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  1. The Adata 8200 PRO is probably the best value high end drive per GB if you want a large drive. The MP600 1TB is a PCI-E 4.0 SSD At this stage the PCI-E 4.0 SSD controller is not as good as the best ones used on PCI-E 3.0 drives so while its max read\write speeds are impressive it struggles under more difficult workloads. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-force-mp600-m2-nvme-ssd/2 So if you don't need high capacity for the scratch and latency matters more than max read\write speed. 280GB Intel 900P Optane $569
  2. Intel Optane if you want low latency and high durability rather than capacity.
  3. I tried to OC a friends Intel MSI MB and it's BIOS was a mess and often didn't do what it should have so my personal experience is not good and like you I have been very happy with my Asus MB although I only buy fairly high end models. I have had a few GB MB and while solid and reliable there BIOS were a little hit and miss. The MSI Tomahawk has perhaps the best B450 VRM in reviews and great heatsinks. A lot of people have them and are very happy with them being one of the most popular MB for AMD Ryzen. Although it still uses a cheaper Audio chip than the Asus Strix ALC1200 These days all MB seem to use solid caps which are much more reliable than the older ones except for Audio where they use caps better suited to that. I believe Asrock is now separated from Asus.
  4. Same VRM and much the same HS which are sufficient for a 6-8 core CPU without overclocking but would struggle with 12-16 core. One MB that is a fair bit better ΜΗΤΡΙΚΗ MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX RETAIL 119.90 € No stock TIM is not as good but good enough. One down side is it can set hard when cold and I have seen people have bent pins as the CPU ripped out of the socket when they went to remove the stock HSF. Overclocking has never really been a big risk to hardware unless you push way to hard with high v and temps. Ryzen 3000 does a good job of overclocking itself so with it people mostly just OC the RAM.
  5. Correct the 2700 runs a lower clock speed so it would need to be overclocked to perform similar to the 2600X in most games which typically don't benefit from the extra cores at this point in time. As for the MB about the only difference I can see is that it is a bit bigger allowing for extra PCI-E slots you will never use.
  6. ASROCK B450M PRO4 76.90 € RAM PATRIOT PV416G320C6K VIPER 4 SERIES 16GB (2X8GB) DDR4 3200MHZ BLACK/RED DUAL KIT 79.90 € That makes anything over the 2600X a stretch for the budget. Looks like Newegg and amazon.de are a little cheaper for you but maybe not with post and probably not worth the risk of possible return prices if you need to RMA 2600X is a massive improvement over your current CPU, up to twice as fast and you have a upgrade path to Ryzen 4000 if you want a faster CPU in the future. 2700X just adds two more cores. Edit: You can get your free AM4 mount from Noctua here https://noctua.at/en/nm-am4-uxs-mounting-kit-order-form
  7. Interesting the difference in prices Ryzen 5 2600x at 145 euro =$235.98au not available only the 2600 for $199 Ryzen 7 2700 at 166 euro = $270.15au actual $319 Ryzen 7 2700x at 184 euro = $299.44au actual $415 Ryzen 5 3600 is ta 215 euro =$349.89au actual $275 What MB\RAM prices are you looking at? or what store might be helpfull.
  8. For video rendering 2700X if found at a good price is a decent value option being ~20% faster than the 3600 for fully multithreaded workload that doesn't care as much about latency but for gaming the 3600 $275 is ~10% faster than the 2700X and the 2600 $199 is ~15% slower than the 3600 for everything. Ryzen 3000 can also handle higher RAM speeds than Ryzen 2000 which helps game performance even more than the base line performance I mention above when tweaked.
  9. I have updated some of the suggested builds in this wiki more recently than the parts guide on these forums if you want a look https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/rmp_sg_whirlpoolpcs_gaming_configs_1
  10. I think the current CPU\MB\RAM can be kept for those programs I don't think it needs replacing just yet unless your 3d modeling is very demanding and multithreaded. A GPU upgrade will allow you to run higher detail settings and overclocking the CPU should help with FPS dips in wow. If you game at 1080P Inno3D NVIDIA, GTX 1660 SUPER, Twin X2 $355 should do nicely. The default BIOS will likely allow you to run at max boost frequency for all cores and I think there is a updated BIOS that will allow further overclocking for your MB. Increasing RAM speed and tightening timings could also be a big help.
  11. Not exactly. Channels is when a memory controller is able to double or quadruple bandwidth by reading\writing to separate sticks independently. Single rank sticks can still be double sided, they just have less chips on each side so the same amount of chips as a single sideded single rank kit while dual rank kits have twice as many chips as a single rank kit which usually means populating the other side of the stick with chips. If I remember that video correctly dual rank doesn't double the bandwidth like dual channel it just allows the individual sticks to read and write at the same time instead of one then the other which can increase bandwidth throughput a small amount under some workloads.
  12. Just much harder on the memory controller I believe with no real performance difference. With Ryzen 3000 I get the sense that the max fabric speed in not heavily influenced by the memory controller stability with the RAM speed so as far as frequency goes running the extra stick is not likely to limit you? But at least on my 7700K I did have to relax timings for 4 sticks of b die from 3600 14-15-15 1t to 3600 15-15-15 2t.
  13. If your 2x8GB kit is using old chips it is possible that you are already running dual rank. This should give you the details of your RAM http://www.softnology.biz/files.html
  14. You can achieve the same thing in the laptop with two dual rank sticks so 2x16GB. But while interesting I doubt the price is worth the small % increase to CPU performance that will not affect all programs.
  15. The best look into dual rank vs single I have seen this far with them being the only ones to fix all sub timings for the comparison. https://www.techspot.com/article/1971-more-ram-modules-better-for-gaming/