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  1. Nice to see background CPU usage dropped from 65% to 1% but is your CPU stuck at base clocks?
  2. It is probably a windows problem but if you want to make sure all your hardware is performing as it should give user benchmark a run and link us to the score https://www.userbenchmark.com/
  3. Might still be worth checking if there is a firmware update for the drive that is acting up or if possible test in another PC as it may still be a compatibility issue with the controler, regardless you want to make sure it is backed up.
  4. In the past I had a SATA 2 HDD that would slam it's head so hard it sounded like it was going to smash about once every 10 sec just because it's firmware was not compatible with the SATA 3 controller on my MB so maybe one of your drives has a similar problem.
  5. Secondary fan header usually is tied the the primary control. I would use them for the CPU fans and the system headers to control the case fans or hub.
  6. Corsair RM X is a better quality PSU with a longer warranty which probably makes it worth the extra. I believe the Superflower to be a better value PSU and that the only difference you may ever notice between them is the lower noise of the Superflower but I could be wrong. Also the part list is private.
  7. They are ok but your Noctua would be much quieter and also allow for a few MHz higher boost clock even if it is not enough to make a noticeable performance difference on it's own it adds up with tweaks made to RAM.
  8. Dasa

    Navi Confirmed: 2019

    Shame there is no talk of new high end GPU at ces just the 5600XT which should be a decent competitor for Nvidia low-mid range just a little late.
  9. Why? what heatsink do you have as Noctua provides updated mounts sometimes for free.
  10. Superflower has come a long way in recent years. Superflow made the EVGA G2 which had a high reputation with the main flow being a short holdup time, so if you are in a area with power that frequently drops out you would want a UPS that switches over in under 11ms with these older models. Seasonic G series had some issues with balancing load on the 12v rail at high draws. Review of the 650 Leadex III https://www.techpowerup.com/review/super-flower-leadex-iii-650-w/ The Crucial has new Micron chips that are known to OC fairly well while the Ripjaws V will be a bit of a lottery that probably wont OC very well. I don't know the the X570 MB is worth the premium over say MSI B450 Mortar MAX $149 even with the free SSD. PCI-E 4 doesn't currently offer any real benefits even the SSD are currently slower for load times than top end PCI-E 3 drives. Biggest down sides in my eyes are the loss of the front USB C port and lower quality audio chip. Maybe it is worth it just for the USB C port when you are paying for such a nice case.
  11. Much the same you just have to go into the other end of the plug beside the wires. It should force the PSU to power the MB unless it detects a short in which case it should instantly power off.
  12. I wonder what would happen if you used the paperclip method while connected to the MB.
  13. Dasa

    New Gaming Build

    25nm M die I didn't expect that... it would be about the first DDR4 chip ever released and usually tops out around 3200-3400 so you must have a really high bin.
  14. Dasa

    Where does all the coolant go?

    If there is no visible UV bright spots I think it is probably just the small res combined with the large amount of tubing which may be a type which allows the fluid to pass through it more easily than others.
  15. Dasa

    New Gaming Build

    The RAM is probably Hynix DJR which has the up side of being very easy on the memory controller with some able to run 4x16GB ok at 3733.