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  1. Hi guys, I have a Gigabyte GN-BR32L-RH that I've been trying to get into the control panel of. I have the ip address right (checked through ipconfig), but no matter what I do, whenever I plug in the ip address into the browser it just doesn't seem to find it! I've tried turning it on and off again, connecting it to my laptop with a cat5, plugging in the address in multiple browsers, but still no bingo. Anyone know how I can get access so I can put in a new damn MAC address to permissions?
  2. Specialist

    Buzzing from speakers

    No bingo I'm afraid :(
  3. Specialist

    Buzzing from speakers

    Hi guys, I'm getting a fair bit of buzzing from my speakers. I've identified that the source of the buzzing is my laptop as a result of it's power cable, as when I plug it into other devices or unplugged, the buzz is gone. I was just wondering how to get rid of the buzz entirely. Cheers!
  4. Specialist

    A netbook for gaming

    Specs for SC2: Minimum Requirements: GFX: GeForce 7/8 Series or Radeon 1000/2000 with 25Mb RAM CPU: Pentium 4 RAM: 1Gb Internet: ADSL 1 MBit Recommend Requirements: GFX: GeForce 8000 or Radeon 2000 series with 512Mb RAM CPU: Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 RAM: 2Gb Internet: ADSL 3 Mbit Surely there's a netbook that meets at the very least the minimum requriements, let alone the recommended. I vaguely remember the nvidia Ion being comparable to a geforce 9400, and the 1201n is a dual core atom... but if not, are there any other cheaper alternatives to the m11x?
  5. Specialist

    A netbook for gaming

    Hrm, I'm looking at the ASUS Eee PC 1201N which is meant to be sorta decent in the games respect, but I've been out of the loop on what's good hardware wise for the last year or so so can anyone give me their impressions?
  6. Specialist

    A netbook for gaming

    I'm after a netbook (so largest screen size 11") that has at least 3 hours of battery life and will be able to play Source games and Starcraft 2 and around $700. Any suggestions?
  7. Specialist

    Multiple HDD enclosure

    Not a NAS, just someone like a normal enclosure for a harddrive (so it'd be like an external harddrive) but for multiple HDDs in it.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good multiple HDD enclosure? I need something easily portable so I can't just use a crappy computer and network it. Preferably one with room for 5 HDDs, but less is ok as well. Thanks, Specialist
  9. Specialist

    I kinda broke my laptop

    Hey, so I can now format and so forth (thanks ultimate boot cd thingy) but there's a few files I need to get off my computer first, does anyone know of a way I can do that? Keep in mind this is a laptop and I have no experience playing around with laptops insides. Thinking some kind of bootcd or something that would let me copy stuff onto a usb?
  10. Specialist

    I kinda broke my laptop

    Ah, I can get into BIOS sorry. and can do the select bootable media but right after it starts the 'loading from cd' thing it just stops. and i can just see that text on a black screen
  11. Got a virus. Now, nothing loads past the set up screen (right after where you can press del to enter setup). Tried reinstalling windows, it just says 'loading from cd' in the DOS thing and then hangs. Any suggestions? Running XP msi Wind u100
  12. Sorta buggered my laptop in Europe, is reinstalling windows simply a matter of buying an external cd drive and installing from that or are there some hoops I have to jump through? Thanks, Specialist
  13. Specialist

    Work Ethics/Work place behaviour

    Fuck that. Some dickhead American CEO that earns 40 million a year or something was saying a few months ago that people won't be able to look for jobs that make them happy post GFC and they'll just have to take any paid work they can find. If I think my work is useless, pointless, that I'm not being treated well enough (I don't mean like a fucking Prince or anything, just like a human and not a human resource), that I'm expected to do unpaid overtime, etc then I'll fuck around as much as I want. I wouldn't be a dick or inconsiderate to colleagues, but there's no way I'd spend three quarters of my fucking life doing something that makes me unhappy. I'd rather go postal on management and then take the gun to myself. Fortunately for anyone in management, I'm self employed.
  14. Are you kidding? The game is terribly shallow with barely any thought put into the tech tree or agents - they're going to make you pay for those features in expansions. The AI is erratic - I half consider it to be some bipolar genius who at times pulls off brilliantly stunning moves but the rest of the time does circles around your forces without attacking. R:TW was much better, E:TW gets tedious real fast.