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    http://nickfletcherproductions.com/nsmqg/ I've written a simple little app version of the music quiz game. Please check it out and see if you like it!
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    it is all amusing we are here in Australia, and are just handful of people who cannot vote in American elections and even if we have American friends we know we cannot change their political view
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    I figure I've never had a gender dysphoria issue. I've never felt I was anything other than male. I have had issues with other stuff though. Take addiction for example. I've never had a major issue with it but I quit sugar because I couldn't trust myself to stop when I know I should. But people say you should just get over it. If everyone could have the motivation to do all the things they believe would be best for them then addiction wouldn't happen. But even then some people just don't understand. I get that. When you have never felt that way and no one you know has felt that way then where do you get your experience from, except to say these people are just being precious? Now I'm not saying we should be pandering to every "unusual" whim. Someone who's a paedophile as a super easy example will probably have some sort of addiction going on there. Many despise themselves for it. But you can't just say "hey go do your thing, be different". That has very negative consequences for others. But as long as your different way of brain function works isn't actually affecting other people then why not just let them be? Obviously they have a biological gender but something in their brain doesn't make that connect properly. I doubt I'll ever understand it but, seeing as it really doesn't matter to me, I just go with what suits them. Apart from asking for some respect they ask nothing more of me. If you want to compare that to the Christian who wants to tell people they're going to hell and how they should live their life and that they're abominations of nature then I see a difference there. I'm not expecting an about face from you on the issue either. You have your beliefs. But you never know....
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    I have expectations. I expect people will continue being mostly selfish fucktards until well past the collapse of a liveable biome, and that the few willing to self-sacrifice for the good of all will not be sufficient to pull everyone else's fat from the fire.
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    Tried using my calibrator apparently the screen was around 330 nit brightness with it set to 75% and the red was a little strong so I have turned it down to 120 nit 11% and toned down the red a little but otherwise it was very well calibrated and turning down the brightness hasn't made a huge difference to areas that should look dark but they are a bit better and bright areas are not so blinding, It is a bit duller in color but still looks great. The old dell u2713 was running around 110 nit at ~20% but turning it down didn't really hurt the vibrancy as much, If anything the old IPS was a bit to dark in places you couldn't see anything without a torch\flashlight.
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    its some proper froot loop shit QAnon: What's the truth behind a pro-Trump conspiracy theory?
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    You know that they already threatened her with that (retaliatory strike: she'd said publicly that another Dem should be voted out) and her campaign received a significant amount of fresh money practically overnight. You can't primary someone who wins more votes than the alternative you have to offer - they just beat you again.
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    My last cat, well sort of, one of my daughters still has one of the four who were with me for years, had to be taken on the one way vet trip a couple of years ago. Monty, the one I rescued for Cisco. She, as it eventually turned out, very private cat, thought she was a neutered male for years. Vet came after and asked me how old she was. I had no idea, had been with me for around 16 years I think. He nodded and said she had had a good life, he thought she could have been as old as 25, definitely well over 20. Was fully grown when she came to me so possible I guess. Never had a cat live that long. Currently looking after my mother's pair - study in contrasts, one totally indoor, one totally outdoor, one an extraordinarily fussy eater the other will eat most anything. The outdoor one is probably going to come with me when I find a place of my own, lovely cat, looking forward to it. I'll see if I can get some pics. Cheers
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    So just so you understand how ridiculous this is - you can walk up to a Christian and tell them that they’re a freaking fruit loop for believing in fairy tales, but you walk up to one of these walking cases of fraudulent advertising and explain to them that they are in fact just as much of a fruit loop for believing in fairy tales - and that’s a hate crime. No idea. Why does it matter?
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    You just reminded me of something that happens now and then up here in the boonies ... I say " now and then " cos the supermarket runs out and is not as prompt with refills as it could be ... I'm talking about wet wipes for the customers when they grab a trolly , I think it's a great idea when it happens Also, re the transport thingy, perhaps people aren't aware where they really catch that cold or stomach bug they might have. just sayin' The other side to wet wipes everywhere, is that if we protect ourselves too much from dirt we (over time) will lessen our bodies natural immune system to the point of having to walk around in hooded suits with face masks and gloves at all times
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    Found this on the Book of Face. Thought it accurately depicted reality: Trump invited the Pope for lunch on his mega yacht, the Pope accepted, and during lunch a puff of wind blew the pontiff’s hat off, right into the water. It floated off about 50 feet, then the wind died down and it just floated in place. The crew and the secret service were scrambling to launch a boat to go get it, when Trump waved them off, saying “Never mind, boys, I’ll get it.” Trump climbed over the side of the yacht, walked on the water to the hat, picked it up, walked back on the water, climbed onto the yacht and handed the pope his hat. The crew was speechless. The security team and the pope’s entourage were speechless. No one knew what to say, not even the pope. But that afternoon, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN all knew how to cover the story. Their banner headlines read, “Trump can’t swim.
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    gremlins I reckon ...all the moving about atomic has just been doing probably shook loose a few old ghouls ... let's face we now be housed in 'Old Blighty' and that place is famous for it's ghosts etc.
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    I'm not sure why you think this is push back. Honestly, I think everyone is getting a little defensive in here. I'm not sure much good is coming from a lot of these conversations heated arguments (well I'm finding some interesting points of view in amongst it all and I do enjoy that much). There's a few people now who are not nearly as interested in reading each others posts in a constructive way as they are reading them to have their say as they pull them apart. I guess that just feeds back on itself and everyone see the next post as attacking theirs. I'm not trying to single people on here out by the way. Honestly I think most people on here deal with it better than a lot of message board/youtube commenters (in fact everyone on that last part). I just think it's the bleak future of human interaction for a while. We don't live in our villages anymore where we learn what everyone else thinks and how we do things. On one hand it is great to get new ideas and points of view, but more and more we have views that are anathema to our own and we don't know as a species how to really deal with it except through anger because that worked for thousands of years. Maybe we'll work that out. If anyone wants to respond, I'm already taking the "i listen but they are stupid/douge bags/naive/going to tear civilistation down or stupid naive douche bags who are going to tear civilisation down as read so you can. In tru facebook style you can just give a confused reaction and save some typing if you want. Or just tear this apart. I'm OK with it
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    I don't know that either. Does someone want to illucidate here? @fliptopia ... < < when you type exactly that ( using any member's correct username ) the action should pull up a box with the members name in it. if you click on that before hitting the space bar it should highlight in blue and notify the member you want to notify ... hopefully ;)
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    I tried it out with my freesync monitor / nvidia card, and it flickers in menus and in game on the white areas. It was driving me crazy and I've turned it off. You might be able to OC the monotor and adjust the range so you have a better experience on low fps scenes. Maybe you can change the ms response from high to med or low. Not sure if you have that option but mine has Overdrive for lower response and support told me to try a lower setting with Freesync enabled. Also read somewhere that lowering from 8bit has helped some.
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    I found the VA needed a lot of tweaking to get it looking right to my IPS trained eyes. I wouldn't mind doing a proper calibration of it. I don't know how those things deal with curved screens though. Also, user reviews are so bad with higher end stuff. The things people think they see because they are being super critical and looking closer than you ever would actually playing are amazing. Then they write a review bagging out that thing. I've found the same thing trying to buy headphones (although they're even worse as people's preference differ so much).
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    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by any of that, sorry Walt. Looks like you tried to get a few ideas down quickly and maybe missed some punctuation that might have helped it make more sense. Are you trying to say that you shouldn't just make hypothetical maybe situations and that you should just have facts? Not sure about the next bit. As far as changing the law if it's not right, well I think that's what the aim of the video is. Closing gaps in the law that would allow these things to go on. You could look at the video as straight out making claims about Trump but you could also try and take the positive and say "maybe this isn't how he got here but this IS however one possible path and it's a path that we should close down or at the least make more transparent." As far as I can tell, noone is disputing that those things can currently legally happen. Ergo, facts about what CAN happen. Not facts about what is happening. But facts never the less. Then something about AG Barr. Is that a fair summary?
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    Humpf! "We got famous first, so suck it!" No? Damn world never works out easy.
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    Oh right, Cody mentioned that in the Some More News vid I posted, cause he's fair and balanced, even if studiedly disheveled. How does that rate more than a meh? The Right gets away with literal murder, while a minor slip-up by someone from the Left is greeted with hysterical AH-HAs, not to mention the bullshit confectioner sweatshops churning out insane fantasies like Pizzagate 24/7. Hey, come to think of it, you know who actually does indulge in actual paedophile rings? The fucken aristocratic Tories, spiritual bedfellows of the vile Republicans and Liberals. The fucken conservatives are so bloody crooked in every goddamn way possible, it's no wonder they have to hire scumbags to fart smoke all over the place. Don't fucken talk to me about piffling nothingburgers like that while the litany of heinous crimes by the scum continues, while the world is choked in poison, while extinctions accelerate and fucking Nazis have the hide to march in our very own streets! FFS. Dude. Oh, heaven forfend! Excuse me while I clutch my pearls at the prospect of someone who's supposed to be on my side actually having any savvy...! No wait, what would bother me is, you know, actual corruption.
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    Given my consumption of paper media is close to zero, no I can't. My point was not about the institution but the article, which could have been from anywhere AFAIC. As you noted, clickbait headlines seem to be the norm these days. I blame Murdoch - his takeover of previously-good media and turning them into attractive trash has led everyone else to also become trashy in order to keep up. And now, back to thread topic: Three Arrows!
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    Does it matter? Obama won 689 counties. As I mentioned in another thread - the red states are (typically) depopulating as globalism destroys manufacturing jobs. These people go to capital cities. Two things happen - they either become Dem voters or they disappear into the Blue State margins. The Red States become redder, as do red counties. The Democrats have a geography problem. And it's far more immediate than the demography problem the Republicans have.
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    On what volume of voter turn-out Leo ? Trump won through a combination of voter apathy and Clinton rejection. Cheers
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    "Preat-ures" ? Oh, get f*d! Bad enough when bands stick together a bunch of words that make no sense, but making up their own 'words' is just playing with yourself. ("Sepultura" is not made up - it's just not English. It means 'burial' in Potugese.)
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    What is there for me to respond to in what you said, beyond how I already addressed it? Am I to head to iview and watch the PA ep? As for whether Team AOC, AKA the Justice Dems, can do no wrong, since they're the only team in the game who actually intend to 'Do Things About Stuff' as Cody puts it, then, comparatively speaking, Fuck Yeah. Of course, naturally I don't expect any of them to be infallible, and I'd be surprised if I agreed entirely with every little policy nuance decided upon at the end of the day. But since establishment Dems couldn't give a fuck about the stuff folks like me think matters, and every flavour of vile old party nutjob is a total joke, there is nobody else competing for my affection. So 'do no wrong' - of course not, but 'not be egregiously corrupt' - sure, I'm gonna be a starry-eyed idealist and delude myself that's a promise these guys intend to keep.
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