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    if there's adequate income, i endorse the idea "full time work" is an anachronistic torture from the industrial age - adequate income for all beats being filthy rich but dead from exhaustion, or by exploiting others god knows who decided that was appropriate for humanity... the polynesians seem to have a much superior concept
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    1. it doesnt mean a thick load bearing wall. theres lots of options and materials. 2,3. most people try not to shit in public toilets. ergo, mens cubicles are often underutilised. also, men take less time to pee than women. 1,2,3. so no, it doesnt follow that you necessarily need more cubicles, nor that if you do you need more space. theres economies of scale at play architecturally: a toaster that does 4 slices is not double the volume of one that does 2. 1,2,3,4,5,6. as i said, they wouldnt be appropriate or viable for every kind of venue and demographic.
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    yeah, multiple entry/exit points and doorless access to the outside is best. anyone worried about their safety is far less likely to feel cornered, and they know if they ever need to call out the sound will carry far. larger cubicles that make it a way more comfortable experience to get out of a large winter coat and hang it or set down belongings away from the shitter. and generous spacing between basins in the 'public' area of the bathroom. these are all possible with the real estate saved by amalgamating. but they wouldnt be appropriate or viable for every kind of venue and demographic though.
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    I've asked similar questions like "would you start a business selling something for ~$200 and support that product for 10yrs+ with no ongoing payments?" ...and i've never got an answer. Apparently it doesn't count when it affects them, but more than happy to if they can take advantage of it. How can that be? I thought Windows was the only OS that dies mid-upgrade, and that Linux is the saviour of all users from the hell that is Windows 10 and will be taking over any day now... /s
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    Ehh-eh-eh-ehhh !!! He said "load" !!!
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    probably to remove trip hazards but i have been off-balance for tw years, and have yet to fall i apreciate the offer of help, but i dont want it forsed down my throat edit ..or to be treated like i am feeble minded
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    Nah, that takes away the safe space. They could have gender specific toilets. Men, women, trans pending women, trans pending men, trans complete women, trans complete men, hermies, men pending hermies, women pending hermies. OK, so I might have left a few out. Here's an artists impression of what a typical suburban toilet block would look like:
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    the issue i have with the article is that its a bloated agenda-driven piece of trash. the agenda i find distasteful is not the advocation for LGBTQ people. the agenda is that of NBC: transgender stuff is topical and lends itself well to a click-baity freakshow we can exploit whilst coming off as uber progressive, so lets hire someone to drone on for nearly 1500 words about something that can be summarised in less than 50. at 0.6% of the population, and possibly half that for men, who would maybe use tampon bins a handful of times per year, i will leave it up to others to decide the cost/benefit of outfitting mens toilets with them. i am not discounting the potential intangibles in terms of the public good, and maybe a less vacuous article would give me some factual context in that regard. in the mean time, i wouldnt be surprised if the majority of men with ovaries can manage the whole business just fine without PTSD, and arent infants in need of obsequious articles imploring us to shed a tear for them.
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    Problem is finally solved! The guys that provide all my components ( https://pp.co.nz/ ), found a document from Intel explaining how to convert their NUCs from stereo to the full range of high def audio. Of all things, you install a modified version of Windows Media Player Classic (!!!), which provides access to a ton of audio and video settings that Windows 10 normally locks you out of. For some reason, every sound option on my machine was disabled except for stereo + LFE and enabling Realtek HD disabled the LFE. However, via WMPC, I was able to switch on everything right up to Dolby Atmos! So, just on the off chance it might be helpful to someone else; The modded media player "MPC-HC" is here: https://mpc-hc.org/downloads/ And the 'how to' pdf from Intel: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/boardsandkits/Configure-Surround-Sound.pdf
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    @Leonid I'm not sure if hating on women is it, in total. I think it's more the idea of letting us know, that regardless of the unique wonderful perfect beings we think we are,when all is said and done, at the end of the day, we all gotta shit and piss the same way
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    The mythical unisex toilets where women don’t get the raw end of the deal in every single possible way. Unisex toilets are to women’s sanitation what trans athletes are to women’s sport.
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    Will you be like this from 2020 through 2024 or will you have a new spiel?
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    i feel that my life is being chipped away not by the diabetes or the loss of my leg, but by people who have a piece of paper an belive that they know what is good fo me better that i do i feel manipulated, lied to, ignored
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    you should say yes to the ndis because government largesse for most things is pathetic; being approved for assistance is a really useful tool for further leverage as required consider it like having a foot in the door, because you've already got one foot in the grave (as it were) and yeah, social workers can be tiresome, but they know how to game the system, and take it from me, you need all the inside help you can muster when it comes to accessing useful stuff
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    that's the most insidious advertising, and the one facebook makes a living from
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    As far as the networking part of the question goes. No, I've never had a modem be the difference between starting or not. Faulty network cards and internal modems, sure but not like you describe here.
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    So. Just about all I am seeing now is articles about various locales looking for some funds to start doing some shit in their particular area ... where the fuck are all the donated funds ????
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    I don't mind Boris, and regardless of what his critics say he's still much better than the alternative. Just a pity Rik Mayall isn't around - I reckon he'd have been great at parodying him.
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    but its impossible to get them from the cubicle to the bin unnoticed! once i tried concealing a used tampon by clenching my fist all around it — but right at the moment i was throwing it in the bin, someone spotted me. i was caught red handed.
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    WTH? He's got some other alright stuff on the channel too.
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    Might still be worth checking if there is a firmware update for the drive that is acting up or if possible test in another PC as it may still be a compatibility issue with the controler, regardless you want to make sure it is backed up.
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    Nich I haven't played with it in quite a while - will revisit it all. Stepping to the 64 bit version of DSS and running it on this big PC was many times faster than the older quad core PC running 32 bit software!
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    Can't find it on YT so FB link (sorry) https://www.facebook.com/BBCScotland/videos/550606562449954/
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    Worthless talking to you, you have your beliefs,we'll see, just do not forget that I told you so. Cheers
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    Yep, and so popular that it turns your NBN connection into dialup!
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