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  1. merlin13

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Scary thing with the blatantly blind fanaticism of his followers, I'm actually waiting for him to take it to heart and declare himself as The Messiah and Saviour of All Mankind... Or the reincarnation of Hitler - wouldn't put that past him either... Anyway, I'll cheerfully stand on the scales beside you there, 'chris.
  2. merlin13

    rude bastards. Must be a full moon.

    Ask any nurse who's had a few shifts in the emergency department... And at least you're not dealing with Americans - remotely supporting those clowns in real time, significant percentage of those fuckers were nuts any time of the month.
  3. merlin13

    cold boot issues

    Obligatory Dumb Question on the intermittent booting - when did it start, ie after a hardware change perchance? And was it always about the same good/bad ratio or slowly getting worse? Encountered a few motherboards with failing caps (ie Puffy Cap Syndrome) with annoying boot issues, but been a while on that. Your board looks to have decent (?) SMT electros, on it but if you get desperate I still wouldn't discount one or two of those getting ill. Also seen changing and/or swapping around RAM sticks magically clear up weird/annoying shit as well. Then there's overclocking/fiddling voltages sometimes raising weird symptoms on stock-clocked bits that supposedly can handle some performance fiddling. BIOS battery, dicky motherboard hardware (BIOS chip failing for example), dirty/insufficient power rail "somewhere", critical hardware not happy with the increased clocks speeds/voltages... Now that's been happening though, another Out-Of-The-Box fix I've had success with is flashing the BIOS to clear up annoying system issues, even using the exact same BIOS version... especially if/when a board has been resetting itself like that...
  4. merlin13

    Project Binky

    Not too far away to completion by the looks of it - at the rate so far, 'nuther 18 months or so perhaps? But I'm just curious on how much enjoyment they're (not?) going to have pulling it completely to bits when they've finished all the hardware, to give it a paint job inside 'n out...
  5. merlin13

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Maybe so, but their QA/Product Validation testing at R&D level when they were looking at signing off on a single sensor hence being the critical input signal device is demonstrably flawed. That should never ever have happened or even be allowed to happen, particularly if there's already been an example of this sensor acting up in the wild. Balls need to be seriously nailed to the wall for everyone involved on that decision-making process.
  6. merlin13

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Yes, but with Boeing et al trouting on how safe the aircraft actually is, then with additional reports from pilots indicating "Something Scrwwy, Wabbit", personally I'd be inclined to have a presumably (hopefully/probably/maybe?) unbiased eye cast over the autopsy results... And considering King Crackpot (sorry, Trump) has even weighed in with issuing the grounding order for the US it might be a case of Cry Wolf, buuuut for him to stick his head up above the parapet potentially casting aspertions on a wondeful American company something had to have triggered him to Extractus Cranium and act in a helpful manner to all 'n sundry for once. Even if the autopsy exam is biased then Boeing will have to push even harder to either prove "It's Not Our Fault" and/or better yet fix any problems properly in a timely manner.
  7. merlin13

    Are we ready for war?

    True 'dat, but it'd want to be a real eye-opener to get the Reds and The Other Reds to pull their heads in from their perceived increased posturing stances. And would have thought King Crackpot would have well and truly opened what he considers his personal toy chest by now to show any of the good stuff off - you must admit he's demonstrated on more than one occasion he has zero self-control on his mouth/thumbs. Or you think the the cooler heads behind the curtains just haven't shown their pet maniac the goodies yet? which King Crackpot seems to madly amuse himself effectively purging or pushing anyone hard enough to jump ship who disagrees or even frowns at any of his bright ideas... That's "under control"?? Think I'll be actively trying to thumbing a lift off planet when the next anal probe tour drops by if they lose it... and there's a more than a couple of people I know over that side of the moat that'd cheerfully carry my bags as well
  8. merlin13

    Are we ready for war?

    America can't handle serious "police actions" on three fronts, but can see King Crackpot (sorry, Trump) retaliating badly to some sort of slap inna face: - Kimmy doing another missile test that goes catastrophically wrong, drops hardware onto Japan or some "American " soil and King Crackpot pushing someone to push some buttons. - The Chinese will play chicken with American hardware (again!), someone won't duck/twitch the steering wheel in time, some American hardware/lives will be lost so King Crackpot will push someone to push some buttons. That will get ugly either in a loud destructive manner or he'll chuck a serious tantrum and really make things interesting. - Russia mightn't be running a stick along Trump's fence tooooo hard at the moment (think they're tapping on it though) but they've been sabre-rattling in Europe enough to make King Crackpot think about pushing someone to get ready to push a button perhaps. And both China 'n Russia "demonstrating" they've supposedly got first tactical and possibly even strategic strike capability with their new hypersonic toys (real or bogus), reckon King Crackpot's getting ready to chuck a serious tantrum at the drop of a hat and take things too far. Problem is it'll only take one Oops at the moment for him to go apeshit further than he already has in his own turf, and there'll be some hardware of some description flung about "somewhere". Could be wrong but his ego and the "America? Fuck Yeah!" redneck mentality that got him voted in in the first place won't let him stand and take a "Ooops,. Sorry About That - My Bad" and/or some sort of serious "Cop This, You Capatilist Dog - What Are You Going To Do About?" from anyone. And with him in charge gone are the days of the Septics able to play brinksmanship a la Cuban Missile Crisis - he'll willingly step, jump or even push someone else over any serious line drawn in the sand.
  9. merlin13

    Project Binky

    Episode 19 is apparently about to come out on the 1st October... shit, that's today!
  10. merlin13

    Bill Cosby

    Recall actually watching an old interview years ago now where he said he liked little boys en camera. Be buggered (sorry...) if I could find it now.
  11. merlin13

    Bill Cosby

    My appreciation of Arthur C Clarke's works went severely downhill at supersonic speed when I found out he was a self-confessed kiddy fiddler, ie little boys. Particularly when he was quoted as saying "It Builds Character". And he wasn't talking about his either...
  12. merlin13

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    ...Man, where do you guys get your antenna knowledge from? I learned almost nothing about this stuff AT UNI... Unis generally tailor their courses specifically for what industry requires, but I was and am still a little annoyed at missing this stuff. ...I've spent about 3 hours on google..... ? Pffft - Uni. For this Little Black duck, couple of semesters doing the old E&C Cert whilst dicking about with military comms and other nice stuff for Dept of Defence back in the early '80s. Few yeras on 'n off doing TV and various radio repairs/installs for various frequencies and Tx/Rx types, then then over a decade doing industrial radio control and monitoring this century... Anyway, to get around using anything with sidelobes you'd need to think about playing with a meter or some sort of signal level display, especially if you want to do any type of "Distance To Target" setup based on detected RF levels. And of course RF is pretty insidious on reflecting off "structure" to boot. So for serious RF location you might need to think triangulation when you're looking at tracking down a point source - take a directional fix, wander around some more, take another fix. Then the higher the freq the worse the ambient power absorption, especially combined with what I'd assume to be a pretty low-power RF source to start with. Then stick a lump of "something" between you and the target and your detectable RF levels can/will plummet as well. Don't get me wrong, it's do-able. But you will have the hurdle(s) of Canna Change The Laws Of Physics to work against. Just going to be somewhat... fiddly... So I'll ask the obligatory Dumb Question - just WTF are you aiming (heh) to do with this?
  13. merlin13

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Been a while since I've had to do antenna design, forgotten a lot of the nasty fiddly bits. Microwave is a damned sight harder and I've tried to neuralise myself on THAT shit... Anyway - directional antenna would usually be a Yagi. You could also have a look at a dish, unless you really want to go nuts and look at a phased array, but they will really drop you into rocket science/Propeller Head Mode. And only a 10 degree beam? You'll need a bloody long Yagi to get that, long as in number of passive elements. Parabolic dish would need some serious fine-tuning/adjustment to get that as well. There's also antenna mounting "stability" with such a narrow beam to consider as well - once you get a low-level signal the slightest shimmer/shake of the antenna and it'll be pointing off target. Then there's the good old mucking about with the coax cabling and appropriate connectors as well. Thinner the diameter of the coax, more lossy it can be at your desired freq. Not by much, but when you start talking maximum gain vs minimal spread then that can rear it's ugly head into the equation. Aaaaaand a few Obligatory Dumb questions: - as most of your frequency range there is across the FM Free-to-Air audio band, presumably you're only going to be receiving and not transmitting, right? Right? - what are your engineering/metalworking skills like to do DIY? - indoor or outdoor operating environments? - what's your definition of "compact", because you'd better have a look at commercial antennas and compare them to your "compact" requirements. Last time I looked at a Yagi with that sort of gain it had something like 15 passive elements on it, and on the 470-odd MHz band it was near 2 metres long. Not exaclty pocket-sized nor... 'compact"... It was also chronically illegal for anything remotely resembling Free-to-Air transmission. Didn't stop the Customer though, until he got sprung by the authorities over here for splattering and drowning out his local phone tower... Reckon you should be sidling up to Uncle Google and Cousin youTube for the basics if you're thinking of doing a home-rolled one. Else Uncle Google et al to see which manufacturer has got something off-the-shelf that'll might fit into your "business" requirements there.
  14. merlin13

    They have finally arrived. Maybe.

    Oh, I dunno. With the weather going on over here looks like God's having another go at cleansing Yanks off the planet again, so combine that with NZT's other tinfoil hat stories aaaaaand...
  15. merlin13

    They have finally arrived. Maybe.

    Place was a bit small for an American version of Godzilla. Search for ET has discovered Space Russians? Maybe they're back-engineering the equipment to send a message, something along the lines of "Please Help Us - We'll Take You To Our Leader, And You Can Have Anything You Want Providing You Take Him With You".