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    Fifty Shades of Stupid

    You would have to be a bit of a nut to commit such crimes. It's not surprising that many would have sought treatment beforehand and been prescribed medication. Why haven't we seen such a rate of shootings in other Western countries? Of course it couldn't have anything to do with the availablity of guns in the US... I looked at some of this guy's manifesto and videos. He came across as extremely narcissistic. From what I can find he wasn't on any medication. His psychiatrist did prescribe him something (not an SSRI) but he refused to take it.
  2. Yes, Yes it will. The ABC is (by charter iirc) a politicaly neutral (as rfa as they can be) organisation. Providing news, entertainment and community notices, and providiing the people a voice. Commercial stations have the bias of their owners/operators... "Kick tthis mob out"? the US FOX network bias... etc... Wait a second. Where in the charter of the ABC is there specific mention of entertainment? Like, where its first function is described: "The functions of the Corporation are: ... to provide: (i) broadcasting programs that contribute to a sense of national identity and inform and entertain, and reflect the cultural diversity of, the Australian community;" I think you underestimate its importance to many Australians and our culture. It's too valuable to be trusted to the market. Don't think so? That's too bad. I reckon you're in the minority.
  3. I'm happy paying a few cents/day or whatever it is for the ABC. It's worth having an alternative to tabloid journalism and cooking/singing competitions. In fact, it's an icon for many. That can't be outsourced.
  4. Yeah man; after tax. 3k a year goes to comprehensive insurance 2k to rego for 3 vehicles. 10k to rent and bills. 7.5k to food. 2.5k to incidentals. Leaves you $5k a year for a holiday or 'toys'. Keep a spending diary and split your accounts so you can see each ones 'reserves' and its pretty easy. Sorry to quote back a few pages but this was bugging me. Please don't take offence to this MS as I feel we have been in similar shoes before and you may have just left out the circumstances in this case. 10k for rent and bills... Unless you live with parents or extremely cheap share accommodation that's just bullshit. $192.30 per week for rent AND bills just dosent seem right. At the moment my dad lives with me and I pay rent to the tune of $390 for a 2 bed 1 bath, WITHOUT bills and given the real estate market here in WA that's pretty cheap, no I'm not in a flash aera (it's actually pretty ghetto-ish) just close to work. So unless you live in an extremely cheap setup <$125 p/w , it's pretty unfair to say that anyone can save coin and Holliday once a year on a 30k wage. :) $30k is more than enough for most people to live on, who don't have dependents. My expenses don't even total half of that. If your dad is paying half, you are only paying an extra $3k/year more than me in rent.
  5. It would be fine, because Firefox haven't made shit decisions and then completely ignored their users.
  6. sponger

    Barry O'Farrell resigns

    Apparently not, since he can't remember it... Sure...
  7. sponger

    (Public Announcement) Heartbleed bug

    lol, all those canned responses aren't a good look. Surely they should just get someone in the company who knows what they're talking about to answer comments in that blog post.
  8. sponger

    (Public Announcement) Heartbleed bug

    When you know the host has upgraded (or downgraded) OpenSSL and generated a new private key (and hence certificate). This potentially affects a shitload of web servers. Most run Linux and most of those would use OpenSSL. Who knows how many were using vulnerable versions though. The quote robzy posted is correct: assume everything has been compromised, unless the host can tell you they weren't using one of the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL.
  9. sponger

    Right to Duelism

    This. Outsmarted.
  10. sponger

    Razor chitchat

    This all sounds like a lot of effort for a closer shave, or are there other benefits? I'd always used an electric shaver up until a few years ago. Now I keep a bit of growth and just trim it (with a beard trimmer) about once a week.
  11. sponger

    What's on your mind?

    I felt it, and the last(?) one too. This one was more subtle, which corresponds with the lower magnitude.
  12. sponger

    Do you believe God exists?

    You can't use reason, because that is accepting that morality is independent from God and is accessible to anyone. I wasnt claiming reason, i was asking how do we know what is right and wrong, and suggesting general ways we could conclude something to be right or wrong. You suggested reason, but as I've said, that's not an option for you. You have stated that morality is without reason. If it is just willed by God, it really just leaves revelation, doesn't it?
  13. sponger

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    That's 25 Mb/s in one direction. All the cloud type of stuff AccessDenied mentioned requires high upload speeds.
  14. sponger

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Australia deserves the Liberal NBN. Shouldn't have voted them in otherwise. Can't vote them in and say yeah nah...implement Labor's policies, we just wanted you in because you're more stable or something. If any Liberal voter signed that petition they can GAGF.