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  1. Yeah higher tRFC would increase bandwidth a bit and it use to run that at ~30k no problem but at this sage I am having trouble getting 3733 stable at any timings in HCI. There is no gear down with Intel. Maybe a fan would help a bit but they are staying under 40c at this stage and I believe the problem to be the CPU memory controller is simply not a winner of the silicon lottery. Swapped RAM kits tried running a single stick and different slots but it is still hit and miss even posting at 3866 when it use to benhcmark just fine at 4000. Thought I was getting somewhere then stable at 3733 HCI all tightened up but aida64 score was really low so I guess one of the profiles I had tried earlier left something in the background changed and it still failed to post once. 3600c14 1T is looking like it may be the go with this 7700K. Also tried overclocking my 6700K and RAM in mates MSI z170 MB but man what a piece of shit it wont even run the RAM over 3200 and at 3200 the IGP seemed unstable with black screen flickering and artifacts on the windows load screen but oddly stability tests worked fine and found no errors although prime95 refuses to launch for some reason. As for overclocking the 6700K in the MSI MB all seemed well at 4.5GHz until I noticed it dropping to 3800MHz when stress tested although a lower OC would only drop to 4000Mhz which is what the CPU would normally run with 8 threads in use at stock clocks. CPU temps ~50-60c power use could be 65-95w CPU and it didn't seem to matter what settings I changed in BIOS not that there was many to chose from. It seems older BIOS had more options available than the current one from what I found on the net.
  2. Think I have the CPU fairly well dialed in at 5000MHz core\cache and -1 offset for 4.9 AVX with 1.34v No luck yet with getting the RAM over 3733 but I have managed to tighten the timings which passed GSAT but is failing HCI very quick and extra v isnt helping so I need to work out what I need to dial back a bit. Unfortunately the primarys had to go back to c16
  3. Liquid metal under IHS and Cryonaught ontop and it is afloat so same as my 3770K except this Time I don't think I killed the IGP . There was a few copper points under the IHS I should have covered with nail polish so hopefully the liquid metal stays put. Failed stress test lastnight so dropped back to 48 AVX with -2 offset and added .005v although it is still reading 1.296v load.
  4. So a little update. Radeon VII went in a while back. Now I have swapped my 6700K for a mates 7700K and after deliding it is running 5GHz AVX 4.9GHz 1.32V llC5 with Vdrop to ~1.3v and topping out at ~60c Only run some short 15min stability tests so far so I may need to tweak that a little yet. Tried 5.1GHz 1.375v but it blue screened within seconds of starting the stability test. I was hoping that the memory controller would be better and I could just set 4000MHz but like with my 6700k it is still twitchy over 3733 and often wont post at 3866 even though it is stable if it does post so maybe a BIOS setting will help me get a little more out of it I just need to work out which. Modified mount holding on the old Storm G5 which was a pure silver CPU waterblock made 15 years ago in AU. The old stained Tygon tubing was the only thing I had that didn't kink badly with that bend. Just for kicks here is a little history with some of my older builds in there prime.
  5. Yeah that RAM kit is fine. Any that have CL17-18-18 or lower in the spec. Lower the better with timings.
  6. RAM performance on Zen2 https://www.techspot.com/review/1891-ryzen-memory-performance-scaling/ RAM overclocking is slow and hard but much more beneficial than overclocking the CPU. Try using settings suggested by DRAM Calculator for Ryzen. https://www.techpowerup.com/download...am-calculator/ Guide on using it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOqhyVNPhaM There is great info here on stability testing RAM. I find HCI best for memory controller stability and Linux GSAT the quickest for finding RAM related errors. https://www.overclock.net/forum/10-a...ty-thread.html That Corsair RAM kit is likely using Hynix chips which are some of the cheapest and slowest chips about with it's rated speed being fairly close to a fast as they get without slowing timings a lot offsetting gains from higher frequency. Adata 3600c17 is probably the best bet if you want RGB at a reasonable price. You will need to use the BIOS flashback feature on that MB successfully or it wont post with the new CPU or you could pay PCCG to update the BIOS for you. Older MSI MB other than the MAX which support Ryzen 3000 out of the box are having more BIOS issues than others due to there BIOS chip being to small to fit all the data and they had to cut some stuff out. The Crucial P1 SSD and Intel 660P are a ok budget drive for gaming but there low Write endurance makes them not so flash for other things like photoshop\video editing. You also want to make sure they don't get very full as there performance drops a lot more than most when they do. For the little bit extra Adata XPG SX8200 PRO is a much better drive. 2x120 AIO have a tendency to be fairly loud vs HSF. Try get at least a 2x140 AIO or 3x120 if you want one. they are not a good value option but then bling never is. 550w would be fine for that build only really need 650w with a 2080Ti overclocked and maybe 750w with a overclocked 3950x and even then the system would be using significantly less power than that.
  7. B450 MB can handle higher RAM speeds with Ryzen 3000 and should be similar to X570 in this regard if the BIOS is good enough. That said if your willing to OC CRUCIAL Ballistix Sport LT Series DDR4 3000MHz is good value using Micron chips that are known to OC rather well with Ryzen 3000 Timings wont be as tight as with b die but then they are a lot cheaper.
  8. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    2600X is actually scoring higher than 3700X in shadow of tomb raider due to margin of error and in metro the 3700X is 1.3% faster than 2600X but this could just be margin of error again. And that is with a 2080Ti pulling a lot more FPS than your 2080. I wonder why Intel CPU are slower than AMD at 2560x1440 in shadow of tomb raider while they win at 720p and are close at 4k\1080p
  9. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    Ram only affects CPU performance so honestly I am surprised the difference isn't smaller. I wonder if you would see any difference vs your 2600 in those tests or if they would also be within 2% of the 3700X. Most productivity suites see much smaller gains from RAM speed than CPU limited sections of gameplay.
  10. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    Huge jump in AoS CPU test while the rest is about what you would expect being largely GPU limited and 3dmark being a rather small test it doesn't really flood the CPU cache like open world games do and I guess Civ is the same.
  11. It is fairly open but does have a glass side panel that screws onto each side https://cougargaming.com/products/cases/conquer/ The odd angles is just how it is Edit: Also brought home his delided 7700K and corsair H60 to play with. The H60 is a newer revision with a updated pump and larger tube than the old H80 so it will be interesting to see if it still has ~3c low flow rate penalty or if they improved upon it.
  12. Not great pictures of it I'm afraid, also took a little video with the old gopro 3 but it really didn't like the low light. Had to redo tubing as the new MB moved the CPU position and higher VRM HS blocked running the GPU tube behind the block. One of the MB RGB ports doesn't work so for now just the GPU RGB and Fans are going till a splitter arrives for the CPU\Pump. Might get some better pics one day once he has finalized it and had some time to configure the RGB. Gave it a quick run in borderlands 2 and temps were under 40c for CPU\GPU. The only leaks were when we left the top rad bungs out while pouring in the coolant then forgot to put them back before starting the pump.... oops that made a bit of a mess and a bit of a dribble from the fitting we screwed into the res for filling.
  13. Been a few delays with work and incorrect parts. He has been doing a bit on his own and will give me a call when it's time to finish it off. I think he wanted a new RGB MB so may have upgraded to 9700k. Edit: maybe this weekend.
  14. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    Yeah it still sees really big benefits with inter core communication from higher IF even with RAM left at lower speeds. At least provided the difference is big enough to offset the latency increase from running outside of 1:1 ratio.
  15. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    https://youtu.be/iHJ16hD4ysk?t=364 3800 vs 3800 tweaked subs was 2-8% faster in average FPS and up to 27% faster in percentiles.