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  1. MuZ_DyL

    Playstaion Vita

    That’s just the thing, I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their opinion. In terms of the lack of bundling going on, well that is your opinion and I can tell it’s also most of the people who have contributed to this topic, but it isn’t mine, the fact that with the extra stuff I got and I have everything I need to play games, a cover to prevent damage (Not all damage), screen protector etc (The Sony Starter pack is only $2 more expensive than the third party stuff), I am still paying less for the Vita than what I did when the PSP was released, I am a content customer. I guess as a consumer, you either buy it as is and pay the extra costs, which I was happy to do or you wait for a better deal, it is all about choice. In my original post, I was just sharing with everyone my joy of having one and also an attempt to say, ok you are complaining about extra costs, but in reality, it is well worth admission fee. Crucify me if you want for saying that. I seem to be repeating things here, but the VITA is cheaper than the PSP even with the extra stuff that everyone is complaining about. Forget US costs, that is something that we have had in place well before it was released, does anyone really believe that Sony would match the US price for the Vita while every other console maker who sells products in Australia bump up prices too. Lets not get started with the games, although the gap for Vita games is much smaller.
  2. MuZ_DyL

    Playstaion Vita

    Ok, before this descends into a flaming war and me obviously being in the minority in this forum – I will cop most of the abuse, as illustrated above. I just want to say, as an early adopter of the product, I knew months in advance that Sony were going to charge for the memory and factored that into the cost. I also knew that by factoring it into the cost, I would be able to determine the real value of the device and now that I own it, I have no issue with the cost involved. I paid over $500 for the PSP when it came out, so even with a memory card and a starter pack, the PS Vita is cheaper than the original PSP. I will go back to my original point, which was obviously hidden from everyone’s view, I am really enjoying the PS Vita and that is still the case, even after reading the posts that have been submitted before and after. I also looked at the cost of online games versus retail games and noticed that over time, the cost of the memory card would be offset by the cost of the games on the PSN – 5 to 15 dollar savings is ok by me. Eg. Rayman at JB is 59, PSN 47.95 – there you go saved $11.05. The only exception is Uncharted, where JB are selling it for 59, where as PSN is selling it for 62, so I got it from JB. I do understand that some of you are frustrated by the lack of memory with any of the bundles available (Vodafone are giving away a 4gb card for the WiFi/3G model – but the cost equated to about 600 on a $15 plan, if I am not mistaken) and I don’t have to agree with you and obviously none of you have to agree with my comments and if the memory is the issue you have with Sony and the perception that Sony is taking joe public for a ride, then don’t buy it until there is a bundle available that you are satisfied with. I have never walked into a bricks and mortar store and been told that I can play the PS Vita without a card, it has always been “you do realise that you need to purchase a memory card”. P.S. I am sounding like a Sony Fanboi, which I am not … well I am now … but will probably be an Apple fanboi tomorrow … then an Atari … they don’t make hardware anymore … although I did purchase the flashback a while back … controllers work on the original wood grain, in case anyone was wondering.
  3. MuZ_DyL

    Playstaion Vita

    Maybe if you read our points you wouldn't have written this post. What am I knocking? I'm knocking the fact that after I spend $350 on the unit, I can't play games, or go to the store, use the camera, etc because I haven't bought a Memory card yet. Sorry but that's just fucking bullshit. So in the end its another $40 at least to get started. At least with the PSP they gave you a mem card to have saved games, etc on, it was NO issue. This ... nothing. So after your initial payment you have half a VITA (not even half, more like 1/3). This is nothing more than a GOTCHA from Sony and what most people would call a DICK move! Ok, you have already made up your mind, I have too. Cost of memory is something that should have been added to the cost, granted and I said as much on my post, but I don’t care, I am enjoying it and I have already ordered a 32GB from overseas. I can play my games and if you can’t afford at least $25 bucks for a 4gb card for game saves, then I guess that is your issue, not mine. If that is all you have to complain about then you really have to revisit things and come up with a different argument. I am sick of nah sayers. You want $25 bucks?
  4. MuZ_DyL

    Playstaion Vita

    I have one and I honestly have no idea why people who don't own one are inclined to knock it. Price, seriously?? Can I ask how much a new video card or processor costs? I also have an iPhone (3gs and 4S), Xperia Play and my son has a 3DS. It's hard to explain how much I am enjoying the experience on the Vita over any other handheld I have ever owned, Even my very first one, which was a Gameboy back in 92, in fact it kind of feels similar to those times, when I was able to take games with me in the school bus that didn't have static images (Although Popeye and Donkey Kong were fun). I also purchased it because I haven't been able to play my PSP for over 2 or so years (Gave up repairing it after the 10 thumb stick, 1 Laser replacement and 2 cases - I know it would have been cheaper to replace ... but it was a 1000) and that was a very good piece of tech for it’s time too but lost it’s way after the second year or so, when decent games stopped being made for it (God Of War being the only exception) I have been playing a few games on the PSVita and purchased a few for one of my sons. My games: Wipeout - It's Wipeout, you know what you are getting ... enough said!!! Uncharted - Really, are the graphics being produced possible on a handheld, I guess they are ... Motorstorm RC - Fun and addictive RC racing and for 10 bucks it’s got plenty of content. Son's games: Rayman Origins - My son loves it and it is a very good game - ubisoft has outdone itself with this one. Little Deviants - Feels more like a glorified demo of the PS Vita's features and even with that, not a bad mix of mini games - I avoid playing it on the train ... way too much movement for people around me. Hardware: It's Sony at it's best, although internal memory would have been nice, but I don't mind. The screen is gorgeous, the ability to use two analogue sticks is great and it is so damn light. I realise that people are turned off by the price, but you are getting a PS3 on a handheld and that is mighty impressive.
  5. MuZ_DyL

    POLL: Are you PC, Console or both?

    PS3, Wii and PC at my home - In that order Being a father of a 4 year old kid that loves gaming (He has been known to sleep with a controller or two), it is difficult to play, unless he is asleep or it's during his allocated gaming time. So I mainly play whichever PS3 or Wii game he wants to play. He wants a 360 again after playing with Kinect, I just can't justify a repurchase, after all the RROD headaches I got with my first or was it the seventh one (I know the current gen is not as bad). I can't really play an FPS with him on the PC at his age or can I? The reality is that I just play whatever game on whatever platform is available at the time - Train trips are now occupied by either the PSP or iPhone. Personally I like the concept of joining PC gaming with Console gaming - it should just be about the games, not what platform a certain individual prefers to play it on.
  6. MuZ_DyL

    Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta

    I played the game (in botzone) to try out the move controller the other night– The tip of the vibra…. Sorry … move controller is red, so over the blues and pinks that my kids get playing their games. I got a gun with Time Crisis, so I though I would use it in this game. I enjoyed the experience, but the gun in the following article is what I need. http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/News/241682,is...ry-we-like.aspx I found that holding the analogue controller add on in one hand, while trying to press buttons on a controller that I don't really use myself,very different, but I think the machine gun add-on might help me. Just finished playing a few rounds of multiplayer (With the Dual Shock), errr, I am too old and have no skills with a controller when playing FPS's. Downloading the single player demo as I type, lets see if this is enjoyable. Hopefully the bad reviews are from 360 fanboi’s and not reality. Time will tell
  7. MuZ_DyL

    DC Universe Online - Beta

    I had a somewhat similar experience the last time I logged on, but it played ok after the first time. I don't really care, it's a Beta version and I just hope that the retail version doesn't have similar issues. You took 2 hours to create your character, you must be a really patient person. I viewed all the options and just thought ... DAMN!!! Got myself a basic character and tried the game out. I will wait for the full retail version to tweak my character.
  8. MuZ_DyL

    DC Universe Online - Beta

    Played a bit last night, there were only two minor issue that irritated me. - Small text in the menu’s - There was way too much information on the HUD, which was also static – not good on my beloved plasma. I doubt that it will change in the retail version, but you never know. The game itself, did involve plenty of button bashing and I levelled up to level 3 in no time (15 minutes), which was interesting to say the least – Considering that in Beta you are limited to level 20 and in the retail version, you will be limited to about level 30 Initial reaction to the game is – it will be fun and I might even let my 4 year old give it a bash – As Batman. There is chat window in the game, I think the keyboard add on for the controller is a must for that. Don't know if it will allow a keyboard, but it would make sense. I have never played a “traditional” MMO like WOW and probably never will, so I can not compare it to that. The only RPG type game that I have played recently is Demons Souls and if I were to compare the two, Demons Souls gives you no concessions, I wasn’t past level 1 until after I defeated the first boss (I played as a royal), where as this game was happy to level me up at an extroardinary rate – it wasn’t as rewarding from that perspective.
  9. MuZ_DyL

    DC Universe Online - Beta

    I know nothing of this. I must know more! Also, your son is cooler than you. Superman type character? Yes, my son does not like superman, so I can probably play it, without him annoying me to have a go. The choices were endless, it took me 20 minutes just to get my character and I know that I am not happy with it.
  10. MuZ_DyL

    DC Universe Online - Beta

    I downloaded the DC Universe Online Beta yesterday and I was wondering if anyone else has played it yet. – If so, what are your thoughts? Was it a waste of 11GB (Edit - Actually 15GB) from my monthly allowance? I have only created a character – I thought that there was plenty of choice, when creating a character, but then again, I am not a huge MMO player. I went for a superman type character, but I couldn’t play it, as my 4 year old wanted to play Lego Batman … Didn’t show him that he could play as Batman in this game, as he would never be off the damn thing. Here is a link to a website with more information: http://www.bigshinyrobot.com/reviews/archives/20130
  11. MuZ_DyL

    Demon's Souls

    I didn't get this game until it was released in Australia. One of, if not the best game I have played in a very long time. Based on your post, can I assume that you did not get the collectors edition that came out? If you did, read through it, it has some very good information. If you haven't got that edition, then this site will help: http://demonssouls.wikidot.com/ Remember to block :P If it is the red eye knight, then run and come back to him when you have some magic (Soul Arrow is good) or arrows (Arrows will take longer). The Blue eye knight is a little easier, just remember to block.
  12. The best game that I bought on the cheap was God of War on the PS2 ... was reading about it here for a while and so I got it just before GOW2 came out and I have to say that it is one of the best hack and slash games I have ever purchased. I tend to wait until games are on the cheap, just purchased Bioshock 2 for $40 (If you add the rental price of $11) it cost me $51.
  13. MuZ_DyL

    Wife purchased notebook ... help

    Finally received the laptop. Yes I have been waiting for about 6 weeks for this thing and nearly forgot all about it. Until the weekend, when I was told that the original laptop I ordered was not available (Toshiba withdrew it), so the retailer asked if I wanted another laptop for the same price. Originally it was going to be an A500 / 02L, but they offered me an F60 /00Y, which I agreed to accept. It has most of the specs that the A500 was coming with, but it comes with an i7 620M processor (Instead of an i5) and the screen is slightly smaller at 15.6. Getting my head around it ... but so far not bad
  14. MuZ_DyL

    God of War 3 Demo

    And why did you mention this? i know its not Heavenly Sword ffs. lol You mentioned having a shower and changing your pants.
  15. MuZ_DyL

    God of War 3 Demo

    Index: It's not heavenly sword. I have been waiting for this for a while and I have to say that it has been worth the wait. Great game.