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    Imagine going back 15yrs and saying how you're going to livestream your funeral. That's At0mic as fuck.
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    Farewell guys and thanks for being a part of my life for the past fifteen+ years. Love me/Loathe me - it's a beautiful thing either way and it was a pleasure to hang out and kick the shit with you all for so long. You're a very special group. @Ben Mansill - I never said it enough, but thank you. This was all you. I hope you all live long and prosperous. I'll raise a beer on the 11th and wish you all well. Goodbye folks.
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    I knew Twinnie was a family man who loved his kids. The photo montage really drove it home. Almost every photo of him had him holding his kids. The only ones that didn't were pretty much the ones where he was a kid himself. His love of recipe sharing is something I really remember. I wish I could have shared some BBQ recipes with him. Would have been a blast. I'll remember all the beer recipes he sent to me though. AD
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    Please @Ben Mansill Make me a mod. If only for the briefest of moments! I just want to ban @Khirareq at least once and sling shit in the mod room. I danced in a tutu on national television. kthnx @Mac Dude @1shot1kill back me up fellas! :)~~
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    As I said to Plebs somewhere else I was going to miss the first half of the service because I was out on a bike lesson. I'd have rescheduled, but I know Mike would have approved. As it stands I caught the tail end, so that's good. Spotted Gir and Nitro past the odd tear. All the best wherever you are buddy. No more speed limits now. Go hard.
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    Yep that's our guy. Laughing, as usual. Logic on the right, Damo (I think) in the middle.
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    Somewhat fortuitously, Fenn is already roughly in the middle of Hector and I.
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    Also cheers to the Atomicans that could make it to the funeral (even if you couldn't go in for the service itself). You represented all of us that day whether you intended to or not. I saw you Gir and Morris and I'm sure there were others, but the angles and sometimes buffering made it hard to see some people. AD
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    As grateful as I am that the funeral was livestreamed, I am very aware that many of us are watching alone. I'm offering hugs to all of you, just as I would if we were there in person. As Vanessa said, I can't remember the last time I hugged Twinny. I don't even know if I ever said thankyou to him, and I wish I could. But I do know every one of you needs a hug.
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    Ah yes, I reckon I know the ones you speak of. No shame back then, I was a free bird.
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    Glad to say it'll be 8 years off the cigs for me in about 6 weeks.
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    I bet most of the looters aren't from Minneapolis anyway.
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    See my thumbs? Magic!
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    We long-fingered lady types consider that a virtue.
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    Also, if I missed seeing anyone (I mentioned 2), it's not that I didn't want to see you. It's just that my screen kept doing buffering and then when it came back it was at god-awful resolution (like 140 line or something). I couldn't see much for about half the final service. I saw Morris and Gir pretty close together when I had decent video. I saw someone that is now confirmed as Nitro (who when he turned around it blanked out. I just saw a tall guy with long hair and shaved side-of-head and stovepipe jeans). But after that. Everyone that laid a rose for Twinnie was a blob that walked around. However, I will say that the quality of the cast was excellent. This was obviously something relying on wireless comms and thus constrained by such. To all those Atomicans that laid a rose thank you..
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    Oh, I've got plans. I'll see you next year.
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    Unless Vanna and Hector show up, or so I hear. I mean like, same, but you know.
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    Nearly every picture was of him and either or both of his kids. You could see the love for his children in every single photo. Never met in real life but had a lot of laughs with him in PMs usually taking the piss out of our local bullshitter. Twinny style.
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    yep 8 for us too in mid July . Still relieved and mighty thankful. Thought I'd make use of the fine sunny day it was and took out our winter jackets. Yes, dusty, needed a good brush etc., but not even a wiff of ciggie smoke anywhere ... I still get a kick out of that . Such a little thing, but not ;)
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    Wow, it's like there's a benevolent fairy godmother just handing out wishes to anyone who asks. Let's see... I want fingers long enough to really play Rachmaninov; a kitchen twice the size of my current one; and a threesome with Vanna and Hector. /waits patiently.
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    just saw the change. wannabe? HAHA nice
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    some people are never happy with what theyve got. ive always wanted to be a fairy princess
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    [heading] The life Atomic gave me [standfirst] 0% > 100% > 50% > 100% [body] It's strange and humbling to realize that if it wasn't for this place, there's a good chance I'd be dead. I live in San Francisco now. Sometime in my first year here, I stammered to my boyfriend - through tears - "I've never belonged anywhere". I spent my bullied school years in the library. Unsure how to interact with people, I just shut down and didn't really communicate. Here, I fed my fascination with information and the way things work. I'm a software engineer now. Alarm bells in your head are doubtless signaling something deeper than mere personality traits - something that this particular audience are statistically more familiar with. It never really occurred to me that this wasn't how life was supposed to be lived until I discovered this place. It woke up a part of me. It was filled with people who were filled with the things I was filled with but never expressed - passion, irreverence, truth, and something I wouldn't learn until far too many years later - empathy. Each of you, spectacular. Each of you, gloriously interwoven with stories and friendships and those common threads of passion, irreverence, truth, and empathy. It was all importantly grounded in a real world expression: a magazine. It contained the same spirit as the forums, and it demonstrated that the traits I had started paying attention to inside my head were valid in the real world. And joy of joys: it fed our fascination with information and the way things work. Like the rest of you, I was hooked. IRL meetups helped shape me. I remember feeling something new inside me after changing out of school clothes and joining you at the pub on Fridays when I was still a teenager. It was what being happy felt like. I felt a sense of belonging. I finally made some amazing friends who in the following decades would gallivant around the world with me, doing stupid glorious fun things. I will cherish and defend them for life. The response to the first serious piece of writing i posted on these forums spurred me to go on to work for Atomic. It was about Dell advertising a low performance computer in the newspaper using a glowing pull quote from Atomic's review of a high performance review unit. I wanted the job so badly that I insisted Haymarket would get back to me after I'd applied. Three months I waited. Only later did someone tell me that I must have been second choice. I still couldn't communicate at the same level as everyone else. But in retrospect, it was as perfect an introduction to the real world as I could have hoped for. My interactions with you all had given me enough to let me fake it. As they read this, I'm sure some of the Atomic tech journo alumni will be thinking "ooooooooohhhh of course", which I hear clear as a bell in a certain specific voice as I type. There's some things I did in the office that, in retrospect, I'm not proud of. I must have seemed beyond weird at times. From where I am now, I get why I was on the list of redundancies during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. I was a difficult child, and am still a difficult adult. But I wouldn't have learned how to function in the real world if I hadn't discovered you. I mean, at that point in my mid 20's, I still hadn't realized I was gay. And I wouldn't have learned how to really write if it wasn't for Ben. Jesus tapdancing Christ, as if his other gifts weren't already enough. You only realize how bad so much written communication is when you hit the corporate world. The gift of being able to write properly is a gift that I treasure - as is the wisdom I now have to recognize sending edited emails back to colleagues could be misconstrued as a sign of arrogance rather than an instinct to help (and thus, thankfully, never doing it) - despite a desire for correctness and performance that I can't seem to shake. I belong in San Francisco now. It's been a hard journey, but I'm happy. But looking back on my life from this vantage point, I'm forever grateful to be able to type to you - through tears - "I belonged here". d
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