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    here's a question for you Kimmo: were you eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner when somebody took a shit in your cereal? yeah its a silly question, but it did lead to some discussion. what motivated it i wonder? my theory: Robzy is trying to settle an argument with his partner. she's all like "Grrr. Baked beans is not a romantic dinner! It's not even a dinner!" now that the first part is settled, i am awaiting the next thread, in which Robzy asks: "Is any meal eaten by candlelight romantic?"
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    Honestly by Stryper... Ooohhh Howzat by Sherbert
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    Pity you, or anyone else, has never prayed for world peace
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    Jesus demonstrably does not love me. The biggest issue is that you will either believe the story or not believe the story. Some christians seem to think a genuine search for a god always leads to the right one but this is fairly easy to show as false. Others tell me that faith is a blessing and you just have to be happy you got it. So the first one doesn't make sense as I tried to keep faith and make it all make sense and the second one means he doesn't love me enough to stop me burning in hell for eternity because he took my faith. If there is a christian god out there it/he has to be either a: indifferent to an awfully large number of people b: is beholden to some higher power does not exist or d: is an arsehole None of those really fit with a top dog god who cares for every person individually. The fact that a creator of all life/things in the universe can't have every person getting an equal chance at redemption means he doesn't love everyone equally and maybe some not at all. This is a being that should be able to do what he likes but leaves the whole eternal happiness of your soul on your understanding a faulty book and a bunch of hearsay (if you aren't one of the lucky vision winners). What a guy.
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    I kinda liked the Dyn-o-mite guy from Good Times.
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