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    9 Year old to drive front end loader

    all of you are forgetting that this 9 year old is ruining the joke. chidrens cough medicine. warning label. do not operate heavy machinery after taking cough children's cough medicine.
  2. 1bolHungLo

    windows 7,which one ?

    if the diff is $10 only one would have to be a right royal tight arse not to spend the extra $10.
  3. 1bolHungLo

    Removing cum off LCD monitor

    this is POTM material right there. just for the OP even saying what he manage to do.
  4. 1bolHungLo

    Just bought the following games

    to show how many inches the OP added to his e-penis.
  5. morris needs to do more store signs. twilight sucks donkeys hairy nads.
  6. 1bolHungLo

    [joke] Dad, What's "Politics"?

    Cybes, that joke is on the money.
  7. 1bolHungLo

    New Shoes

    so long as the OP is not asking where to get those ghey arse ballet shoes so many metros just have to have then whatever the OP decides to go with (hell even bare foot) is fine by me. just no ballet shoes.
  8. 1bolHungLo

    Does it ever go back to 'friends'?

    my two cents. i had a really bad break up with an ex. long story short she cheated on me then had the audacity to dump me via sms on the lead up to christmas. points for guessing why i hate christmas. we have been together for a long time. i really wanted us to at the least be friends after all that we been through together. however i guess when i wanted it. she didnt want it. and when i gave up wanting it (friendship) thats when she wanted it. long story short. i told her off and told her i dont ever want to speak to her or see her ever again because she wont leave me alone when i told her repeatedly i dont want anything to do with her. funny enough she lives near where i get off to catch the bus to work and i been known to hang around the shopping mall from time to time there too to meet with friends and we never bump into each other at all. thats still true to this day.
  9. 1bolHungLo

    Yes. Oh yes. OOOH YES!

    ah nothing like voting against something because you can. didnt turnbull already ask for ammendments to the ETS and got it and the Liberal party agreed/were happy with it and thus malcolm on behalf of the liberal party was going to approve the ETS so that krudd and his merry men (penny wong included) can go ahead and pass this bill?
  10. 1bolHungLo

    So I just went to see the new Transformers movie

    I like the film but not as much as the the first one. reasons why: - the humour was low balling. that takes away to the real feel of the movie. some of the cornball jokes is not necessary. - the tacky swine flu reference - some fight scenes needed MHOAR!!! action. things i liked about the film: that forest fight scene. easily the highlight of the film. the overall story of the movie is still in keeping with the transformers storyline.
  11. 1bolHungLo

    I am IN!

    you forgot to mention Metal Gear Solid 4.
  12. 1bolHungLo

    Build suggestions

    whatever is not showing is taken up by your video card most likely and the rest 32bit version of windows cannot address. you can get a converter. just make sure you have beefy enough psu you will be fine to add a converter for the video card.
  13. I get this a lot from people. When I first got my pc I was barely noisy at all. But lately its been like a fan is always on and its very noisy. I asked them when was the last time they cleaned the inside of their case. When the answer is either a puzzle look to their face or a i never clean the inside of my machine. it is almost always alayer of fluff/dust/crap on the heatsink of the cpu that forces the heat up making the fan work extra hard to cool the heatsink.
  14. 1bolHungLo

    Veep Palin crooked?

    saw some interview on tv. she sounds a little to i dont know whats the word. like she too careful with what she says. right. like she had something to hide. me thinks she has skeletons in her closet.
  15. do i hear dead baby jokes coming on?????