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  1. merlin13

    betting website

    Thank you, m'Lady. HAL's youngest relative maybe, still in nappies pre "Daisy, Daisy" stage?
  2. merlin13

    betting website

    I'm actually laying odds on how long this nitwit will (or should) last before a Mod wakes up and drops a banhammer...
  3. merlin13

    When will be the next World War?

    Okay, shouldn't be feeding the troll but I'll bite - which one of which total who? Sounds more like Skynet's still in nappies there and hasn't gotten that far past the "Daisy, Daisy" stage yet. Anyway, Summon The Banhammer! Preferably before 2050... Yeah, but checking out what's actually under the skirt after a few too many at the bar could be a bit of Russian Roulette, right? Anyway, Summon The Banhammer! Preferably before 2050...
  4. merlin13

    what about Mr. America ?

    Second bite at the cherry (if that's the appropriate terminology...). And yeah, but there's a biiiiiiit of a difference between Ooooh Shopping with your nose pressed up against the glass and actually trying on the goods, isn't there?...
  5. merlin13

    what about Mr. America ?

    Loyalty there can't be any worse than the Boss offering to pay for the flight etc to Rio for the weekend for me, in the midst of a 3-country South American training trip. In their summer season as well, drool drool Down Boy, Down. And even with his history of being a financial tight-arse on trip expenses he was serious about it. Problem was I was scheduled to be over there two weeks after I got married <headdesk><headdesk><headdesk>...
  6. merlin13


    Still got a few of these laying around (target 'n hunting recurves 'n a couple of compounds), can't go back to using any of them until I sort out the problems with my left shoulder. As far as only beefing up one arm - no, that only works when swinging bowling balls or professional masturbation. You're better off exercising and building up muscle in both arms and across the shoulders, because if you don't then you can end up with back 'n shoulder problems. Chiro is was seeing at one stage 'way back when recommended doing maybe a dozen or so plinks right-handed, then a couple of empty-bow pullbacks lefthanded to ease/balance the back out. Holding that thought - for the uninitiated, Do Not Ever (!) Dry-Fire A Bow. Crossbows can be still used but check your State/Territory laws on whether you need a license or not. And if you should be using a bow left-handed then get a left-handed one because the shape of the grip is different between left 'n right. Unless you play longbows, which don't give a shit on left- or right- handedness (last one of those I played with was a 120-pounder... THAT took some getting used to...). And for those asking "Where Can I Start/Go?" - tickle Uncle Google for archery clubs 'n ranges or if you stumble across a shop selling archery gear (gunshops often do...) then ask them. Anyone thinking of taking this up for a plink would definitely be better to go to a club first, because not only can you have a go using their gear but you get professional advice on How To Plink Correctly and access to good second-hand gear as well.
  7. merlin13

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Cup of coffee in hand, watching the Missus muscle a two-seater lounge out of the house. Country girl. Hadn't told me she wanted it out, said she didn't want any help, who am I to argue?...
  8. merlin13

    An FYI for any Glasses Wearers

    Nope, will confirm Mokes never came out of the factory with any form of "plastic" windscreens - we had 4 of these in the family and helped rebuild a couple as well...
  9. merlin13

    Project Binky

    Guestimation of 200 man hours for the heater box??
  10. merlin13

    An FYI for any Glasses Wearers

    We weren't welding, honest! We were supposedly doing simple maintenance on a rack of old school data comms gear. He did end up welding one end of an 8mm spanner though. My bloody spanner, which the prick never replaced either. And NFI whether this clown dropped out of the gene pool or not, could only hope. Do know he got a serious arse-kicking for bringing the Customer's domestic and international data links to its knees because the rack did a complete reset due to a, ummm... "aberrant power event"...
  11. merlin13

    An FYI for any Glasses Wearers

    Best argument for decent glass lens I've used in the past to slap a pushy salesman around the head 'n shoulders was to show them an old pair of glass glasses I've still got. The ones with the small ball of metal embedded half-way through the toughened glass, from where an idiot work colleague managed to short out a power rail with a spanner... Had no comeback at all when I also asked him in front of other customers "So your super-duper Poly-Whatever-The-Hell-You're-Insisting-To-Trying-To-Upsell-Me-To will also stop molten metal like this, will it? I specified toughened glass lens for a specific reason". Shut him right up and down, in front of the actual optometrist as well.
  12. merlin13

    Ur anus smells like rotten eggs

    ...with the "Smite!" button perchance?...
  13. I'm missed him more like a blind boil...
  14. merlin13

    Thoughts About Dog E-Fence

    Grew up in a cage? Yeah, that'd probably account for being conflicted...
  15. Only reason I even bother watching those is for the prangs 'n pile-ups...