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    Scripting advice

    Powershell? $text = "This is a pre-defined block of text with an email in it for replacement" $emails = Get-Content emails.txt $filecount=0 foreach($email in $emails){ $text -replace "email",$email >> ('email_' + $filecount + '.txt') $filecount++ } That will grab the emails from a file (I tested using a file with 1 email per line) and output them into individual files with name "email_0.txt. email_1.txt" etc. Change the filenaming and text block to suit.
  2. linke

    Carbonara sauce

    It's all about the eggs baby. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbonara
  3. linke

    The Thornberry EP

    Interesting. Not entirely my cup of tea, but I've a few mates who are into that sort of stuff so I'll pass it on. I used to do some work for a guy who brought out a few DJs from the UK and cost was pretty variable. Depending on the guy, they generally wanted flights and accom, plus whatever for the actual gig. If you have someone in mind, it's best to contact them or their management. If you can help them line up a few shows while they're here it can help.
  4. linke


    I was going to mention the lambic, as we also had it while we were there. It was just a special on-tap, I didn't think they bottled it. Either way it's pretty good too. They've bottled some and are letting it rest a little ; ) Did you find the lambic suitably sour, or it was just a sweet fruit flavoured wheat beer? Yeah, it was actually pretty good. My wife ordered it after overhearing some other people talking about it. Her first comment was the sourness, which I explained was the style. I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. linke


    I was going to mention the lambic, as we also had it while we were there. It was just a special on-tap, I didn't think they bottled it. Either way it's pretty good too.
  6. linke


    For something slightly less well known, when we were in Bright (VIC) recently, spent a bit of time at the brewery and really ejoyed their Fainters Dubbel. Worth a stop if your out that way. http://www.brightbrewery.com.au/products.htm
  7. linke


    Not exactly a secret, but if I could drink one beer for the rest of my life, that would be it.
  8. linke


    We studied http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Sleep at school, and I recall it being pretty cool. Our English teacher was undoubtably awesome though, and came to class in character a couple of times.
  9. linke

    Farewell Old Friend..

    My condolences. They are a sweet vehicle.
  10. linke

    Some events are WORTH reporting.

    Not sure what version of Windows you're running, but with Windows 7 you can use the Task Scheduler to create an Event Viewer task that will alert you for specific event types. Open up Task Scheduler and select Event Viewer Tasks Create a new task and give it a name Add a trigger and change the Begin the task drop-down to On an event and fill in the event log and id info Configure the action to Display a message and enter message info Follow the bouncing ball for the remaing tabs and then you will have a message pop up every time an event it logged that matches whatever you defined in the Triggers section Windows does give a shit, as it logs things in the Event Viewer, where it is supposed to. It doesn't know that you want messages popping up when events are logged, so it leaves that bit to you to configure, if you wish.
  11. linke

    Rig for a draftsman

    If it's primary purpose is CAD, then I'd be looking at a proper graphics card. Have a look here at Autodesk certified hardware. Something like the QuadroFX 580 won't break the bank ~$300 and will be a better choice. Running integrated graphics is crazy.
  12. linke

    2*120GB RAID 0?

    Can you explain what you mean by "drive down into Kernel mode and bypass the OS", isn't the kernel part of the OS? How can it bypass itself?
  13. linke

    My school day vs my kids school day.

    Great post, thanks. My kids will be at school in a couple of years. Will be interesting times for sure.
  14. linke

    Which bank?

    Ya, zis iz correct! Cash paymentz are verbotten. They are not. The info here is organised by Industry, but it's certainly not illegal to pay people with cash. http://www.fairwork.gov.au/industries/cler...ying-wages.aspx
  15. linke

    2011-2012 Federal Budget

    From: http://www.startupsmart.com.au/finance/201...arget-smes.html