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    Hi everyone! It’s been a while, huh? Many excellent people are still here, some come and go, and many more, like me, hover around lurking, mostly checking in to see if it’s still here and how things are. It’s still here. The main reason I’m posting is to give you guys an update so you know where in the universe Atomic sits and what its future is, because some things just changed. The big news is that a couple of months ago Atomic’s owner nextmedia sold off its tech and games assets to Future Publishing. Making Future the fourth company to own Atomic. Future is huge, if you didn’t know. I wanted to work there once, in the 1990s when I loved PC Gamer. Well I work here now because with the titles Future bought (PC & Tech Authority, PC PowerPlay, Hyper and Atomic), they also hired David Hawkeye Hollingworth and myself. They also fixed the bloody crypto CPU killing infestation, so off to a good start in the good books with that. What it all means for Atomic is a big happy nothing. Future will keep the site going and everything will be tops. Now, being a supergiant global media empire, Future is keeping busy with a great many things. It also bought the parent company of Anandtech and Tom’s Hardware earlier this year. That means that this little corner of the internet is a low priority. Probably the lowest. And that’s fine with me. We don’t want meddling, we want to be left alone in peace. One day, perhaps, a time will be right to use the name Atomic and everything it stands for to do some kind of new media tech endeavour. That's not the main reason why these Atomic forums are being kept going though. It's because there are people here that want to stay being here. There is true love for Atomic. From you reading this, obviously, or you wouldn’t be here, so thanks for still being part of it Most of all from the guardians of the site Nich, Chaos and Elvenwhore. I know you know how fabulous they are and all their efforts and care are very much known and appreciated by me, David and those that matter here. I can’t thank them enough. So. As you were. I know there are bits and pieces here and there that need attention, and perhaps we’ll get to that, but the core remains and will continue to do so. Atomic. It lives because of you.
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    so...what youre saying is, Atomic has a future because Future has Atomic, and Future has Atomic because Atomic has a future? well, i, for one, welcome our new tautological overlords
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    It seems more like it's because of you Rob.
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    Pushed out an update. I've changed the colour a little, and the opacity. Let me know if it's easier to read, and if it's not easy enough to read.
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    Curiosity got the better of me when newegg sent me a $30 discount ontop of there black Friday sale and so I have picked up a second kit of Samsung b die (3200c14 Flare X $244) 4 single rank kits should provide the same performance benefits as a 2x16GB dual rank kit but with a good MB 4x8GB can hit higher clock speeds. I was also tempted to play with a ITX 2600 system but wised up in time as all in all it would have cost as much as a RTX 2080 or a G-Sync monitor which would help my gaming rig much more than anything else. Back on topic so when the new kit arrives I will be running a bunch of detailed tests to see what effect it has since nobody else out there has done a good job of it yet as far as I can see. Toms hardware had a crack but its a bit short on details like what sub timings each kit had
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    my social life is so pathetic i have to party where i can get it and this fits the bill... a small gathering of agreeably weird people who are in many ways more similar to me than most of the rest of the world
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    Not quite... Juggs was having a birthday camping trip and mentioned he had never had a birthday cake except bought ones. And I offered to make him one. The carrot and oyster was the Nanny Ogg aphrodisiac version ("carrot so's you can see in the dark, oysters so's you've got something to look at"). What actually happened was this: "I'll bake you a birthday cake. What sort would you like?" "Really! OMG, anything?" "Yes, of course." "Um... can I have... carrot cake?" "Yes! But I meant, what shape? What do you want it to look like?" "....wh... b... anything...?" "Yes." "..................................................................................................................... can it look like... b00bs?" "Yes, Juggs. With cherries on top." And that's how I own a D-cup cake tin.
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    Not including me. My knowledge of hiphop and rap could easily be engraved on the head of a pin by someone with a jewelers glass.
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    I used to be a real Bill Cosby Fanboi. I had tapes, video and audio of his standup works. I watched the Cosby Show religiously. I loved his work. What makes this stink for me: He made his comedy about being so wholesome. It's hard to separate his comedy from his crime. His comedy was based on him being a great dad and super wholesome and wonderful, and a love for cars. Wagner didn't base his art around his views. He created music that was it. It's easy to separate it. Marilyn Monroe made her image on being a sex icon. She slept around? Who cares. She didn't base her image on being pure and sweet and all that. Cosby based his entire comedy image on family and wholesomeness. And he's betrayed that. Completely. So in Cosby's case and Rolf Harris's case. I can't listen to them anymore. They've betrayed what they built themselves around. AD
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    Check the username bro http://www.users.on.net/~dmbrown/911/ It's legit DMB.
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    All parents should kill their children at the earliest opportunity. This would spare them the suffering of this sinful, mortal world and fast-track them into Eternal Paradise. Such murders are readily forgiven under the stated rules of the Holy Bible, thereby allowing these parents to join their now-grateful children in the Heavenly Garden of Our Lord. Though they may have to wait a little while - perhaps the Church could organise some sort of regular murder ceremony to get things moving faster. Yahweh himself set the example for all to follow (with Jesus). If your parents haven't murdered you yet, then perhaps they don't love you enough?
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    Anthony Albanese‏ on Twitter — @AlboMP : Liberals eliminate their most popular candidate @JulieBishopMP first #genius
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    Dear Desperate This is a very common problem. When you upgraded Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0, you may have accidentally restricted Husband 1.0's root access permissions. Tech Support.
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