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    I suppose you can't really say you are offering women the option to have a career instead of this sort of life if you want to then take this option away from them. If that was the case you are just telling them how to live their lives again by telling them that a different way of life is what they should want.
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    A family is a micro economy. You need to complete work around the home, and procure assets and consumable resources. Domestic work saves money by either performing your own work, partially/fully manufacturing, and reducing procurement costs. Exporting your labour creates money that allows you to import work and materials. Some economies are heavily dependent on large scale export and import (multiple income, and use childcare and hire tradies for everything), others have a strong domestic capacity, and use less imports/exports (the off grid option). They suit different personalities, whatever floats your goat as a team, not for me to judge. Once it moves away from a team effort with mutually agreed roles, into something less equal, I'm worried about fair consent, and the person in a subservient position being fully aware of what they are consenting to. The critical element is equal share in the joint economy, so that should it need to be dissolved, each party can go their own way and start again fairly - noting that it is still difficult to switch systems. you need to have the economic freedom to permit either party to leave one family unit and fulfill a similar role in a new family unit, so you maintain self determination. A home maker with no formal training has chosen a path that most likely excludes transition to a high income career. In the same way that a high income white collar bread winner probably will be ill-equipped to transition to an efficient homemaker role. Assuming everyone has freedom to change their role completely is a fallacy.
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    ffs? we now have credible theories of an incubation period as long as 24 days or more, as well as growing reports of asymptomatic transfer. knowing that the sudden spike in cases in northern italy only became apparent as recently as Feb 21, and without knowing when the man left Italy — i wouldnt automatically assume he had any basis to think of himself as enough of a potential carrier to rethink his travel plans.
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    Thought it might have been something like that which is why I asked what the CPU usage was Glade you got it sorted.
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