14 (+Photos +Videos) Nervous-System Damage From the Sky: 'Chemtrails' rain aluminum nanoparticles on man, beast, and land plus, i still have to finish my in depth exploratory into other contentious topics of our time, like if the earth really is 6000 years old, and is the earth actually flat (like my daddy always said, theres two sides to every story), and are we really safe from autism injections? ...not to mention all the quality white nationalist folk wisdom available on BitChute — waaaay more than this glue-sniffer can get through in even a long sitting [edit: for the record, i acknowledge that you did not expressly link to anything objectionable, nor intend any such association. presenting information to be considered on its own merits in isolation from the context in which it resides, is yours and anyone else's prerogative.] so whatever it is about this one little girl thats making you so shrill and whiny is just going to have to wait.
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    i tried to think of something else you could do instead, but i'm stumped
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    Yep, and so popular that it turns your NBN connection into dialup!
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