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  1. In my defence, when I signed it the second time, I thought it was someone else's book, lol.
  2. Jedi_Vader20

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    I located those, I think I got them when I leeched a big batch of "atomic" photos off of squeeks a decade or more ago, decided not to upload to preserve what dignity those people had recovered over the years ;)
  3. Atomic celebrated its 17th birthday in Sydney over the weekend, and it was quite the shindig. During the party, I got to reminiscing and ended up going through a few old photos from meetups and the like with a few of the attendees. Now that I'm home in Brisbane, I figured it's time to ask: What's your favourite Atomic memory? For me, it had to be Irradiate in 2004. Organising Atomic's third birthday celebration with a few fellow Brisbane based atomicans was a thrill, and a memory I'll likely never forget. BONUS LINKS I've also uploaded the sum total of meetup pics that I had lurking about my machine, inlcuding photos from the original Fallout (which I wasn't present at, but had images saved from). Please note that none of these images have been named according to the subjects within: http://jsaunders.id.au/atomicmpc/Fallout/ http://jsaunders.id.au/atomicmpc/Irradiate/ http://jsaunders.id.au/atomicmpc/200311xx%20Brisbane%20Meetup/ http://jsaunders.id.au/atomicmpc/20071215%20Atomican%20Barbeque/ http://jsaunders.id.au/atomicmpc/20081206%20Brisbane%20Christmas%20Party/
  4. Jedi_Vader20

    Roll Call!

    Originally sometime in 2002. Was introduced to atomic by Kommando and Quadlex. I remember the green club code saga :) Been a long time since my last visit, though.
  5. *taps mic* This thing still work? BrisAtomic AFK catch-ups... BrisAtomic BBQs... BrisAtomic Zombie Walks... I see what you mean thar :-) The good old days :3
  6. Jedi_Vader20

    Frisbee Mark 2013 - Un-aerodynamic

    Like I was saying last night, we have the technology, why not make use of it? Do this, take pictures, take video, post them on atomic, where it can be judged and ranked. I like the idea of separate events such as the hard drive shotput, the cd drive discus, etc etc.
  7. Jedi_Vader20

    Community announcement: A call to all lurkers

    ...hi. I should lurk less and post more.
  8. Jedi_Vader20

    Kick a hero

    Confirming that I was indeed kicked, even if I'm not a hero.
  9. Jedi_Vader20

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    Indeed he does.
  10. Jedi_Vader20

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    I can offer patronage in my car. Work finally confirmed next Saturday off for me, too. Since I'm only a learner I can't drink, though.
  11. Jedi_Vader20

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    Crossposted to FB, asking them to confirm here.
  12. Jedi_Vader20

    Who wants to meet up in Brisbane next week?

    I'm free during the day. Pub lunch Wednesday?
  13. Jedi_Vader20

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    I can get cheap printing at my place of employment (officeworks) should we need nametags printed :)
  14. Jedi_Vader20

    Atomic Meet 13: Brisbane

    Bowen Hills station to the brekky creek hotel is about a 10-15 minute walk, just over a km. Assuming you're staying in the city, a split cab might be easier. Also, I suppose confirming is what all the cool kids are doing.
  15. Jedi_Vader20

    [MXIII] Accomodation!

    Hi-ho! I'll be (trying) to list recommended accommodation here, as well as those who need beds, and those who can offer beds. Places to stay something will go here People needing beds something will go here People offering beds Jedi_Vader20 - I have a couch and an air mattress available, as well as vehicular transport (as long as there's one fully licensed driver with us, I'm stupidly only on Ls at age 28) to and from the venue. Situated inner northside, about a 10 minute drive from the Breakfast Creek Hotel and close to bus/train lines. fatal-error - At the moment i have a bed and couch reserved but a pump up Queen mattress available and floor space if anyone needs it on the Gold Coast greycat - 2 couches available here at the B- Street Refuge for Drunk People, and floor space for air mattresses (I have one that can be borrowed). Mods: Requesting a sticky.