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  1. Kothos

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Oh. My. God. So sad this is finally happening but understandable!!!! Why no archive? I really want to nostalgically go over some of the old chats, discussions, debates and flame wars... Can we mirror the site somewhere??
  2. Kothos

    Regular laptop or 2-in-1 ?

    Hmm, fair enough - I suppose you don't really keep that sort of thing connected for any length of time. You spend a few seconds transferring data and then you remove it. It makes more sense if you're using it as secondary storage on a tiny ebook.
  3. Kothos

    Software Boardgames - any good?

    I've never played software boardgames before - except for the online kind like Scrabble. But Humble has this at the moment: https://www.humblebundle.com/games/digital-tabletop-2 And I'm intrigued. How do they work? Some of them say you can play multiplayer locally. Is that on the same screen, or do you need a LAN, or via an online server, or what? And anyone familiar with if the experience is any good versus using an actual board IRL?
  4. Kothos

    Regular laptop or 2-in-1 ?

    Cool thanks for the feedback. I think the delivery is coming today!
  5. Since you've written this I've found some other references to the same thing searching the Web. Haven't looked into it too deeply yet.
  6. Kothos

    Laptop or tablet for travel

    This is what I ended up getting: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/asus-tp412-vivobook-flip-14-2-in-1-full-hd-touchscreen-laptop-512gbi5 It was on special for $1118 until about yesterday I managed to get it for that price, pity the sale has ended.
  7. Very nice. For my part it looks like all you will need, although maybe you'd want to add a monitor (if you don't already have one). Similar to the ASUS TUF Gaming I got - except mine was an i5 with 8Gb RAM for about $1100. I couldn't justify the extra cost with my wife on maternity leave and me out of work for a few months... although if I had to be honest with myself, the real reason might be that I don't game anywhere near as much as I'd like these days
  8. Kothos

    Regular laptop or 2-in-1 ?

    Hmm, I ended up going for an ASUS which doesn't seem to have a specific pen tech supplied or used. The other option was Lenovo which do - some models come with the pen some don't. But the Lenovos had slightly worse specs for the price, and the Yoga range by some freakish reason don't have card reader or HDMI ports. This is the one: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/asus-tp412-vivobook-flip-14-2-in-1-full-hd-touchscreen-laptop-512gbi5 It was on special for $1118 until a day or two ago, which seemed like a great price. Mind you, I don't have a desktop, so this functions as both a work desktop computer and as my travel companion when I need to see clients.
  9. Kothos

    Regular laptop or 2-in-1 ?

    Can you use a stylus of some sort on any touch screen?
  10. I'm looking at getting a work laptop and will apparently be doing 20% - 50% travel, giving presentations, connecting to SaaS systems and generally just doing office productivity stuff. The specs seem pretty similar for the prices, in fact the regular laptops are a bit lighter for the same size, but I've never used a 2-in-1... is it actually worth it? That's the machine work is recommending me but they've left the final decision up- to me.
  11. So what did you get? How has it turned out? I've always opted for a 15.6" for a gaming laptop - which I then end up using for home office stuff. But for me it's the right balance between portability and use. I don't often move it around but when I do I need to carry it all day. I find the screen size fine for gaming. My last purchase was in October and ASUS hit the sweet spot for value.
  12. Huh, that's weird. Why would the manufacturers bother? Just sell both drives cheaper and possibly make more money by saving on the enclosure?
  13. Uh, I actually can't remember now! I was going to use it for something, and my own copy proved too old to run on Win7. In the end I just installed 7zip. But for the life of me I can't remember what for... Probably emailing a large number of small files to someone.
  14. So I'm trying to understand this situation. I have an ancient Samsung Story 1.5Tb external mechanical HDD with a USB 2.0 connection and a separate power supply that plugs into the wall. Works fine on my 8 year old laptop. Gets a Code 43 error (device reported an error and has been disabled or something) on my brand new Win10 lappy. Was troubleshooting this for a while and eventually I tried plugging it in with a y-cable to my 2x USB3.0 ports on the new machine and hey presto, it worked! Now, WhyTF would a device with it's own power supply need TWO USB ports to draw current from, before it works? I looked up the ratings and USB2.0 is rated for 5V and max. 500mA current, USB 3.0 is 5V and max. 900mA current. I don't get it? On my old computer it literally works fine with a single cable on a USB 1.0 or 2.0 port (the former is just slower). This thing is now plugged in to a 1800mA source. Why?? It's own power supply provides 2A of current... Unless... the external PSU is dead? Maybe I should check that.