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  1. LOL don't know if life is laughing at me or throwing me a bone, but I have one sick kid and two who should be at a kindy orientation today - and then I'm busy all day Thursday. Couldn't have gone Monday either coz hadthe car in the shop. When do people actually find the time to do anything at all?
  2. Kothos

    Farmers That Need Help.

    It really depends on how much something qualifies as an "essential industry". The car industry used to be viewed this way - i.e. could Australia survive a war that blockaded us from importing cars? For some reason it's no longer viewed that way. *shrug* Beats me. Farmers have it pretty good I reckon. The main thing is that whomever should take over a failed farm, anti-trust laws should be upheld so no one gets a monopoly and abuses the economy. But the government is notoriously bad at challenging violators of anti-trust laws.
  3. There's a tug of war between the law and the medical community. The latter cares for people and wants desperately to believe that mental health issues are not a lost cause. So they're sometimes too optimistic about a patient's prognosis and progress. That's where the law should step in and ensure that court orders are strict enough to keep the public safe. On the other hand, it's not like the medical community causes too many of these problems. Quite the contrary, the prisons are full of people who really should be in mental health facilities. But politicians just won't fund the hospital beds.
  4. Shit that second machine was $700 off that day??? Wow.
  5. Damn, for > $150 than I'm looking at, those are some nice specs, especially Metabox. The continuum between price/performance is too smooth now, I can't tell where the sweet spot is... or if I can afford it.
  6. I suppose I could go for the i5 8th gen. which is twice the number of cores/threads, but with a lower clock speed and higher power draw, it might not make any difference. https://ark.intel.com/compare/124967,95443,95451 Plus, the cheapest model with an SSD I can find is this one (more or less): http://www.msy.com.au/viconline/notebooks/21445-hp-450-g5-2wk04pa-i5-8250u-8gb-256gb-ssd-156-hd-touch-2gb-930nxwin10-pro.html For no real gain AFAICT. OTOH, this is about the same price increase as the HP, but you get twice the SSD size. http://www.msy.com.au/viconline/notebooks/21492-asus-k510uf-bq298r-gold-i5-8250u-8gb-512gb-ssd-156-fhd-2gb-mx130-win10-pro.html
  7. It's this one: http://www.msy.com.au/viconline/notebooks/21455-asus-x507ub-ej146t-i5-7200u-8gb-256gb-ssd-156-fhd-2gb-mx110-win10-64bit.html vs. this one: http://www.msy.com.au/viconline/notebook/21451-asus-x507ub-ej148t-i7-7500u-8gb-256gb-ssd-156-fhd-2gb-mx110-win10-64bit.html They're basically a poor man's "performance" laptop. But yeah the mobile versions of the Intel chips are quite a bit underpowered versus the desktop equivalents sadly.
  8. Well, the i7 is about 10% faster and has a 33% larger cache. It's these two: https://ark.intel.com/compare/95443,95451 Much less difference than between the desktop versions, but I was wondering if it would be at all noticeable.
  9. I'm on a tight budget having quit my job to become a full time student, and I'm wondering if the I7 mobile chip is worth paying $106 more for? Otherwise the laptop specs are identical. Laptop will be used for: - web surfing - some gaming - coding and compiling - office productivity (MS Office, Acrobat file manipulation, a bit of graphics work) - TV streaming - absolute shit tonnes of HD pr0n I know the monetary aspect if this is context dependent and somewhat subjective, but any thoughts would be appreciated!
  10. Kothos

    how crap is this government ?

    Japan wants to do a re-quote. They reckon they were blindsided by the requirement to have some of the work done in Australia, which is why the French and German quotes were stronger.
  11. Kothos


    Hey I have one of those atomic bumper stickers. Various others but I don't know what - my inventory is still spread out in moving boxes.
  12. Kothos

    Very unwell family

    That sucks dude, I hope things go well. Dare I say it, but those kind of circumstances seem in store for all of us, eventually.
  13. Kothos

    Where does everybody live these days?

    I'm going to try to be a high school teacher - computing and maths, maybe engineering depending on how the accreditations work (it's no end of confusing). Was originally a fallback when I volunteered for a redundancy but I'm actually liking it more than whatever used to pass for my "career". I've not had time to get out for the last several months anyway - but last assignment for the semester is due tomorrow and after that I might not know what I'll be doing with myself.
  14. Kothos

    Bill Cosby

    Well given lack of evidence I think it's only fair to give people the benefit of the doubt. His friends say he vehemently denied it, accusations and investigations came to nothing, etc. Sure none of that is proof, but I don't usually require proof to assume people's innocence
  15. Kothos

    Beth vs Nathaniel.

    The debate on drugs vs. creativity has been ranging for centuries, at least. I don't think the question has been definitively answered. (?) (Happy to be corrected.)