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    my social life is so pathetic i have to party where i can get it and this fits the bill... a small gathering of agreeably weird people who are in many ways more similar to me than most of the rest of the world
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    my take on the cic proposal, with apologies to banjo there were movements in the house, and the whiff had got around that the leadership of scott had got away the libs were passing motions, for their fear was so profound and their benches showed the marks of disarray all the tired and old distractions as the chief did raise the bar were blustered to the house with pious might for the pollies love time biding where the wild ideas are and the public snuffs a loser in full flight
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    Probably wont be here till Monday now at which point I will be flying to Cairns so hopefully My pc will survive the journey and I can finally play with the new toys. I have been helping someone here who recently upgraded form a 2666 kit at 3200c17 to a 3200c14 kit only to find there CPU was slower. Even overclocking to 3800c16 wasn't enough but after tweaking the sub timings they are now out in front but it's looking like a large part of the performance gap is due to the new kits being single rank. https://www.overclock.net/forum/18051-memory/1715114-getting-lower-scores-benchmarks-higher-speed-ram.html Edit: It has arrived. To my surprise not only did it post at my previous OC it ran timespy and the performance increase on my 6700k was 3.5% with 4 sticks vs two at 3733c16. https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/5308339/spy/5285465 FF XIV benchmark is ~8% faster both in FPS and load times. FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Benchmark 4x8GB 3733c16 Score: 23873 =8.1% Average Frame Rate: 173.706 =7.9% Total Loading Time 14.321 sec =7.8% 2x8GB 3733c16 Score: 22067 Average Frame Rate: 160.893 Total Loading Time 15.445 sec Company of Heroes 2 4x8GB 3733c16 ms to load,22201 =6% ms to play,45207 average fps,102.437035 =6.4% minimum fps,63.936062 =5.7% maximum fps,156.530411 2x8GB 3733c16 ms to load,23548 ms to play,45201 average fps,96.235649 minimum fps,60.455894 maximum fps,140.578262 Still to come Xcom 2 Farcry 5 F1 2018 Forza 4 Ghost Recon Assassin's Creed Odyssey Arma III X-Plane CIV VI Kingdom Come Deliverance
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    How about a glow in the dark g-string? Or tutu?
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    Some of these aren't bad.
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    Thanks. I read a brief piece about them on the train during the week, but forgot to find something a bit more in-depth to see if it's worth investing in a new desktop next year on this new platform.
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    Cheers tyvm no i/o for this one, i have a small hub that pops out the front between the blades.. it sits up to high in the workshop to get access . Cheers tyvm i'll post some better ones up soon !! i'm still tweaking the audio and adding better features for the front lighting
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    when we renovated the kitchen / living room a few years back, one of the "white goods" we bought was a (rather expensive) mitsubishi fridge it has 2 doors and no less than 4 drawers to stash stuff - and two of the drawers have separate sliding compartments i have never really been much of a fridge fanbois till them - but this thing is fucking awesome, and as quiet as an frozen ninja amongst its other marvellous attributes are an ice cube drawer, where it isn't plumbed, but you fill a container that slides in the main doored compartment, and it drops ice into the drawer from above onto a foam carpeted tray (so it isn't loud), and by some oriental magic the cubes remain permanently individual - that and the main freezer drawer (and another small one also) never make frost at all, and it has been running for over 2.5 years without more than the occasional clean and the doors don't shut automatically, so loading stuff isn't a constant fight with such a mechanism and it does the "ping" if you forget to close them, but it's a very quiet occasional beep until you ignore it long enough, and then it gets more frequent but no more annoying, as if is politely apologising that it needs your assistance to function correctly
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    Lord Of The Rings - The fellowship Of The Ring. It's easy to see the rest on Stan, but not the first one, and until Monday we didn't have our hands on a copy ... sometimes a fossick in your local Life-Line shop is worth it cost us two bucks to sit and enjoy it Monday night. Hadn't seen it since one of my last forays to a cinema, and that was years ago. - no scratches or nufink on it either !
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    i think you're correct i was almost there
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    TBF, if you're crafty, damned near anything is googleable. Anyway... Hmm. I seem to have two types of band names left in my list: so iconic everyone knows who they are instantly (NIN, or ZZT for example), or single-letter 'fuck you' puzzles. Ok, here's one that's both: IMHBL by R. Heard this on the radio not long ago.
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    That is correct. You deserve it enough I feel like it's just meant to be tough to google.
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    This sums up this year LOL
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    Well I hope all these rumors are true too... The pricing just throws me off on both navi and ryzen... People might be disappointed if we have anything less than the leaks.
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    yeah, i am getting the italicised phi thingo but dont change it on my account if it might be just me! i looked around a bit for some other options: theres this: Atʘmican looks kinda good, but Herʘ looks kind of shit :/ or there's the goatse option haha: At ҉ mican
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    Quantum computer at home? Not happening given current tech ... the CPU consumes no power but cooling the damn thing is another matter.
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    knew nothing of them, so watched a couple mins, switched tabs while it played, all the while thinking this Greta chick is a little too butch to find attractive but damn if she doesnt have an impressive androgenous power to her vocals HAHAHAHA really fricken good. the Plant flavour is super strong obviously, especially in the way its produced, but somehow his vocals dont feel like lame-assed mimicry either. theres flavours of other notables in there too, but most importantly, his sound is 'authentic' in its own right. cant say i have been yearning for a zeppelin-esque aesthetic for a long while, but if this song is representative of the band i will be looking to them if/when the mood hits, looooong before the likes of *spit* shitemother.
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    Zep Lives! (Got Robert Plant's approval and everything If only there was an actual album. Only a half dozen or so songs I can find atm.
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