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    Pushed out an update. I've changed the colour a little, and the opacity. Let me know if it's easier to read, and if it's not easy enough to read.
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    my member is abbott, not scomo the only reason he didn't fuck up the country legislatively is that he didn't manage to pass any significant bills that affect locals (stopping boats doesn't lose him voterrs, as the relocated refugees would likely not favour him) having effectively "opposed" the labor party, he then led the liberals for an excruciating period of inaction, before opposing his own prime minister as vigorously as he opposed the opposition's previous prime ministers if paralysing government isn't "fucking up the country", then you're right and yes, i realise that government in this country doesn't fuck up the country, it allows private enterprise and foreign interest to do that to greater or lesser degrees, whilst posturing as the (rather irrelevant) arbiter of such interference coal , anyone ? cubby station ? perhaps some fracking ? a bit of unregulated cotton and rice at the north end of the entire eastern water catchment ? the government wastes natural resources for a fraction of their actual value to us, and literally "sells the farm"
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    This is a lovely, naive idea that assumes everybody is equally able to simply 'join in' and 'look normal'. I've quoted Kothos but he isn't the only person here saying it. This does sound a lot like blaming the victims. If it's so easy for victims to just stop being victims, surely it's even easier for bullies to stop being bullies? And not everyone CAN just 'act normal' and join in. Sure, some people can and do - and I assume those are the people right now suggesting everybody do that very thing. But others are unable to, for so many reasons. Having been both the bully and the victim in my time - and the reality is that most of us are both, at different points - I know that it was a lot easier to stop being the bully than the victim. Being a bully is operating from a position of power, however false and precarious. To be the victim is to be isolated, undermined, unsupported, powerless. It's a lot harder to change your life from the victim position. Even as an adult it's difficult to get away from a bully - at work, in a relationship, in a friendship. As a child it's even harder because realistically, you can't just decide to change schools or even change your desk.
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    Check the username bro http://www.users.on.net/~dmbrown/911/ It's legit DMB.
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    All parents should kill their children at the earliest opportunity. This would spare them the suffering of this sinful, mortal world and fast-track them into Eternal Paradise. Such murders are readily forgiven under the stated rules of the Holy Bible, thereby allowing these parents to join their now-grateful children in the Heavenly Garden of Our Lord. Though they may have to wait a little while - perhaps the Church could organise some sort of regular murder ceremony to get things moving faster. Yahweh himself set the example for all to follow (with Jesus). If your parents haven't murdered you yet, then perhaps they don't love you enough?
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    Anthony Albanese‏ on Twitter — @AlboMP : Liberals eliminate their most popular candidate @JulieBishopMP first #genius
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    could have been worse, Abbott could have returned
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    Dear Desperate This is a very common problem. When you upgraded Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0, you may have accidentally restricted Husband 1.0's root access permissions. Tech Support.
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    It seems to go on people hitting "like" on posts. Nobody here likes me or Nich much. Especially Nich. It's also probably associated with warnings etc. And I have about 10 warnings against me (mainly for abuse). People like to play with stuff in the mod cave. EDIT: Actually looking at it - it gives 1 point for a "Like", a "Thanks" and a "Haha". "Confused" and "Sad" do nuttin. It's also set so you can't react to your own posts. Ohhhhhhhhh: I can create custom ones! Hehe. *Goes playing*.
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    Not necessarily, doctors can tell pretty reliably if the unborn child has the potential to kill its mother. Murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily harm resulting in death... Take your pick. If you think personhood begins at conception, then an infant should be sent to prison if they cause their mother's death. I bet I know what you'll say next.
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    +1 to JavaScript. It's dead easy to get started (no IDE required), and opens up a lot of avenues for both front and back end specialisation down the track. It's also 100% relevant to modern day stacks (e.g. Node.js, React). You can even flash Sphero's to program them in JS if you want to introduce robotics down the track, which is what a principal dev on our team has started doing with his kids.
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    @Nich... completely performed by an unexpanded Commodore VIC-20 and a 1541 disk drive. Note that there are only 5120 bytes and 1024 nybbles of RAM available, and the total disk size of the demo is a mere 16 KB." I think the kicker for me was that that ALSO included the background track.
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    change youre mind? something tells me it would be easier to invent a time machine to go back and have you aborted. no, i think the horse has bolted in that regard. but i do like to think that one day an anti-abortionist gene will be identified that could be screened for in the womb, and then a referendum passed requiring the humane disposal of all afflicted foetuses.
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    i was born in a middle class household, and dad died just before i finished high school went to medical school on under whitlam's "free" arrangements, with tertiary assistance, though i would have gotten a scholarship if i had been enthusiastic, i suspect by natural "have", i was referring to my occupation, not having been born rich.... as it is i earn less than the average wage these days, but that's somewhat by choice as i work as much as i have to, rather than to maximise my total income but the liberals as an ideology are a bunch of self interested privileged hooray henries
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    you mean like Best Before 2008 sauces? :P
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    The date stamp is wrong this is AUSTRALIA, not some backwards, flea bitten silly place DAY/ MONTH/ YEAR thank you
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    N'yoink!! Finally got my old av back New forums look pretty good so far!
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    Congrats! Welcome to the next 4ish years of poop. So much poop. Solid, runny, brown to green and possibly more colours. And of course, the aromas. May the lord have mercy upon your souls.
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