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    Monitor Choices Are Doing My Head In!

    Yeah I ended up going with the Dell. It was hard to find a bad word against them really, and given the sale it was hard to pass so I just bit the bullet. Shall see how it goes.
  2. Is it just me or does it seem like choosing a monitor is just about the hardest choice in computing these days. There is so much personal preference and bias, coupled with the fact that most reviews and group tests seem to be at least two years old now (surely there has been enough new monitors in the past year or so to warrant an update). Having had my rant I am looking for advice / suggestions for a 23 or 24 inch monitor sub $400. My highest priority is picture quality and accurate colour. The main activities will be general use / web browsing etc and some photo work. I don’t play games so the lag and response times shouldn’t be as important. I just want crystal clear picture quality at a reasonable price. I do have a personal preference to Samsung as I have always found them to make exceptional quality displays, although I do have to agree with much of the discussion regarding their current design, it's ugly...; Current thoughts are either the Samsung S23A750 or S24A850D or Dell's U2412M. I have no interest in the Korean reject IPS's that seem to be recommended everywhere for gamers at the moment. Is all that too much to ask?