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    Final Cheers To OBA

    Sorry to hear that. RIP OBA. I remember the good old days when this place was really bustling, he was always a valued contributor to the tech sections of these forums. See you opn the flip side.
  2. DonutKing

    hooking up sega master system 2 to digital tv

    The Master System normally only has an RF output which plugs into the antenna port of your TV and requires you to select the correct channel to use the console. I've found that its very difficult, if not impossible to tune modern TV's to a game console using RF. Fortunately the Master system 2 generates composite video natively, (the yellow RCA plug) but it is not connected. It is actually quite a simple mod to add these ports: http://stickfreaks.com/smsmod.php I've done this to my SMS2 and it works brilliantly. It gives much better quality than any RF - composite adapter will. I've also added a 50hz/60hz switch to my SMS2 which is another fairly simple mod: http://www.retrocorner.net/index.php?Mods_...switch_-_part_1
  3. DonutKing

    What of Atomic?

    Now I feel bad about not renewing my subscription this year :/ Been buying the mag since issue 14, had a great time on the forums, made some friends, got a break into writing thanks to Ben Mansill (it wasn't really for me but I appreciate the opportunity all the same :) ) I feel pretty sad that the mag is ending but the content just didn't interest me any more (I think a large part of that was me getting older, plus tweaking/gaming becoming more mainstream). But I hope that this will provide more opportunites for Atomic as a brand and a community to move forward in the future. Thanks Ben, David, everyone involved; Atomic was a big part of my life in my late teens and no matter what happens its something I'll always remember fondly.
  4. DonutKing

    Rest in Peace Spamz0r - 6/5/1987 - 29/10/2012

    Wow, that's really sad. I remember him quite well. Back in the 'early days' he was quite active. I guess we had a bit of a rivalry as we had both written fairly extensive overclocking guides and posted them to the forum around the same time :) I hope wherever he is now he has found the peace he couldn't find in life.
  5. DonutKing

    Windows server 2008 or 2012?

    I believe that MS are going to retire the 2008 examss this coming July anyway - so if you haven't already got a cert, you should definitely be doing 2012. I've got a couple of MCTS certs in Win 7 and Server 2008 and was planning on going for more, working towards MCSA/MCITP but now I don't think I'll be able to do all the exams I need before they retire :/ And really, you need to ask yourself where you want your career to end up. IT guys with MS skills are pretty thick on the ground, but its arguably the most widely used technology out there, so you'll always have job opportunities but you may not be making as much as someone who specializes in other fields like networking, Linux, storage, virtualization or whatever.
  6. DonutKing

    Final Fantasy VII on PC

    There's a music mod here http://www.gamefront.com/files/22128993/FF7+Fixed+Music.rar I haven't bought the game yet so haven't tried it. Hoping to get a chance this weekend.
  7. DonutKing

    R.I.P Paul Steed

    I remember PCPP interviewed him when Quake 2 was big news. Haven't heard much from him in later years though. Also this reminded me of Jeff K's FPS island and made me go look it up again http://www.somethingawful.com/hosted/jeffk...vivar/index.htm
  8. DonutKing

    Games are educational!

    I finished it on the Apple II at school. A lot of it was just trial and error though :P
  9. DonutKing

    Games are educational!

    I've definitely learned a lot from games. I learned maths from playing Operation Neptune and could divide and work out fractions earlier than a lot of other kids in my year because of that. I learned most of what I know about American history from playing Colonization. (The DOS version not the crappy new one!) Also a bit of geography from playing Railroad Tycoon. Civilization and Age of Empires taught me a bit about history. I notice that all the games I've listed are from the 90's, maybe that says something about the state of modern gaming....
  10. DonutKing

    [retro swim]

    I bought Halloween Harry registered version in a box from Manaccom. It had some additional shareware games on the CD and Skunny Save our Pizzas was one of them. I did finish the shareware version (IIRC there's only two levels, both in Rome) and yes the poor collision detection was infuriating. Not to mention the janky movement and terrible music!
  11. DonutKing

    Rise of the triad remake announced

    I bought a boxed copy of ROTT registered version (published by Manaccomm) plus a boxed copy of ROTT Extreme which was an expansion pack with 4 new episodes sand RANDROTT.EXE which made random playable levels. Extreme ROTT was damn hard, it had some really nasty puzzles in it and heaps of quirky stuff, I remember there was one level with boulders rolling through the sky, a few levels above the ground
  12. DonutKing

    Rise of the triad remake announced

    I disagree. Blake stone added a lot more features to the wolf3d engine, and had a lot more varied enemies and weapons. Plus I liked the sci fi setting better. It wasn't just new sprites
  13. DonutKing

    Rise of the triad remake announced

    I would kill a man for a Blake Stone remake.
  14. DonutKing

    Rise of the triad remake announced

    http://games.on.net/2012/08/rise-of-the-tr...ailer-released/ Looks amazing! Cannot wait for this! Thankfully it looks like gameplay is fairly true to the original and not another COD clone with regenerating health. If it doesn't have a myriad of missile weapons and ludicrous gibs mode then I will be very disappointed...
  15. DonutKing

    UBIsoft caught installing rootkits.

    Ubisoft's DRM is much more intrusive. There were several times when I wanted to play Anno 2070 and even though my internet connection was up. it couldn't authenticate to uplay for some reason, so it would sit on the opening screen for about a minute before telling me it gave up and I couldn't play. I can't remember the last time steam was down for me. Also if you were in the middle of a game and it lost its connection to the auth servers it would kick you out of the game. Steam doesn't do that. I don't know if uplay even HAS an offline mode. At least with steam if you set it up on your laptop or whatever to go into offline mode when you leave you can play without an internet connection, I don't know if uplay lets you do that at all.