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  1. As far as I can see it looks ok provided it isn't making contact with the PCB or bending it some how.
  2. Dasa

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Fairly close to the edge but may be ok with another .005v-.01v at least in firestrike.
  3. Does sound a bit hot which means ether a bad mount or Vcore is way to high due to a bug with the BIOS update. Two SATA drives playing up? that does make me suspicious of the MB... was this only since the BIOS update? Don't follow your last question maybe a picture would help.
  4. Dasa

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    What about 30% with 1.18v set? What program are you using to test load as different programs and higher FPS will increase power draw and make the card behave differently.
  5. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    ROG Crosshair VIII Impact - Review https://forums.overclockers.com.au/threads/rog-crosshair-viii-impact-x570-review-and-guide.1272265/#post-18332243 He is also looking into high RAM speeds and testing with LN2 Oh and the MB only costs $750au
  6. Dasa

    Galax Video Cards

    Ah who knows a bit like Hitachi changing to Hikoki.
  7. Dasa

    Galax Video Cards

    There would be a % of cards that fail in that time for any manufacturer dropping it allows them to sell them cheaper. Sometimes a manufacturer may use cheaper parts that are less likely to last as long or with Seagate when they swapped to a factory in china there warranty went from 5y to 1y then 2y and now they have a few products with 3-5 years again.
  8. Dasa

    Galax Video Cards

    As far as I know the biggest down side to the brand is 2y warranty vs 3 years on some of the others. Not sure how loud the HSF is on that model but specs suggest it is a fairly large HSF so it should be ok.
  9. Dumped gravel and rock blocks environmental water from flowing into Murray-Darling forest https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2019-09-23/gravel-blocks-environmental-water-flows-murray-river/11537590 An irrigation channel used to release water into a forest along the Murray River in NSW has been filled with earth and rocks, with an irrigator saying the vandalism is a sign of frustration boiling over in the area. Key points: Dumped rocks and gravel is blocking environmental water from flowing into a forest along the Murray River An irrigator says it is a sign of frustration at water management Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has ordered an investigation It is illegal to damage irrigation infrastructure, but Southern Riverina Irrigators chairman Chris Brooks said he was not surprised it happened. "I can see it. It's on the highway between Barooga and Mulwala," Mr Brooks said. "It's a dire situation. "Desperate men do desperate things. "I see the look in people's faces and they are pretty angry. It worries me, but it is going to happen." Irrigators in the New South Wales Murray region are facing their second year of no water allocations and crops across the region are currently dying or being cut for hay due to lack of rain and, in many cases, irrigation water. Mr Brooks said he had nothing to do with the vandalism, was not condoning it, but understood why it happened. Despite that futile attempt at stopping them wasting water the rivers are currently all running at flood capacity and they are using irrigation channels and pumps to bypass choke points in the river in a effort to force more water out to sea without flooding houses, never mind that catchments are nearing half the level of the same time last year and one down to 36% To bad if turmoil breaks out and shipping lanes are cut this country would likely starve.
  10. Updated the title to better describe my intentions with the build Bang 4 Buck Gamer Also added some review links to help chose between GPU brands and updated the links up the top. GPU RX 5700 8GB OC <Review $599 -OR- RX 5700 XT 8GB OC <Review $699 (2070 Super is decent value at $750 with ebay sales)
  11. Bit of double sided tape and some cardboard should work nicely. Pure rock slim should be fine but the bigger you go the slower you can run the fan. The better the airflow the lower the GPU fan speed so it is a balancing act against what result sin lower noise and is it quieter at idle or load.
  12. GPU will be the main concern for airflow as those drive bays will block there fair share in the BQ 600 and looking at the case adding extra fans may not help that much although blocking the other fan slots in the front so that air cant just go round in circles may help a bit and maybe reduce escaping noise. PCI-E 4 ay be helpful to some games for those targeting ~240FPS
  13. Might be changing my suggestion for the Asus X570 Pro MB as it looks to have a serous flaw that none of the previews for it picked up on. Users are reporting high noise from the chipset fan and when I looked at this image I noticed that looks like the bare chipset die is barely making contact with the HSF and is just sitting bare under the fan. https://www.techpowerup.com/review/asus-prime-x570-pro/images/chipset.jpg Apparently the fan is PWM but cannot be controlled in BIOS on the current header and changing the header would not allow adjustment based on system temperature. Edit: found some better pictures and the HSF may actually be covering the chipset so it is not all bad but apparently it is still loud at 4700RPM <50c idle https://forum.hardwareinside.de/media/asus-rog-strix-x570-e-gaming-14-jpg.89805/
  14. Dasa

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Which unlocks the clock speed block up to 5700XT levels and maybe increases the power limit but nothing else. Should make the 5700 a better value option but keep an eye on VRM temps.