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  1. Malkieri

    Gough Whitlam dead at 98

    Just reminded me of this:
  2. Malkieri

    Atomic Top 20 Games

    Voted, keen to see the results.
  3. Malkieri

    Gay Marriage.

    One good thing (for gay couples) which came out of the decision was the finding by the majority that the Federal Government does have the power to legislate for gay marriage - i.e. extend the current definition of marriage to include gay couples. This was seemingly to head off any challenge brought by religious groups in future on the grounds that the constitution only provided powers with respect to marriage as it was understood at Federation.
  4. Malkieri

    National Election Super Station!

    They send you T-shirts, and signs for your front yard, that sort of stuff. Somehow I doubt the Pirate Party could afford that, but sounds interesting. Are there disadvantages to joining a party? If you are quite vocal (social media/blogs etc) or gain some level of public recognition with the party, it may preclude you from working for the AEC. I worked as polling attendant this election and one of the criteria was not only to uphold political neutrality when acting for the AEC, but also to essentially 'fly under the radar' as far as your political identity was concerned.
  5. Malkieri

    Someone debunk this for me.

    I'd stick any 'alien' dna through an ICP-MS to ascertain whether the lifeform was carbon-based before even considering any macro-molecular technique.
  6. Malkieri

    Is scruffy a common name for lorikeets?

    This guy and his mate are the only two we got at my parent's place on the edge of the bush...because they'd chase off any other lorikeets in the area. Had no idea they could be so territorial, as we'd get flocks of them when we lived in Epping.
  7. Malkieri

    whats your favourite documentary

    Food, inc. is pretty good, though the gene patents/GM claims should be taken with a grain of salt when viewed from an Australian audience's perspective. +1 Dear Zachary (my favourite) and Fog of War.
  8. Malkieri

    Black Mirror

    Spiked my interest, will get around to watching it tonight/weekend. Will s02 be 3 episodes as well, or has it been picked up for a longer run?
  9. Malkieri

    Employment Legalities

    BTW you want to contact the Fair Work Ombudsman (ph: 13 13 94), not Fair Work Australia directly. The Ombudsman deals specifically with wage and entitlement disputes. From (my brother's) experience they're actually quite helpful and will provide free advice and pathways for resolving your issues, if possible.
  10. Malkieri

    Assange granted Ecuadorean Asylum

    Does the same arrangement exist between the USA and the UK, as exists between the USA and Sweden? This seemingly carte blanche "we ask you deliver" arrangement? That's another concocted lie. http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/david-al...nge-extradition It is much easier to extradite Assange out of England. Richard Dwyer can attest to that. I asked before, and still no-one has answered... are you going to be the one who stands up and tells two women that their alleged rape is irrelevant and that St. Assange should escape all consequences of his alleged actions just because he is an editor of wikileaks? Actually, it's not a lie. Source (was mentioned in your previously linked article). I don't like linking blogs, but it is written by a British criminal defence QC, so it's probably worth something. So all the Swedes have to do is conduct the trial, then afterwards swing him over to the US without reference to the UK government. All they have to do is get a guarantee that the death penalty is off the table and that he'll be held in a state-side super-max or similar (i.e. not gitmo), and that'll deal with the inevitable human rights claims. Given Sweden's complacent history of extradition to the US or it's agencies (see Ahmed Agiza & Muhammed Al-Zery), I wouldn't be surprised if the US considered a Swedish extradition easier & more expedient. On your (blatently false dilemma) point of Assange escaping justice, his Swedish, British and American defence attorneys are on the record saying they want to defend the case in Sweden. I, like any sane & reasonable person, would to see justice, either for the man's reputation or for the alleged victims, done.
  11. Malkieri

    Assange granted Ecuadorean Asylum

    What worries me the most about this case is this: Source
  12. Malkieri

    Assange granted Ecuadorean Asylum

    In other news, it's "Ecuadorian", got it wrong in the title. Yeh, check the guardian they have a couple of articles on the legality of the UK 'storming' the embassy
  13. Assange was just granted asylum by Ecuador. No idea how they'll get him there though. Part of the reason given was that the UK and Sweden would not grant a guarantee that Assange would not be extradited to the US. Ecuador also queried the US with regards to extradition, but the US would not offer any information.
  14. Malkieri

    What's on your mind?

    Chemistry Project options. So many options, so little time/funds/equipment.
  15. High Court of Australia (HCA) handed down it's decision on whether the 'plain packaging' laws were unconstitutional with regards to s51(xxxi) - "Just Terms". The HCA found that the Act was not contrary to the constitution, but the actual reasoning (and number of judges in the majority) will be published at a later date. Announcement Here