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  1. MoshVandal

    My Latest Project. Whats Yours?

    Among the ever expanding list of DIY around the hoe, is a rocking / bouncing horse for the little miss. Though as she's only 9mths to daye, I've still got a fair amount of time up my sleeve for this one. Made using an old leaf spring for the bounce. Something a little different. Article and plans: http://goo.gl/bPgf6q
  2. MoshVandal

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I just nabbed myself a Raspberry Pi. Will use it to log solar generated (as my android tablet doesn't seem to want to stay awake during the day to continue uploading...) and when I get around to it, and know what I'm doing, read the little light pulses on my smart-meter to start logging usage too. All going here... http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?sid=22109
  3. MoshVandal

    How Big Bother tracks you.

    First off, this grandpa in Sydney wasn't picked up by CCTV, or mobile phone tracking or anything of the like. You said yourself that some guy wrongly tipped off the police on him. I don't see the point of this story. What a member of the public suspects has no bearing whatsoever on this argument. And as stated, the police quickly worked out what was what. You're combing the ideas of "watching" and "tracking" here. Sure, you may be stuck on the cameras and HDDs et al. But unless they have a reason, there's not someone sitting there watching your every move, and listening to all your phone calls, and unless something happens around you that arouses suspicions, then no-ones going to give a toss. I can hear the people in the office next door talking, but I'm sure as hell not listening to what they say. And with the bloke who had his house raided, surely he's not currently marked as a "suspected terrorist". It might well be noted that at one point he was a person of interest, but its probably also noted one line down that nothing was turned up, and he was dismissed. And sure, a weed smoker and conspiracy theorist, living on a isolated property in the sticks, attempting to remain out of the eye / ear of "the man" clearly looks like normal, everyday, non-suss, behavior and wouldn't at all arouse extra attention by the local authorities.
  4. MoshVandal

    How Big Bother tracks you.

    I just read an article about a four year old girl that was walking with her mother when a passing car drove passed, and the occupants of said car throw bleach at the two. 4 year old was taken to hospital with skin irritation and burning eyes. Hardly terrorism, but if CCTVs being in the area (which it doesn't appear there were) could either have stopped that from happening at all, or at least aided the full weight of the law coming down on those fucktards, then i wholeheartedly approve. Also, if it stops me pissing in a alleyway when I'm half smashed, then honestly, its probably a good thing too.
  5. MoshVandal

    Wall Mount for Samsung LED

    Why not install a small floating shelf to sit the monitor on? Make sure that the shelf can support the monitor weight (+ anything else you want to put on it) and you screw it into studs in the wall, not just the plasterboard. Seems you're shit out of luck for any sort of commercial wall-mount for that monitor, and I'd be hesitant to hang it with epoxy and picture wire. I didn't even know it was possible to get monitors without VESA mounts! Ha.
  6. MoshVandal

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Hey Charcoal, Where abouts in Canberra are you? Any idea what paths you'd be wanting to cycle? There's definitely a LOT to chose from, with many varying degrees of challenge. If you're just starting out, I can't recommend the paths around lake Burly Griffin enough. The west basin ( http://app.strava.com/activities/5687786 ) is a fairly good ride for beginners, and when that doesn't seem enough you can just add on the middle and east basins for a few more k's. Also, make sure you get yourself on Strava (using the iOS or Android app on your phone, or you can upload data from a Garmin bike computer), its a great way to track what you've been up to. When my NZ gig (sentence?) finishes up in April, it might be time to get the good old Canberra cycling crew up and running again! (before the cold sets in).
  7. MoshVandal

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Well, pre-ordered at least (as in paid for and due to be shipping 19th of Feb) The NOFX 30th Anniversary box set. With a total of 1000 units, and half of the 500 units from this store being signed by the band and randomly shipped out, I've got a good chance of scoring one of the signed things. Man I'm gonna be disappointed when I don't get a signed one. It will go nicely with my 30th Anniversary Bad Religion one at least. :D
  8. MoshVandal

    Virtual Kiddy Pron for pedos

    Yup. Does giving heroin to heroin addicts help them get over it? They give them methadone, and actually yeah. It helps a lot. Worst analogy ever. ' The analogy still holds. They're still giving them Paedophillic (?) material. Just not little boys. If they were giving them something other than Paedophillic material, then yes, it would be akin to giving a heroin addict methadone. But they're not. (And yes, methadone does help with a lot the heroin addiction, then they just have a methadone addiction to worry about). Put it this way... has all the porn you've watched put you off the act?
  9. MoshVandal

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    One tube for myself, and another for a mate. Hopefully they arrive before the end of movember and his subsequent mo' removal. Not doing movember myself, but trying out the rugged patchy-bearded look, and something to keep the hairs out of my mouth, with the added bonus of making me want to drink G&Ts all day long can't be all bad.
  10. MoshVandal

    Wrong number, or Scammer?

    Okay, so seems things took a turn for the weird... No way in hell am I clicking that link. But if the SMS's were from Mandy...
  11. MoshVandal

    Wrong number, or Scammer?

    So, I just received an SMS message, clearly not aimed for me (or is it?), reading as follows... Hi Mandy ...well you dared to wear the mens gstring you bought for me so I'm wearing it to work today under my smart work trousers, Lets hope no one notices it :) lol. Do you dare me to send a pic as proof ? - Anthony Now, before I come up with the best reply ever, it come up in my mind that this could well be a scammer trying to find active phone numbers... What do you reckon? I'd rather not succumb this phone number to dozens of spam messages, as I've had it for years, and have come quite attached, but Anthony has made it quite difficult to ignore if its legit... And how should I reply to best embarrass this fella if it is true. (Note: I do NOT want a picture of his banana hammock)
  12. MoshVandal

    Media Drive

    I picked up a QNAP TS-212 a few months ago, pretty much for this purpose. Its current packed with 2x 2TB drives in a RAID1 configuration (the the mirroring one, right?) I can't remember the exact price I got it for, but its here for $189. Note: this doesn't include HDDs. The best part about this one, is that it has a whole host on onboard applications, from a Twonky media server (pushing out all my media in a very uPnP viewable way), a BiTorrent / FTP Client (which is a *little* buggy, as it tends to continue seeding slightly even when I tell it to stop, so i just disable it most of the time), as well as basic web servers, and SQL servers etc. Its been an absolute joy for me, being overseas at the moment, instead of having to take a whole PC or laptop filled to the guts with media, this thing just plugs straight into the router, and streams everything to my xbox and / or tablet with nary a worry. Only thing I've noticed is that the Twonky media streamer occasionally struggles with the transcoding on some videos, pushing the CPU up to 100% screwing up the playback... haven't narrowed down exactly what codec it doesn't like yet though. But its probably just a matter of knowing which codec that is, and avoiding it.
  13. MoshVandal

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Words are lyrics from "International You Day" a song by Tony Sly / No Use for a Name. "Without you my life is incomplete, my days are absolutely grey" Which was one of the main ones when I got married two years ago. Music, playing (badly) and listening to, is a big part of our lives, so it was only natural that I came up with something like this.
  14. MoshVandal

    A sign of the times.

    People actually buy play dough? Mum just made the stuff in about kilo batches. Whoops, I see he got it in a party bag. Still, I don't think I saw a genuine play dough tub till I was way too old to be playing with or eating the stuff. Actually, edit number two, its not really that crazy. To put things into perspective, over here in Kiwi land, a number of childcare centers no longer have play dough, as in Maori culture, its considered a very-bad-thing to use food as a play thing. I kid you not. Also, sitting on tables is a BIG no-no.
  15. MoshVandal

    So who remembers me...

    Hey Freddie. Long time no Labor Club Trivia! FTR: I chose the second poll option, just to be an ass. (At least I admit it, unlike the other 2) To be blunt, I think Mr Friendly is right on the money. On one hand you're saying that the last time you spoke about it all frankly, you almost broke up, yet a few hours before, back on the 1st page, you've admitted that its all but over. Sounds to me like you just need to take the next logical step. You know you've got lots of mates close by, there's a shitload of support around, all you need to do is yell out. That said, don't bother yelling out to me, unless its a virtual yell, I can't do much from across the ditch for the next 6 months! :P But you know who's around, and you know they're more than willing to support you.