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    Indeed it is, Newt. Personally, I'm of the opinion that point is just about where miscarriage becomes 'premature birth' - ie: it has even a chance of surviving outside of the womb. Thankfully, the decision is not mine to make, and never will be. A large proportion of the women I've known who have had an abortion either regret it completely, or suffer a large amount of remorse. A large portion of those who probably should have considered it, but went ahead with the pregnancy because of beliefs, have *also* had regrets and/or remorse, though. The choice is obviously not one to be made lightly.
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    Have to argue against that. IMO this one is, and also relevant to the thread subject:
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    And there are lots who do escape and don't bemoan the lacks you cite The sea / tree change phenomenon is a construct designed to get people out ( a bit at least ) from the city centres. Instead of enjoying the space the growing community needs to fill it with 'things' to keep the kids off the streets, and to give employment to those so as to continue to survive out of the city. It's a fucking catch-22 . and so it grows / goes. Humanity is like a cancerous growth on this planet ... but, me, I'm just here cos my folks fucked up .
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    get out of the capital cities and try telling me we are even close to being over populated
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