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  1. Kothos


    I've already seen people putting reusable shopping bags in the bin. Experience with other states shows I think a 15% or 30% reduction of shopping bags in the environment? I honestly don't know if that's good enough, considering the reusable bags are less biodegradable.
  2. Kothos

    Darn Coalition surveilance laws. Why?!

    Thanks @~thehung, that makes much more sense now. The confusion seems to arise from the government redefining what a backdoor is. They're not forcing companies to create systemic weaknesses in their systems, but they are forcing companies to compromise individual devices.
  3. Kothos


    You're kind of an idiot aren't you? https://www.jnana.com.au/complementary_currency https://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/maleny-launches-its-own-currency-keep-spending/350179/ These examples are so numerous you can't move without tripping over them.
  4. Kothos

    Darn Coalition surveilance laws. Why?!

    I don't get it. This line from the Scott Ludlum article: The tools cover everything from a 10 year jail term for refusing to unlock your phone, to legally binding orders forcing service providers to install malware on your device or create whole new compromised services for people to use unwittingly. totally disagrees with this line from... I don't know. Is this a quote from the legislation?: However, the bill explicitly provides that the new industry assistance powers cannot be used to compel communications providers to build weaknesses into their products. Nor can they be prevented from fixing existing systemic weaknesses.
  5. Kothos

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    You can tackle bullying without treating it like a crime. You can teach kids life skills and encourage them to mature. Unfortunately kids don't get enough of the right kind of attention - too much academic, not enough role modelling and being trusted with responsibilities. Every child's life should be like an apprenticeship to one or more decent mentors.
  6. Kothos

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Man, where do you guys get your antenna knowledge from? I learned almost nothing about this stuff AT UNI. Unis generally tailor their courses specifically for what industry requires, but I was and am still a little annoyed at missing this stuff.
  7. Kothos

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    I wish I had better advice for you but antenna theory is hard - I have a telecommunications degree and we touched on it literally for one exam question in one topic on a subject about digital transmission. Antenna theory is a fairly well-established field so few people study it any more, as the people who know about it are enough to supply the industry with expertise. If you're setting up a transceiver system you usually just assemble it from off-the-shelf parts from dedicated vendors. Having said that, you can keep multiplying or dividing your antenna length as much as you want - I just don't know how, or how quickly, that affects the transmission/reception. Speaking of that, do you need the antenna to transmit, receive or both? I'd try to get better advice from someone like these guys: https://www.solidsignal.com/fm-directional-antenna-th.asp
  8. Kothos


  9. Kothos

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Fenn, I agree with what you're saying but my comment was literally just based on my experiences. I don't rationally or ethically justify. It's just a product of observation. I don't like it and I'd rather a different solution. It just appears to me to be the only one that's really worked well. E.g. I had a new starter in an office - a kid straight out of high school who had been bullied in school and was sick of putting up with it. People ribbed him in the office in precisely the same way that they ribbed me and each other. But he, being overly sensitised by his experiences, became offended and tried to push complaints up the management chain, which just made people decide to bully him for real. I, having been on both sides of the game, tried to advise him that it was possible to get along with these people, just to laugh at himself along with them and take opportunities to make fun in return. He flatly refused and caused himself a lot of grief for years. But, he eventually matured and now he can both take and give a joke and is (and really always has been) one of the best people you could know.
  10. Considering that every rule society makes is imperfect, and therefore shits on someone's head to some degree, I think that's inevitable. Society shits on my head all the time and I just have to put up with it. Much of it is actually justified, for the common good. E.g. if speed limits were increased to match my driving ability, there would be more accidents amongst dumbarses who don't drive as well as me, productivity would drop and that would affect my well being. So I just have to put up with being shat on WRT how fast I'm allowed to drive. Either I drive slower than my ability allows or I constantly accumulate speeding tickets. *shrug*
  11. Kothos

    Israel did it.

    But the most important thing to remember is that Jews are human, and humans are fucking dumbarses. There's the end of every conspiracy theory right there...
  12. Kothos

    Israel did it.

    Jeez, you had me until, "Alex Jones". (So not long then.) There really is enough wrong with the world that you don't have to make extra shit up about it.
  13. "Society" is never going to be very accurate about what it does and doesn't accept. I mean it's just crowd-sourced ethics. Yes, some obviously fat people will be a picture of health, internally, and some people with perfect BMIs will be half dead with terrible lifestyle choices. *shrug* Society can still have an overall positive effect by telling people to aim for a decent BMI.
  14. Kothos


    There are several jurisdictions in Australia that use their own money. Also BarterCard comes to mind. I used to be a member of that for my own business.
  15. Kothos

    The BIade of The Poisoner

    Damn, I assumed OP was soon after the radio programme itself.