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  1. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    CPU-Z benchmark here indicates it works for this person buy I have seen some people claim no difference on forums. It should only work with loads that are only making use of a few cores. ~150MHz difference is within margin of error for a lot of performance benchmarks.
  2. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    Seems I am a bit late finding this so no doubt most of you already know about it 1usmus Custom Power Plan for Ryzen 3000 Zen 2 Processors
  3. Dasa

    Free game World War Z till April 2

    Yes it does but I don't really care when there giving away free games.
  4. Epic game store has it for free if anyone wants to shoot some Z. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/download I have played a lot of L4D2 coop over the years and hope to give this a bash over the coming weeks if anyone wants to join in give me a yell.
  5. Dasa

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Looks like the controlled distribution of the virus has gone according to plan and now they just have to manage the rate at which it spreads so that the health system can keep up well enough that they can save the majority of people that get seriously ill from it. Then once the hospitals start to catch up again they can open everything back up and start selling off whatever is left (like leftover toilet paper) to get the economy back on track.
  6. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    Nice I was wondering when somebody would make a waterblock to better suit the core position of Ryzen but now they don't need to.
  7. You can use windows 10 for free without registering it you just have some very minor limitations but it sounds like windows 7 may be better suited.
  8. Thought it might have been something like that which is why I asked what the CPU usage was Glade you got it sorted.
  9. If you have a bunch of windows 7 systems with keys just download windows 10 from microsoft and stick it on a USB stick https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10 That way you will have less updates to install than if you used a old DVD Then when installing windows 10 you can format the drive which will wipe all data on the old PC and use the windows 7 key from each system to activate windows 10.
  10. RAM drive is a good idea so this is how my 970 evo went 3 mp4 files 22GB in total 1.25GB/s 2264 photos 11-12MB .NEF Total 23.3GB 1.04GB/s 2236 jpg Total 15GB < this is where the Intel optane would shine 721MB/s This was with copy paste which should write all the files in sequence which I think is easier on the drive than multiple copies at once. They all finished as soon as the counter ended although the other day when I was copying from multiple drives at once the 970 evo disk activity continued for a few seconds after the window closed. As you can see it is normal for write speed to drop but it usually takes ~10-20GB written before this drop and down to 100MB with large files seems a bit extreme unless you are transferring heaps of tiny files. While the Optane powers on with no drop.
  11. Tried with my system although I only have one NVMe drive I get some weird behavior as well. Copying a group of videos from a SATA SSD and a HDD to the 970 EVO sometimes maintains 500-700MB/s (max for the drives it is coming from) and other times it quickly drops to ~400BM/s with 7 files totaling 20GB on each drive. Edit: Ah could be because I left files in the recycle bin from first try and so my SSD was almost completely full since it had under 100GB free before I started. Edit 2: Ok freed up 160GB and this time I placed 5 MP4 files totaling 32GB on the SATA SSD a SATA HDD and USB HDD. This time it maintained full read speed from all those drives with the 970 EVO doing it easy.
  12. What happens if you put the files on each HDD then copy them from all HDD at once to one of the SSD then the other to try rule out one of the individual SSD as the problem. Also is CPU usage showing anything while copying?
  13. Dasa

    Logic's woes.

    Soundcards are good for nothing but driver problems in my experience. If you want better quality Audio than the MB use HDMI to a home theater system or a DAC for headphones. Best if you can pass that through to your monitor or you will have a invisible display for your mouse to disappear onto.
  14. The Adata 8200 PRO is probably the best value high end drive per GB if you want a large drive. The MP600 1TB is a PCI-E 4.0 SSD At this stage the PCI-E 4.0 SSD controller is not as good as the best ones used on PCI-E 3.0 drives so while its max read\write speeds are impressive it struggles under more difficult workloads. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-force-mp600-m2-nvme-ssd/2 So if you don't need high capacity for the scratch and latency matters more than max read\write speed. 280GB Intel 900P Optane $569
  15. Intel Optane if you want low latency and high durability rather than capacity.