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  1. merlin13

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Been a while since I've had to do antenna design, forgotten a lot of the nasty fiddly bits. Microwave is a damned sight harder and I've tried to neuralise myself on THAT shit... Anyway - directional antenna would usually be a Yagi. You could also have a look at a dish, unless you really want to go nuts and look at a phased array, but they will really drop you into rocket science/Propeller Head Mode. And only a 10 degree beam? You'll need a bloody long Yagi to get that, long as in number of passive elements. Parabolic dish would need some serious fine-tuning/adjustment to get that as well. There's also antenna mounting "stability" with such a narrow beam to consider as well - once you get a low-level signal the slightest shimmer/shake of the antenna and it'll be pointing off target. Then there's the good old mucking about with the coax cabling and appropriate connectors as well. Thinner the diameter of the coax, more lossy it can be at your desired freq. Not by much, but when you start talking maximum gain vs minimal spread then that can rear it's ugly head into the equation. Aaaaaand a few Obligatory Dumb questions: - as most of your frequency range there is across the FM Free-to-Air audio band, presumably you're only going to be receiving and not transmitting, right? Right? - what are your engineering/metalworking skills like to do DIY? - indoor or outdoor operating environments? - what's your definition of "compact", because you'd better have a look at commercial antennas and compare them to your "compact" requirements. Last time I looked at a Yagi with that sort of gain it had something like 15 passive elements on it, and on the 470-odd MHz band it was near 2 metres long. Not exaclty pocket-sized nor... 'compact"... It was also chronically illegal for anything remotely resembling Free-to-Air transmission. Didn't stop the Customer though, until he got sprung by the authorities over here for splattering and drowning out his local phone tower... Reckon you should be sidling up to Uncle Google and Cousin youTube for the basics if you're thinking of doing a home-rolled one. Else Uncle Google et al to see which manufacturer has got something off-the-shelf that'll might fit into your "business" requirements there.
  2. merlin13

    They have finally arrived. Maybe.

    Oh, I dunno. With the weather going on over here looks like God's having another go at cleansing Yanks off the planet again, so combine that with NZT's other tinfoil hat stories aaaaaand...
  3. merlin13

    They have finally arrived. Maybe.

    Place was a bit small for an American version of Godzilla. Search for ET has discovered Space Russians? Maybe they're back-engineering the equipment to send a message, something along the lines of "Please Help Us - We'll Take You To Our Leader, And You Can Have Anything You Want Providing You Take Him With You".
  4. merlin13

    Israel did it.

    Chaos, m'Lady? If we ask really nicely and promise to be good and eat our vegetables and brush our teeth, can this nitwit please have a gentle pat? On the head? With the Banhammer?
  5. merlin13

    Odd food combos - how about yours?

    Thin Crust only. And no anchovies - even I'd be backing away from anchovies on hot bananas... After pondering that with a raised eyebrow I've now got some... concerns about some of your In-The -Privacy-Of-Your-Own-Home-Away-From-Prying-Eyes habits. Must admit I'm curious. But still concerned...
  6. merlin13

    Odd food combos - how about yours?

    But for another Nummy , try anchovies on a meatlovers pizza. Only way to determine decent mince is to try it raw, tartare or not. You'll soon distinguish between the batch with the lips and the mix of the eyes ears and arseholes of the cheap 'n nasty stuff...
  7. merlin13

    Odd food combos - how about yours?

    On sandwiches or crackers/crackerbread? - peanut butter and golden syrup. - block cheese and crunchy peanut butter. Must be block cheese, that sliced shit tastes like plastic and peanut butter... - block cheese and Promite. Must be Promite, not Vegemite. - tinned sliced cucumber and cream cheese. Doesn't work with block cheese. - good quality raw mince and cheese, sometimes with sliced beetroot as well. Or mince 'n sliced raw white onion. No cheese on the onion one though, that combo just tastes funny... - sardines and raw onion and malt vinegar, mixed together and allowed to marinade in the fridge for at least a few hours. Great on toast. And no, I don't have a cheese fetish (although now humming away substituting "cheese'" for "spam"...). Occasionally diced onion in pancakes. Crunchy peanut butter and lemon juice on pancakes. Not with onion. Want a bucket?
  8. merlin13


    looking at the quantity and debatable "quality" of the recent posts from this NZT<add IQ level to name> initiating this dribble, methinks more like erratic...
  9. merlin13

    AussieBroadband - Not for the People!

    Always found dropping a negative-experience post up on a company's Farcebook page good for laughs and a vent as well.
  10. First in with "Every Sperm Is Sacred"... now has that damned song rattling around in my head... Oooooh, no it's not. Else how/why do you think it is? Define "human being" in biological terms.
  11. Off-topic somewhat but I'll stir the pot here somewhat. Wasn't Adam's head messed with by Eve with the Apple thing in the first place, so technically she's the one to blame? And I understand it, we're all the result of incest after Adam and Eve had their first offspring to start with, unless there was more than a little... "Divine Intervention" with any further conceptions thereafter. If so Mary has to hand back her particular "First Come" (sorry) award. So in all honesty citing examples and/or alluding to anything derived from religious scripture that has a glaring and fundamental flaw like that to start with (ie the incest) sorta makes any use of scripture references somewhat moot - you're effectively using tainted goods.
  12. merlin13

    betting website

    Thank you, m'Lady. HAL's youngest relative maybe, still in nappies pre "Daisy, Daisy" stage?
  13. merlin13

    betting website

    I'm actually laying odds on how long this nitwit will (or should) last before a Mod wakes up and drops a banhammer...
  14. merlin13

    When will be the next World War?

    Okay, shouldn't be feeding the troll but I'll bite - which one of which total who? Sounds more like Skynet's still in nappies there and hasn't gotten that far past the "Daisy, Daisy" stage yet. Anyway, Summon The Banhammer! Preferably before 2050... Yeah, but checking out what's actually under the skirt after a few too many at the bar could be a bit of Russian Roulette, right? Anyway, Summon The Banhammer! Preferably before 2050...
  15. merlin13

    what about Mr. America ?

    Second bite at the cherry (if that's the appropriate terminology...). And yeah, but there's a biiiiiiit of a difference between Ooooh Shopping with your nose pressed up against the glass and actually trying on the goods, isn't there?...