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  1. 12345

    BlackBerry PlayBook

    I've got a blackberry smartphone and have been wanting this for a while but I haven't really piped up about it because I have no idea when the aussie release will be around. Not a big fan of touch screen phones so have stuck with my trusty 9000 for a while but memory issues have annoyed me so Im totally looking forward to the new bold 9900. As for the Playbook. Absolutely love it but I just don't know if I have any use for it. I could possibly replace it with my netbook and have it tethered to my phone. As a multimedia tablet, it looks fantastic esp with the added bonus of android apps coming soon along with video chat and bbm connectivity. Hopefully, the furore about the absence of native email and calendar which was revealed in a working demo yesterday at the blackberry conference will end some of the mis-guided hate towards the device. Looking at these details, the Playbook is looking like a very capable competitor to the iPad. Charcoal, I'm quite envious of you since I really love to have a play with one but australia seems to wait for ages e.g torch which I personally like and my g/f currently owns. Can I ask what app you created for the playbook and what did you use to create it? android app on playbook video chat 3d gaming - samurai 2? native email and calendar Playbook advert - all about power
  2. 12345

    The new Mortal Kombat

    how's this going to affect the online side of things? effectively killing it for those importing it? This game looked great but online is a pretty big deal breaker especially if its going to be laggy with the lack of aussies to slap around.
  3. 12345

    Hardware Bug in intel 6series chipset

    apparently only some p67 boards and no H67 boards are affected but I would really like to know which ones are so I could continue with some kind of sandy bridge build otherwise I might have to hold off or look at the amd phenom x6 option because keeping my pc running for a couple of years.
  4. If you're like me, I was planning on putting together a future build for a SB rig but unfortunately I woke up this morning to the news that there's a chipset error in Intels new second generation core i5-i7 which will affect motherboard manufacturers. The problem lies in intels support chip code-named cougar-point where they have identified the problem and have corrected the issue with a silicon fix. According to Intel, motherboard vendors will start getting updated core logic in late February for a full volume recovery in April. Intel expected a 5 percent failure rate over 3 years and have decided to act now and halt/recall shipments. In some cases, the Serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the chipsets may degrade over time affecting the connection between the sata port and the hard drives and one day you'll find that you'll no longer see the attached drive but luckily a failed link won't affect data. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/cougar-po...rror,12108.html http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/31/intel-f...ipments-stopped I really need a new computer now so I'm not quite sure what to do just yet. Does this mean all current P67 SB motherboards will be recalled or will they continue to sell them? It seems H67 isn't affected for now and from further reading that only some p67 boards are affected - wouldn't mind knowing which ones. hopefully when these boards do come out with the fix that they state it but a full volume recovery in April??? that's a long time to wait and considering there will be supply constraints, it will be naive to expect boards to be any cheaper... oh sorry, there seems to be one in tech talk. thanks St8smn.
  5. 12345

    PSP2 Announced

    I'd like to hear more about the touch enabled feature on the back which piqued my interest not to long ago when it was hinted that it would have one. It actually got me thinking about them using it as a keyboard alternative but that was only due to my thinking that the main screen wasn't touch sensitive. Good thing the psp2 will rely heavily on a proper control scheme. On that note, I guess you sometimes have to have some form of novelty (e.g 3d screens) to move devices since there's helluva a lot of convergence happening esp with wifi/3g/portable gaming on things like tablets and smartphones. There seems to be talk about being able to play your ps3 games at home then take that same game with you on the go with the psp2. that's intriguing but whether this eventuates or how its implemented remains to be seen. Will it have any relevance come the next playstation console or will we see another update to the psp platform before then - perhaps im just skipping ahead to far :) Also with the advancement of mobile processors and gpus, i wouldn't be surprised to see the playstation suite graphics on mobile devices like tablets and smartphone surpass the psp2 handheld in 3/4 years time but I guess you're buying the psp2 for the experience and control scheme and not just a me-too phone with gaming on the side. How important is it to have 3g capabilities anyways? Its a gaming platform with basic phone functions? I guess if there's two versions, one with wifi only, i guess that would address any fears about kids going over the limit since 3G internet isn't exactly cheap when you've got stingy carriers giving you sub-par performance. PSP2 looks impressive and so does the hardware and screen but hopefully the battery situation is reasonable. Price wise, it looks like it going to be expensive but the games like uncharted is going to grab quite few peoples attention.
  6. 12345

    What screen?

    Get the samsung! It suits your budget and what you're after. You'll be waiting forever when something else catches your eye when this suits your needs? Sure there's something better, larger whatever but if its not in your budget then eliminate it unless you're happy to wait 2-6 months for the next best thing... Good luck with your choice!
  7. 12345

    "Nintendo: A Sad Story"

    don't care much for the video.. Just reminds me of some of the kids these days... :P As for mario and the iconic franchises from Nintendo. The great thing about mario and its spins offs are they are they are fresh enough, change/current enough for its iteration of the console/controls that its actually still a lot of fun. Sure there's been some rehashes with new super mario bros and the all-star packs but there's a still a market for old school gaming and thats great! I think they do enough in mario games to differentiate it from previous titles compared to say a game like COD...
  8. 12345

    New Macbook Airs

    On a C2D system they can use NVIDIA's chipset with an Integrated Graphics chipset For I3/5/7 they'd need to use an Intel chipset with a discrete GPU from what I understand, and there isn't much space in the air. If Intel could pull their head out of their asses, and allow NVIDIA to produce chipsets for the latest processors I think you'd find that the air would be more with the times. probably a good reason to skip the macbook airs then especially at that price.
  9. 12345

    Death knell for Symbian? [NewsBot]

    Not everyone needs a fully featured smartphone that costs $700 dollars and requires a 2GB data plan. So I hardly think its the death knell for symbian. At least to my knowledge I thought symbian was heading down to the lower end of the mobile market where NOKIA sells a truck load of mobiles. People are way to attach on the hype of the smartphone, I can not even fathom seeing my mum with a smartphone and even if she did have one, I can't see her using most of the standard features. Not everyone needs a smartphone that encases itself on need for touch. I personally love hardware buttons and I'm certainly not the only one! But the market is surely eroding in the lower end with Android phones now hitting the price point of some "dumb" phones - you know those phones that actually have reception and rely on phone quality/battery life instead of how fast the web browser or how many useless apps you could install. I've had to drop back from my blackberry for now but i'm using the N95 and other than no threaded smses it's a pretty awesome phone considering the features this phone contains. Some smartphones are still playing catch up but whatever. Symbian is decent but it is getting on with age and though I haven't seen Meego in action I don't particularly see Nokia going the android route. It'll just be another me-too device but one can't dismiss nokia releasing a version with android on there just to see what it like. Nokia certainly has enough in them to recreate and keep up in the smartphone segment. People dismiss the low end far to much nowadays and think Nokia is out of touch.
  10. 12345

    Android tablets

    The problem I see with android tablets is that I read that google themselves have said that its not android isn't suitable for tablets... Chrome OS on the other hand might be. I don't even know enough about Chrome OS and when its due out (if not already). So when Chrome shows up, what will the deal be with current tablets, will there be fragmentation as there is with the android platform as it is now or what? Android does seem quite buggy still and the fact remains just like apple OS, to get the most out of android you still need to root/hack/break into it more so the apple iPad. I think the rooting is due to the fact that manufacturers are taking the sweet arse time in updating their OS on the phones. I can totally picture businesses seeing this as a novelty than a secure system or must-have device. Seemingly, there is a lot of apps on the android store and this in part will help android tablets sell but hopefully there's enough quality to consider a tablet worthy of an investment instead of wasting it on just another 'toy' tech. I understood the market for tablet pcs back in the day but these are still just over size mobile phone devices for now, at least the PlayBook by RIM is marketed as a business tool and companion device for you blackberry smartphone which alternatively, can be enjoyed by consumers who want a small multimedia device. My netbook is 8.9" which I think is the perfect personal computer size on the go, anything bigger is just adding weight and unnecessary size, considering I once lugged around a 15" laptop around with me in America where I had no need for anything more powerful. Saying all that, I like tablets computers and have always wanted one (but that was due to having windows and being powerful portable devices) and can't wait to see these branch out into more useful devices other than just playing that casual angry birds game.
  11. 12345

    Robert Carlyle, Patrick Stewart, Jason Isaacs

    the titan stages look like something out of shadow of the colossus. even the commentary in the video hinted at it. it's like a mash of games that I could enjoy. the platforming and puzzles of prince of persia and the action, quality styling of devil may cry (though I prefer the guns :P) geez, trust it to be over a woman that starts an epic crusade ;)
  12. 12345

    Windows phone 7

    When I first heard about windows mobile 7. I was excited about getting my heads on to it. Over the last couple of months that excitement has waned. This is due to the excessive integration of social networking on windows 7. It seems it wants to link everything with everyone and I'm not particularly fond with having to my gallery filled with facebook images and my contacts exploding with information in front of me, begging me to check out their every move. I don't mind a bit of integration but at the same time it can be a little to much and 'suffocating'. Hopefully there's a good way to 'silent' most if not all all of it until you 'need it'. the second thing that got to me, is something .:Cyb3rGlitch:. brought up. It seems with windows 7, it'll be limiting in comparison to the try and do it all Windows mobile 6. I'm pretty sure they stated that it won't even have copy/paste. It sounds like something apple did not to long ago. It definitely won't be supporting flash - are they following apple rule book here? thirdly, again something .:Cyb3rGlitch:. brought up, is the tiles. As good as it sounds to keep the OS the same on different manufacturers, it really doesn't allow much differentiation now does it. This was until I saw a leak video of HTC showing us a very graphical Weather app. At first im thinking, this looks great until I realised its not very intuitive or user friendly. graphics covering certain texts and transitions surely waste more time than ought to give. This tile also gave an impression that this was a home screen within a home screen which just seems a little off putting for a OS thats trying to be as minimalistic as possible. It looks good at first but I can't say having tiles as my main screen is something i'm overly thrilled about. Just you wait til all those tiles fill up with nonsense and little transistions. It won't look so clean now. Can't wait to see it in person though and hopefully it'll prove me wrong and it'll actually be quite intuitive. Can't say Zune made its way far enough here for me to appreciate it.
  13. in the looks department, i dont think anyone does it better than sony in the notebook arena. the line of sony vaio notebooks have done me well and personally there's nothing wrong with wanting a notebook that looks good especially since its portable. I personally don't think the macbooks look all that great but whats great about them is their battery life but not their built in batteries (retarded if you ask me) that aside, a lot of the vaio ones esp when i went to buy my g/f one (pink colour) was short of battery life so i'm waiting to see what they do in the next few months but you can always swap that battery with an after market one which i did with mine and you'll probably be able to save a few hundred dollars on that one depending on the apple model you're comparing it too. I personally dont look at notebooks as a way of playing games and more towards multimedia. To play games your going to sacrifice on battery life and it'll look bigger and chunkier. Something I feel macbooks pro's miss out on in both accounts to get better battery life. I swear the minimalism on their notebooks go to far because I love my usb/extra ports/hdmi. for gaming you might want to look at dells line of alienware laptops and for something a little more grunt or even asus but gaming machines seem to push the price out a little more. Someone did mention a laptop not to long ago on here, i think it was an asus... To re-iterate, the vaios will do some reasonable amount of light gaming whilst looking good in the process and depending on the model (business to the casual user) you could find one in your price range and not only that you could get blu ray with that which apple likes to have a big cry about. A deal breaker for me is a good screen and you really can't go wrong when going vaio. in saying that, i aint going back to a laptop anytime soon, my netbook does the job even better for travel needs.
  14. 12345

    Coalition of the Wirelessing

    Im using wireless internet right now (3G). not sure how much more reliable 4G is but I know that I'm using this right now in a built up area, in the city and its dropping every now and then, more so than anything I've used such as ADSL or dial up (though much faster than dial up of course) I can't wait for shity weather and crowded areas with towers popping up everywhere just to maintain a signal. erggh. the NBN is going to be costly but its worth it in the long run. it'll be better for all of us. Little off topic now :P Judging by this election the independents electorates are the biggest winners, my vote means shit now that its going to be decided by a small few... smart in some ways for them. rather a unified government than have it decided in this manner.
  15. 12345

    Desired Carrier

    My brother did the same. Not sure it was 65 dollars but he said it was a business plan and they get free calls to each other because he bundles the desire phones together. Looks like a very good phone. its interesting to see telstra finally bringing out plans that are worth looking at now. I'm on three at the moment but I've had issues with international text messaging for as long as I've been with three and the merging of vodafone and three hasn't been ideal since it can take to to three times to finally get through to me (happens enough to notice!). My g/f is on vodafone and she gets unlimited calls to anyone so it hasn't been that bothersome but when her contracts up she'll definitely be dropping down to a lower cap and I'm just hoping those problems lessen in time. I like the three plans a lot more but I think I had better service with optus, since the main reason im still enjoying three is their data options, roaming on telstra and free calls to friends on 3 and now vodafone (need to check up on that one since im still on an older cap)