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  1. I saw the Wikipedia article but didn't look much into the FreshPorts page. There doesn't seem to be much info on what happened to the original software. I suppose the port can be used in place of the original, since the original is time stamp limited even for the eval version?
  2. I honestly can't find any information on this on the Internet, which is a rare thing. The website is still up, with a copyright noticing ending in 2011. The latest news and s/w version is from May 2012. But no information on why development stopped or why there is no news of this anywhere, including on the vendor website? They even have sales and contact information up - I haven't tried it but presumably it doesn't work? The download links for JAR also don't work, but you can still download ARJ and ARJ32. Weird. Who's paying for all this? BTW, found out while Googling that ARJ Barker just announced his divorce!!
  3. The long term pay doesn't really make a huge difference to me. I'm sure down the track I can change jobs or negotiate more pay based on being - male and - teaching maths or - teaching computing and engineering but have 20 years industry experience However it does make a difference to me short-term as my wife is on maternity leave right now and we used up a lot of money building a house and on loads and loads of birth-associated medical bills. On balance, I'm thinking if I can juggle the finances enough to stay alive, I'd be much happier doing the teaching. Overall I found it really fun interacting with teenagers. Even if they were shits I wasn't taking it personally because frankly, they're 12-18 and I'm f---ing ancient so I can't see any way they could really get under my skin.
  4. Fuck me that's insane. I don't think of myself as sheltered (in my adult life, I suppose) but I've never even thought of that, let alone experienced it.
  5. There is that... I mean I had one class during prac where my supervisor said, "You can't let students sit on desks, even during times when there's nothing for them to do, ESPECIALLY GIRLS." I'm like huh?? And he's like, "that girl you were asking to stop disengaging from the class, she shouldn't've been sitting on a desk, she was wearing a dress." Me: "Er... " Him: "Boys wear pants so it's not as much of an issue but they shouldn't sit on the desks either." Me: "Er... " Him: "You didn't notice?" Me: "I haven't looked at a student below the neck at all, I mean it hasn't seemed relevant." --- So yeah there is that which I won't enjoy. Apart from having to notice if students shirts aren't tucked in, I have to notice if their underwear is showing and figure out a delicate way of telling them to close their legs
  6. So I'm stuck and looking for advice and am checking everywhere I can... For ages I've wanted to get out of the corporate world and do something more variably challenging, and 5 years ago when I left my job at the time, I started a high school teaching degree. Well, I just finished and have done my penultimate prac, and been offered a job already in a small high school (175 students). OTOH, I really enjoyed my last contract (which I ended to do my prac) and have just been offered a role by an ex-senior VP for a pretty decent job with lots of fun travel, good money, a growing company, and it's overall pretty easy. So I'm freakin' torn - do I want to take the next step in a career I've progressed pretty far, or take a lot less pay to do something that's more immediately fulfilling? Anyone have any insights into that sort of thing? Pros and Cons list: https://ibb.co/RyMc9Np Pros and Cons List
  7. Kothos

    Happy Invasion Day

    I agree. Federation Day is the logical choice but Jan 1st is already a holiday.
  8. Kothos

    Wrapped up like a douche

    Does this count as a mondegreen? Apparently one hypothesis on the origin of the H in the exclamation, "Jesus H. Christ" is a mishearing of Jesus's middle name by school children reciting the Lord's prayer. "Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name... "
  9. Kothos


    You couldn't find anything about yourself that was minority to give you cred? It's stupid but being Palestinian people take any pro-Jewish opinions. I have seriously, just because the stereotype is for Palestinians to hate Jews.
  10. Kothos


    So if you minus the aid reduction from the massive increase in Israeli aid, I wonder what we get? But Trump isn't actually doing anything sensical. He wants to bring the troops home, but the talk from the White House is that if they pull out of Syria they would replace US troops with US funded mercenaries. That would cost even more for a probably worse result. He's all rhetoric and no substance. Edit: He also dismantled a perfectly good NNP treaty with Iran and reimposed sanctions for literally no reason other than it was an Obama achievement - risking an actual war with Iran as tensions escalate right now, as we speak. Yeah, the US has been shit for decades, I was responding to your comment wrt to the "current US administration".
  11. Kothos

    Encroaching dystopia

    Fair point.
  12. Kothos


    LOL - unfortunate that the ignore function doesn't include quotes.
  13. Kothos


    I don't think Trump has enough brains to be "about" anything, but that aside, yeah if they reduced their military involvement as Trump sometimes says they should they would save a mint - it hasn't actually happened though, probably because they'd lose influence in the process and they don't want that either. But nevertheless, they could stop _starting_ pointless wars in the first place. That would help more. And they haven't reduced foreign aid to Israel - that's just hit record numbers.
  14. Kothos


    Well, they could stop spending billions on shitty wars and propping up other countries. That's help. And second, the sums show they would _make_ money having universal health care. HTF do you think anyone else affords it?
  15. Kothos

    Wrapped up like a douche

    Yeah I fully agree. It's cheaper to buy a second-hand car that's been reasonably serviced than it is to do up anything these days.