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  1. bowiee

    What do you want ?

    My granddaughter starts school next year, and I want to live till I am 80 to see her grow up. After battling cancer twice I know I am reaching but what the hell ;) BTW hi to you all hope you are all doing well.
  2. bowiee


    Sticks head in to say good day and no one is here, Hi anyway :) Still helping to look after my granddaughter she will be 4 soon, still subscribe to the mag.
  3. Local, as it complains if you use VPN, asking to verify your account.
  4. Local, as it complains if you use VPN, asking to verify your account.
  5. bowiee

    Recommend me a VPN

    Sorry it's been awhile for me to reply been busy and with treatments. I ended up going with nord VPN and it's working a treat ? thank you all for your help, that will keep the busybodies out ? and it's a great price. Master the local servers have pigs around 40 not to horrible and my downloads run almost as fast so I am happy ? They say I will beat the cancer again, so wish me luck ?
  6. bowiee

    Recommend me a VPN

    Ok if that's all the suggestions I think my choice is NordVPN Thanks all for your suggestions. :) I have had my biopsy and go back next week for the results, I am hoping its not another bout of cancer, the upside is the doctor does not think so. Will let you know soon, wish me luck.
  7. bowiee

    Recommend me a VPN

    P2P support ? cannot see it there.
  8. bowiee

    Recommend me a VPN

    Now I like the look of that one, but will consider all comers and let you all know my decision. :)
  9. bowiee

    Recommend me a VPN

    Hi there all :) been having a tough time with the black dog inbetween helping to care for my granddaughter. Just about to go into hospital over night for a biopsy for a lump in my throat. But the good news is they have looked at it through the nasal scope and it looks benign, will know more soon. Keep the recommendations coming please. Oh I have been keeping up through the mag, but its not as good as picking the best brians around, will try to pop in more often to say hi and will check this thread regular, its good to see so many regulars still here, hope your all doing well.
  10. Hi there everyone long time no see. Just popped in to see if you all could recommend a good VPN service, pay for of course. I have never really looked into these services before and google is throwing up a bewildering choice. But I want to make sure I get security and bang for buck, and thats what you are all noted for in these fourms.
  11. bowiee

    Roll Call!

    The bike is great, don't get to ride as much, but try to every chance i get :)
  12. bowiee

    Hello Again!

    See ya mate :) I think I have been gone a couple of years myself, not really back, just passing through. EDIT: Just checked its been a bit over a year.
  13. bowiee

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Where I am in my little pocket of Bundamba, I was talking to the NBN workmen laying the cable here, and they told me that in this little area we are getting FTTH and we are the last to get it, (up and running before Christmas) YAY ! But the rest of most of Australia will be left with their rotting copper lines. But I still cannot stop grinning like the fool I am.
  14. bowiee

    Roll Call!

    Still reading, and working on computers, but spending more time with my granddaughter who is now 20 months old.
  15. bowiee

    What weapons do you have?

    Model 1911 .45 pistol. Why ? Because it just feels right when I hold it or shoot it, not stored at home however as its to much hassle.