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  1. Running XP Home legit copy all updated. I was thinking codec but they were playing fine before, just one day stopped?
  2. Yes, the mp3 files work fine on any other player, even nero showtime.
  3. tearing my hair out on this one, it just happened out of the blue, one day it played mp3's the next nadda zip. Checked the file associations and it is ticked as default player. So installed the latest media player 11 and still no go, just a different error. Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help. clicking on web help is no help, offers no solutions. checking online no help either. have started uninstalling other programs like quicktime etc in the vain hope that one of these has taken over ownership of all mp3 files or some other voodoo. MP11 has no problem playing any other file type like music or movies, just mp3s. has anyone else seen this before?
  4. heydude

    You might be younger and fitter.

    Reminds me of my mates teenage son. He thought throwing ice water over me 4 times while camping was funny, I warned him not to throw again. His next attempt didn't even hit the floor before I crashed tackled him into a nearby tent and put a choker hold on him while restraining his legs, something I learned in security training,,,,,, Hahaha, who's laughing now bitch!
  5. True, but doesn't your 9600gt cards require 6pin power connectors? The 4670 does not need any external power connectors and they throttle down the gpu usage in the desktop to extremely low levels for great power usage. The 4670 certainly is my favorite pick for low end market, he is right, they are not the best benchmarkers but play games great!
  6. heydude

    New Gpu any suggestions?

    If it was me personally I would get my hands on a 4890 for around that money, just did some reading at techreport on one, ver nice indeedy!
  7. heydude

    What GPU Should i Get?

    I would certainly go for the 4670 as a minimum, great little cards and much better then the 4650 for a few more dollars. Nvidia camp would be the 9600gso for around that money but I think you need a 6pin power connector which the 4670 does not need.
  8. I thought it might be a similar problem we had with a machine playing certain games, it turned out to be anti aliasing settings. On some AA settings it displayed corrupted images like wrongly drawn leaves on trees on certain games. But you fixed it.
  9. heydude

    AMD Phenom II AM3

    The Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition certainly is a little performer, wouldn't mind getting my mits on one.
  10. heydude

    Three New NFS games announced

    I liked NFS Underground 2 the most out of all of them. MW second. Haven't tried out the new one, undercover though, looks ok. I agree though in the old days you had some kick ass cars to drive, you dont get much with ea these days!
  11. heydude

    Real Time Strategy

    RTS games are my fave, fps second. Supreme Commander is top of my list, especially linked to another pc with 1000 unit cap on 20k map, freakin A+ Rise Of Nations, now that was a good RTS, played through those missions twice. I still play Age Of Empires II to this day, never stopped actually, the amount of my life I have spent playing this game would be obscene!!!! Red Alert the original still holds many good memories, loved that music! Starcraft, man I loved that game, have gone through the missions 4 times, I wished they had of continued that series more, loved it. In a way I think RTS sort of lost it after they went 3d with the graphics, I feel that SupCom did a good job of overcoming that, but you need a decent pc to run it thats for sure. Probably why I still link up with others in age of empires 2, any pc can run it, and still looks good in 2d. Nice mix of resource collecting, building and fighting, priest that convert others, that never gets old. Age of empires 3 certainly lost the plot, you just cant build massive armies and have restrictions on the amount of certain buildings you can build, but still a nice looking rts. But out of all the RTS games I would have to put Age Of Empires 2 at the top of my list for all time great.
  12. heydude


    nesquick back the truck up, this guy knows what he is talking about, obviously. He got the op machine to run at 4ghz, end of story. And dont talk about pride dude, when you got buckets of it coming out of your own posts. Show respect for others and they will do the same for you. Peace.
  13. It will be fine, they are a damn fine card, need no extra power connectors and even at full load dont use much power. The HIS brand 4670 would be a good choice.
  14. I have a spare machine with onboard hd3200 graphics and it can play Grid at lower res and still look decent. The gigabyte box reckons it can get 2000+ 3dmarks 06. Mobo is MA78GM-S2H. Its even got full hd 1080p blu ray play back. A dvi and vga plug at back and hdmi plug.