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    Ohhhh...Flathead by The Fratellis
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    Who petitioned to "Game of Thrones" Malcy? Here they are! Yes, Slo Mo, potato and Abbott are there.
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    and for me, that's the bit that's become more questionable these days. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-26/residents-of-forgotten-town-want-asbestos-wasteland-gone/4541540 There are a number of places in Australia where it is still unsafe to be.
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    as i alluded to above, everything comes at a cost. need a new road? then kill x amount of flora and fauna, and disturb ecosystems, possibly permanently. thats true even of urbanised areas. our willingness to undertake these sorts of bargains is what makes our modern civilisation possible. there is always a list of side effects, and those of fracking seem relatively benign, provided the sites are properly chosen and appropriate measures are in place. the NT inquiry's draft report makes 120 regulatory recommendations and "It is the panel's opinion that, provided that the recommendations made in this report are adopted and implemented, not only should the risk of any harm be minimised to an acceptable level, in some instances, it can be avoided altogether". ergo, its all tickety-boo :) well, not really. this is very much a devils advocate argument, because i am all about renewables after all. and of course i am not naive enough to think the independence of this inquiry hasnt been or cant be corrupted up the wazoo by big money interests. but i am making it because anything with the whiff of mindless tribalism disturbs me. suppose for a second that the final report is not only not anti-fracking but also — shock horror — rigorous, accurate, honest, and legit. would it ever be afforded the chance to be judged fairly? or would those raising reasonable questions about the pros and cons be shouted down as if they were calling for a Chernobyl style reactor to be built on top of Uluru?
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    I dislike that my brain went to Whigfield before Weezer.
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    Amazing and so very Atomic, Thank You Nich . Love the link to the old skool Atomic version of the list.
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    I want to start this off by saying a big thank you to @spyder for maintaining Atomic Heroes and Superheroes v3 for so long - close to a decade. Standing on the shoulders of giants has never been more apt, and this wouldn't have happened without his hard work in collecting the data over the years. I've put together a spreadsheet of all of the data, up to date as of this month's (or this year's, even) latest batch of new Heroes. Until we regain access to our archives, sadly, a whole bunch of links in this won't work. The same goes for the long lost sites referenced to create the predecessor of this, Atomic Waste, and the Atomican's Eon Statistics Board. I think the above quote is really important, and I've kept to the same philosophy in this update. To try and show some flexibility, there are two sheets linked: the default/main one is sorted by name, to make it easy to find specific people; the other sheet is ordered chronologically by section, so you can see which were the first/last/etc Heroes and Superheroes. Because I clearly have too much free time over my holiday, I've also played around a little with a more nostalgic version, which I'll link to, rather than embedding. I'm not sure it's worth embedding yet, but we'll see.
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    Ooopsie ... just my cynical thoughts then.
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    Notre Dame. What a bummer. Spewing the missus and I didn't manage to squeeze it in when we were in Paris (okay, I didn't get around to booking the tickets). She's gonna be dark on me for that all over again...
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    well, i am trying to find a benefit of the doubt rationale from the govts perspective. its conceivable to me that encouraging more participation and competition at the private end could in theory streamline things to the advantage of all, although it seems that hasnt happened, and in any case, the spend has ballooned beyond any kind of justifiable stimulus to the point of functioning as a handout — to the privileged. ergo, it seems so undeniably fucked in the head that i dont trust my own understanding of it.
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    medicare is great. whats your point? educate me. "can any economic benefit be weighed up against that sort of vandalism?" = sentimentalist bunkum. you owe much of your high standard of living to "vandalised" natural resources. again, educate me.
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    Oh wow ! And here was me trying to make Culture Club fit .. lol I think you mighta just nailed it with moochin' Minnie fliptopia
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    Trustworthy is a loaded question. Do I trust them to do what they say? Maybe. Do I trust them to represent me? Less so.
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    I had to look up what/who Winx was
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    I'm on the same train with TMFP and what appears to be everyone else so far. I see the belief system as a spectrum. On that spectrum I'm on the far edge of agnosticism before it tips into atheism. I feel that true atheism is unscientific. None of us knows the truth for sure, despite some people espousing that they do.
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    Pity about the video loss for the centre core landing
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    Hahaha So funny Marxtards , Commies , Globalists calling Nationalist Populists / Traditionalists actually calling them Nazis and Fascists, they must be getting political history and social lessons from Alexa Occasional Cortex hahaha. Too woke and yet not awakened enough to see the truth but hey since wben has the truth mattered to the lying loony left
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    I said it before Chrisg and now I'm saying it again ... sometimes you talk the biggest load of twaddle ... He wanted to use the bikers at his inauguration iirc ... nevertheless here's another comment about Trump and bikers for your horror story. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/trump-is-a-bikers-president-in-a-tailored-suit You know, you lot will continue with your forboding of nightmares for the next five years meanwhile the USof A will just get on with rebuilding it's foundation and workforce. Then when the Dems get back in they can tear it all down
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    I was losing my shit over the way the Clinton campaign was in obvious cahoots with the DNC during the primaries in 2016. Fuck Clinton; I don't accept her corruption for a nanosecond. But she's normal. None of the stuff I quote Robert Reich saying about Trump applies to her, or virtually any other politician. Clinton is business as usual, which is increasingly regarded as unacceptable; folks are starting to demand actual democracy. But fucken Trump has done everything possible to demolish the institutions that make democracy even possible. This is why I react strongly when people mention Trump in the same breath as politicians who aren't Hitler or Mussolini, as if they're even the same species. How can you miss this obvious distinction? Like, when he tells his supporters that he'll pay the legal fees associated with them assaulting protesters, how can you not notice the neon line he just barged across, unlike every other politician in the developed world since WWII? I can't even.
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    Unhinged? Eveln was only asking what your comparison there would be. It would take a few seconds to answer more politely and probably not detract from the points you make around here. I think you often mean to encourage people to be their best selves from a humanitarian and ecological point of view. I think the goals can be noble. But I also think it's the little biting comments that end up with the message being lost and perhaps reversed in some ways and get you some ire in return Do you feel that someone calling your questions unhinged would make you reconsider your position? Or is it more likely to show how they are just ranty and emotional and lessen their substance? I'm not trying to attack you here, just seeing if you might find a way to have a more effective approach.
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