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    Only the top layer. The 30 layers below are indentured lifers. I did a lot of work with the DET. The board changes with every government but nothing changes in the bureaucracy. That’s the actual problem. “the best way to get something done in the worst way with the longest time taken to achieve none of the stated objectives, is to engage the public sector.”
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    614 huh ? ohhh but that's a mighty long list. it sounds tiresome
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    "ramping" is because the trolleys traditionally get rolled up a ramp from the ambulance bay into the emergency department, so stacking them at the entrance is on a ramp it's the hospital newspeak akin to medalling at the sports field the largest growth in hospital expenditure apart from exotic medication and machines that go ping (in all likelihood more expensive than both) is the exponential growth in managers whereas clinical people used to decide who got what spending (and a right little game of thrones that was), now it's down the kpi and benchmarking, based on the artificial fantasies of people who have never lifted a bedpan
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    Regarding budgets, even if it increases from year to year it in no way indicates if it increases in line with demand increase, and if the budget has always been insufficient it is just a lame game of catch up where budgets may be forever falling behind demand..
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    in health the wedge is the state versus federal responsibilities - both of whom show no generosity or co-operation my best anecdote to demonstrate : as a gp, i get supplied on request with "free" drugs for emergency use in my doctor's bag, some of which are quite costly (to the system; free to me) they get supplied in fixed quantities that bear little relationship to likely use pattern, but there is no wriggle room - want any, you get 10 as default, even if you might only ever use one in the shelf life most often these are not used, but need to be on hand in case i suggested to the local hospital (where i was also working at that stage) that it would be sensible to bring in my stock when it was close to expiry (a few months' remaining) and exchange it for newer stock, as the old stuff would get utilised in emergency before it could go out of date i was happy to swap for lesser quantities, because, well, that's what would be enough in reality rather than the defined arbitrary amounts no go federal law prevents me from doing so, as it is supplied for my use as a gp, and thus i must throw it out unused; can't even donate it for overseas use in countries where the use by date is less concerning than the total unavailability of basic useful stuff, because the contract for supply to the feds stipulates any such disposal would interfere with international marketing agreements - bad for business to give free redundant out-of-date stock to places that will never afford supplies anyway the suspicion is the exporting like so might encourage less scrupulous people to sell stock overseas (like patients are noted to do with common stuff got here under pbs, to send to their distant family - stuff as mundane as panadol, but other less otc (over the counter) items too here's the monthly allowables - https://www.pbs.gov.au/browse/doctorsbag note it's max quantities, but find a pharmacy to dispense a singe ampoule of anything, and i'll fall over dead from surprise, the pharmacy guild know how to make $ and so it goes
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    the hot irony, it burns
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    I thought mine seemed low Holy fuck I used to spam the shit out of this place while drunk back in the day Sorry about that
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    I know of one or two at0micans who live in proximity to these fires I'm not on any of the other sites that might be connected to them , so am just wondering here if those who are could maybe update on here
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    Ah. It has always been possible, in fact easy, to turn off MCAS even if you do not know what is causing the misbehavior because the manual doesn't mention it. The switches to disable auto trim are at the rear of the throttle quadrant. It was those switches that the dead heading pilot on the Lion Air flight the day before the crash selected off. The problems lie in recognising that you have "trim runaway" which you don't really, that is a different situation but same outcome, and in the software laws that cause it to operate. Agreed the simplest is indeed to turn off MCAS but it appears that it can be rather persistent or was, in turning itself back on. That comes about by the non-intuitive way in which it was set up to interact with flap settings and autopilot engagement. When the crew ran into problems in the simulator in June it would appear Boeing had at that stage only reduced the authority of MCAS. Now they are having to, or rather are in the process of, a complete redesign of the Flight Control system bringing it in line with current best practice. What is not apparent and may or may not be an issue because MCAS is absent in other earlier designs is if the somewhat antiquated way in which the flight control computers operate is also the case on for example the NGs. I don't THINK it is the case but not being a 737 pilot I don't know for sure. For Boeing's sake I hope it is not and that the MAX was an aberration brought on by oversight when dealing with the pitch up issue. However one thing we can be pretty certain of, if I'm asking that question the FAA will ask it as well. It seems the deeper things go with this the more issues are uncovered. Cheers
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    Sound like the non-union South Carolina plant has quality control issues
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    you need to include the KKK, a Christian fundamentalist group Antifa, using violence to protest violence Union thuggery YouTube, using censorship in the land of free speech to silence those they disagree with politically
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    The current run of late night drunks need some tutoring
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    you fail to acknowledge the rather large gap between bullshit and information the internet gave the world at large access to most anything that people cared to put up there the discrimination to recognise fact from fantasy is not widespread, unfortunately and people seem to believe what they like your george orwell quote neatly describes both the good and the bad aspects of the interweb
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    Holy fuckballs Kimmo, I'm sorry that you've ended up representing the hard left by yourself around here. Clearly time and past that I came back to throw dungbombs at Leonid. Leo, I'm too drunk to laugh at specifics, just assume that I've rolled my eyes at your very religious nonreligiousness, and get offended please. You cool with that? Ta love.
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    One of the things we hypothesised was that ignorance was due to lack of information access. Then we got the internet which gave people information. All of a sudden we have anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, the alt-reich, the ctrl-left, "gender is fluid" fruitloops, resurgent commies and troofers. I'd say our hypothesis was wrong.
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    interestingly, i am an ordained member of that religion and appropriately, my other approved religious leaning (buddhism) is completely at ease with dual allegiances namaste (and ramen)
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    Pastafarianism already covers all the requirements. It's completely made up, so there's no reason to take it seriously; there's a cool hat; and you can be ordained any time you like. Plus, noodles. It has the added advantage of sounding exactly as ridiculous as all the other real religions, so whenever someone says some dumb Xtian thing you can piss them off instantly by referring to having been touched by the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Added bonus: pasta is real!
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    meanwhile, fdotm knows that it's not just the liberals who are a bunch of twats :
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    Yeah quoting me document from 2016-2017 data published in 2018, I'm talking cuts made in 2019. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-29/royal-hobart-hospital-budget-50m-cuts/11363310
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    "We have" ? Who's "we", Leo? Australia's population had a pretty strong Left lean until quite recently. Gogh is still on a pedestal, and he openly called his Party members "comrade". Most of the people I talk to (admittedly a small and not terribly representative sample) are still pretty Left-thinking when questioned, though they've been conditioned into thinking that Right-wing pollies have the answers. Don't pretend to speak for me, or indeed anyone but yourself. I'm no communist, but your statements lately sound very too far to the Right for my comfort.
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    It's hard to stay away. This is a cool corner of the net. Do you remember Virtuoso from the old days? That dude was smarter than 10 of me!
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    This made me laugh soooo hard! Thanks for that, felt good. Hope everyone has been well, looks like 5 years ago or something I last stuck my head in. It goes by far too quick. So many names I recall very fondly. Glad a random conversation around CD media started a trail that ended with me catching up with this thread
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    Watermelon seeds They're in my big fat belly It's not a tumour
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    Good god a 9 year bump? Seriously? As for the problem according to Asus the CPU is not supported by that mobo for some reason.
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