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  1. LordBug

    Perth piss up

    Actually coming to this website for the first time in golly knows how long, only because it's you and I like you and totally would have dated you when I was in that single period but missed my chance, so yeah. As Mara said, the Friday. But as I just found out, I'm free for the Saturday, hoorah! Thus, either day can do.
  2. LordBug

    Car Problem, what's your take?

    Arg, don't mention axle seals, I still need to try to fight the front CW&P out to replace the seals, the amount of oil coming out of the right wheel, arrg >_<
  3. LordBug

    Steam Specials Thread

    Oooh, Dungeons at half price, I might have to give in :D http://store.steampowered.com/app/57650/?snr=1_4_4__40
  4. LordBug

    Car Problem, what's your take?

    If it is the rear seal, then it does want to be replaced eventually. If the rate of oil loss isn't noticeable, then you don't have to be concerned. The sooner the better though, to avoid unfavourable attention by the cops. There's also wait a couple of hours for King of the Mountain to hop on, as a Tojo mech he's bound to have gotten fist deep into more Luxes than women, and will be able to proclaim me wildly wrong :p Have you checked Super Cheap Auto about the manual? I got the Patrol one for twenty bucks less than everywhere else would've charged. There's that, or check via Booko to find the best price :)
  5. LordBug

    Car Problem, what's your take?

    Wouldn't be worried personally. Don't have a gasket on my Patrol's bellhousing, because water will get in there no matter what you try. Bit of oil buildup, might have a leak on the rear seal, I could easily be mistaken. The sponge, don't know Hiluxes either, but I'd also theorise at it being their attempt to cover up the drip. Not a bad idea, the drips from my old girl give me the shits (Will be fixed when I put in a new motor, just need to do it up first :p) Got yourself a Haynes manual yet?
  6. LordBug

    The greatest job application cover letter ever.

    Get educated: http://zomgscience.net/
  7. LordBug

    Rejoice for today is Geek Pride Day

    Geek has become chic, so it's not really anything special. Nerds remain the outcast class, probably because they tend to be kinda odd. But then again, I'm someone who doesn't associate with things, and don't hold pride with much of anything.
  8. LordBug

    When two franchises collide

  9. LordBug

    Best way to eradicate mice?

    A shotgun and a bottle of whisky. Otherwise, another vote towards old PB. That and the plastic traps from Coles/Woolies (The wooden boards are shit) cleared my shed of mice last time, time to find where they've hidden and set them up again.
  10. LordBug


    People need to remember that the postal system is getting hammered by the increasing quantity of parcel deliveries. I've heard some complain that they feel as though they're delivering more packages than letters. So yeah, my personal rule of thumb is I give things four weeks, and then I start chasing it up. Unless it's express, than it's got two~three days.
  11. LordBug

    Cord Cursive writing.

    i'm a doctor game over Combined with my farm borne skills of self patchery and my awesome doctor-esque scribble, it's still game oooooon! :)~
  12. LordBug

    Cord Cursive writing.

    I'm allergic to writing, and I'd wager I've got the, or close to, worst hand scribble here. Teach the little buggers calligraphy, that stuff is a much finer art.
  13. LordBug

    Anyone used E-go to transport stuff?

    Go around an industrial estate, there'll be plenty of skips that've been thrown out and are free to grab.
  14. LordBug

    [Arcade] - Do I invest?

    Don't buy it Scythe. It'll ruin your DDR skills, and old ladies in the street will mock you. And that ain't cool.
  15. LordBug

    How To Chat Up Women

    Enjoyed every scene, as well have having seen it before ^_^ The Brits really know how to do humor. In return, delicious copy pasta: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go out with your friends and meet new female acquaintances to add to your repertoire of potential "friends." Of course, by the end of the night, you are a few hundred dollars poorer, you've accelerated your own liver failure (from all the alcohol you drank), your lungs are a shade darker, and you still didn't get to escort that beautiful woman back to her place (you didn't even get her number). It's another familiar failed Saturday night. Maybe it's time to reconsider your whole pickup strategy. If it hasn't worked for you and your friends in the past, then it's time to try a new strategy: The Player's Strategy. THE WALL In general, most men fail to meet women for 2 reasons: the first problem is that they travel in packs but go on the hunt solo. What do I mean by this? When it concerns meeting women, men tend to separate from the squadron to wander helplessly towards the female pack, only to hit a wall and be shot down and humiliated. The second factor that adds to the squadron failure is the pathetic expectation that "if I stand around long enough, maybe something will happen." Most men will sit or stand around all night holding a beer, and watch women dance without doing anything. At the end of the night, they're disappointed because they did not meet any women. Of course not. In order to meet women, you have to approach them and start a conversation. If you can't talk because the music is too loud, then invite them to dance with you. The only way to actually meet women in nightclubs is to follow the ways of jet fighter pilots. Men have to learn to fight in squadrons. By sticking together, we increase our chances of having a Successful Pickup Saturday Night (SPSN). SOCIAL GROUP STRUCTURE Look into the eyes of a pilot. In his stare you will see, among other things, great intelligence. It is precisely this intelligence that makes the fighter a great pilot. When pilots fight, the members of the squad gather together. Survival depends on cooperation. Each member works to care for, defend and protect his fellow members. This is the same attitude that men must adopt. By working together, we can accomplish a lot more than if we continue to hunt solitarily. In order to achieve these goals, there are specific roles that one must take on. When hunting, you have to prepare yourself according to 3 main roles: the Kamikaze Pilot, the Wing Commander and the Wingman. THE KAMIKAZE PILOT The Kamikaze Pilot has a girlfriend, is engaged or is already married. His main duty is to initiate the "seek-and-attract" plan. Because he is already dating, he won't care if he gets shot down. He will also convey more confidence, and women will be more attracted to him. These people have nothing to lose. To them, flying kamikaze is "just talking." The key here is having them save the "I have a wife/girlfriend" part for the end of the conversation. THE WING COMMANDER The Wing Commander engages the primary target. Anyone can be a Wing Commander. In order to become one, you simply have to spot a woman that you are interested in and get the squadron ready for action. THE WINGMEN The Wingmen serve as decoys; they take one for the team, engage the secondary target, and jump on the grenade and generally keep someone else occupied while the Wing Commander engages the primary target. The best suited wingmen are: Good-looking friends who don't know they're hot. But be careful, these are the wingmen that can accidentally blow you right out of the sky. Ugly friends are perfect for the mission. They are fun and cool but lost the lottery on looks. However, it is better to have no wingmen at all than bad wingmen. The type of people that make bad wingmen are: The drunk guys -- they will usually crash and burn, and nip your wings on their way down. Instead of backing you up, they'll give all your naughty secrets away. The boring geeks -- There is nothing worse than having to turn around and bail out your own wingmen. THE OPPOSITE SEX Attractive women seek out attractive female friends, but to make themselves feel even more attractive, there is always one member of the group that is not as hot. The hitch? The attractive members of the group require that if men approach them, they have to find a match for the least attractive friend as well. The following best describes the female targets: The Girl-goyle: The least attractive member of the female group. The target that the Kamikaze Pilot seeks out and destroys. The Primary Target: Usually the best-looking female of the group. She is the one whom the Wing Commander seeks to "engage" in combat. The Secondary Target: Known as "Bogeys," but also known as the "friend that drove us here," the "we have to get up early" girl, the "we have to leave now" girl, or finally, the "if you think you're going home with her, you're sadly mistaken" girl. These girls range in beauty from hot and sweet, to average looking. These Bogey Pilots are engaged by the Wingmen. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT As I mentioned before, the first thing you have to do is be aggressive. Don't just stand around and wait for something to happen because it never will. As soon as you enter the dance club, you have to seek out your primary target. Once you've located her, it's time to spring into action. The first move you must make is to gather your squadron together. Because you located your woman first, you become the Wing Commander. The next step is for the Kamikaze Pilot to move in and start a conversation with the Girl-goyle of the group. The purpose of this step is to infiltrate and set up contact with the female group. If no Kamikaze Pilot is available, then one of the Wingmen has to act as the Kamikaze Pilot (chosen by drawing straws prior to entering the club). Having the Kamikaze Pilot (single or married guy) talk to the least attractive girl serves 2 purposes; the first is to eliminate her by sacrificing himself to a conversation with her for the whole night (she does not know that he is married or dating). The second purpose of talking to the least attractive friend is so that the prettier friends won't have to be so concerned with finding the Girl-goyle friend a match. You see, most women avoid talking to men because they feel guilty about leaving their least good-looking friend by themselves -- the Kamikaze Pilot takes care of that. Once the Kamikaze Pilot is properly introduced to the female group, it is time for the Wing Commander to spring into action. His role is to walk by the Kamikaze Pilot and let the Kamikaze Pilot introduce him to the gang. The Kamikaze will first introduce the Wing Commander to the primary target, and then to the other friends. After greeting all of the friends, the Wing Commander shows his interest by talking back to the primary target. The legendary Wingmen wait in the shadows of the club. They always appear on cue and rarely fail at their assigned duties. The Wingmen move once they observe that the secondary targets are showing signs of impatience, or even try to interrupt the Wing Commander. The Wingmen's job is to keep the secondary targets distracted. Sometimes, the Wingmen have to take more than one secondary target at a time. You can never predict how the mission will turn out. Sometimes the Wingmen do better than the Wing Commander. Sometimes, the Wing Commander gets shot down. Other times, your wingers get shot down and you have to abort the mission because you blew your cover. There is one important code that is followed by all members of the squadron: If the Wing Commander panics and is too afraid to continue his mission, then the fastest Wingman takes over as the Wing Commander. This is done to keep the squadron alive by encouraging the Wing Commander to fulfill his duties. enjoy the moment The next time you go out with your friends, change things around and make things a little more fun. Instead of just standing around with a beer in your hands, play a game and make the whole experience fun. But remember: united we stand, divided we fall.