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  1. A bit of data somebody put together from others results. So it looks like they test what is a stable V then add almost 100mV more just to be sure. Edit: Some tests with the Radeon VII under a full cover block.
  2. Dasa

    Good stories thread

    So to get the ball rolling. Lets see what you got.
  3. Unfortunately the local metal work shop only has a plasma cutter which would warp the 2mm steel needed for a new mount plate and the closest laser cutter needed for making a new plate is 100k away and it will probably cost over half as much as the block itself just to draw it up on on the PC ready to be made. So I have run into a bit of a delay.
  4. The chance of increased radiation is probably enough for me to scrap the idea of a cheap china phone. Sister is talking me into Sony even though I am not a fan of the brand the XZ looks like good value for under $400 from Kogan or the premium can be had from a decent seller on ebay for a similar price..
  5. 22,378 Graphics Score 32,319 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/18631627 2045 core 1166mv (Fixed it was crashing instantly over 2000MHz with 2d v at default as it didn't ramp up quick enough) +20 Power (peak power use 489w at wall) 1200 mem J max 108c in Graphics test one thermal throttled to 1950-2000MHz while graphics test 2 ran 2000-2045MHz Ambient ~10c Superposition: (1080p Extreme) 6173 2000 core 1138mv 1200 mem 100c J max So just ahead of gambles 1080ti but it seems the 2080 does really well in this test.
  6. There is a large user list here with stock v and undervolt\oc results Radeon VII Owners! Undervolting/Overclocking Results My system power use at the wall in 3dmark Idle~70-80w Stock ~350w max Undervolt ~285w max OC ~450w max
  7. Gambles best GPU scores in firestrike 1080Ti 29,124 2080 27,563 Founder 2080 ti at stock ~35,000 My Radeon VII Stock 28,464 Undervolted from 1136mv to 1001mv 28,623 Best score so far 31,715 at 2005 core (Stock 1800) <cant get it to run 2010+ even with extra v. 1126mv (Stock 1136mv) +20 Power 1200 mem (Stock 1000) 1200 is the max setting allowed 100% fan J max 97c Ambient ~25c I see someone has hit 35K with a Radeon VII using stock HSF lapped with a custom BIOS.
  8. Radeon VII 2000 core 1126mv +20 Power 1000 mem 100% fan J max 97c ambient ~25c Graphics Score 30 827 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/18622210 2010MHz even up to 1200mv crashes Auto OC = instant blue screen Graphics score was ~200 lower with 1168mv Actual clock speed was ~1900-1980
  9. Yes the they have rushed out a few small fixes since the release driver this is 19.3.1 which was released yesterday. Timespy 8231 with AMD Radeon VII(1x) and Intel Core i7-6700K Processor Graphics Score 8886 http://www.3dmark.com/spy/6500306 Short test so GPU temp only hit 65c and 97c junction with fans topping out at 3000RPM at which they do make a bit of noise. 22-40% faster at stock than my 1070 on water with a powertune vmod and unstable. https://www.3dmark.com/compare/spy/6500306/spy/5308339 Safe to say it is a snug fit
  10. New card is installed here is a quick run at stock 20 844 with AMD Radeon VII(1x) and Intel Core i7-6700K Processor Graphics Score 28 464 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/18620818
  11. Looks like to get everything I want with Telstra\Optus rural reception approval I am looking at ~$550 for Samsung S8\+ and $50 for otterbox defender. Obviously there is other phones out there with good reception that they are not selling and thus haven't tested but it is hard to know which. fliptopia Thanks that is a whopper of a battery in a budget phone but looks like it is also lacking b28
  12. No heat pipes as the Heatsink has a vapor chamber over the core. That is just the edges of the HBM and the core seem to be a little higher than the center. Apparently there is a epoxy resin coating over the lot that is supposed to make it flat and protect the chips. Edit: I clicked post via startrack by mistake when ordering instead of express post so I paid $4 extra for something that will take a day longer as they dropped it in to the post office today to travel the last half the journey. But it could be worse as in the past they have just left items sitting in there local depot 100k away for over a week.
  13. Battery life is important especially when using GPS\Google Maps. General use with rural phone usage so reception quality is also of high importance with my S4 only just getting reception in parts of the house or outside and it was better than most phones for this. Otherwise nothing to intense some web browsing, listening to music and watching Netflix. Ah note 7 pro also lacks a 3.5mm audio jack so two strikes and its out. S4 was in a SEIDIO OBEX Case which was waterproof originally and saved it from many drops the final straw was falling out of my pocket on the motorbike we managed to find it and it rang once but that was it. So a tough phone around $300 is what I am after and a good camera would be nice although I don't give a crap about selfies. Some nice to haves would be USB C and a Infared blaster.
  14. Yes it would be very difficult and I probably wouldn't go so far as to have a step so the pressure on the HBM would be uneven . The block is nickle plated and I probably wouldn't go much past taking of the thickness of the plating. The hardest part would be holding it steady enough so that it only took of what I wanted even if I make some kind of basic guide. Here is the pressure tests gamersnexus did I will start with stock then move to water without lapping the block and later consider lapping it if temps are not good enough.