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  1. For the price and my use I think it was the best choice second best choice would have been to pony up the extra $500 for a 2080ti
  2. By ~100MHz I guess there is something about the balance of shaders ect. that give the Radeon VII a advantage in FireStrike and something in TimeSpy that gives the 2080 a advantage over the Radeon VII and 1080Ti
  3. Finally got my Radeon VII on water although it is not as neat as I had hoped. @2200c 1.293v +60% 1275m (EvenMorePowerVII_1293+) Firestrike Graphics Score 33,246 http://www.3dmark.com/spy/7252701 Timespy Graphics Score 10,459 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/19401306 Max temp 25C core 55C junction 16c Idle These temps are just from 3dmark not from looping something like metro. Storm G5 is now mounted on the Radeon VII with a thick application of grizzly kryo. Ended up making another plate to go between the GPU and the Block so it can use 4 small bolts with 4 large bolts, it's not pretty but it does the job. The CPU block was designed for direct core cooling and is made out of 99.9975% pure silver, it is fairly restrictive with it's jet's. The holes in the base for the water jet's are about the size of the core and the HBM sits off to each side a little. Used some old stained Tygon tubing as it was kinking the least out of my tube selection when trying to fit it in between the GPU and the PSU. Looped metro at 2000c 1138mv +20% 1130m Max temps Core 28c Junction 53c Idle 16c
  4. It's alive! dam thing loves to make my heat stop blank screen first boot. Storm G5 is now mounted on the Radeon VII with a thick application of grizzly kryo. Ended up making another plate to go between the GPU and the Block so it can use 4 small bolts with 4 large bolts, it's not pretty but it does the job. GPU at 2060MHz 1216mv Max temps during first run of TimeSpy 36c core 60c junction Idle 29c core 30c junction Attached Thumbnails
  5. Any idea how liquid metal reacts with 99.9975 % pure silver?
  6. 3770K will increase CPU performance in ACO by ~10% going by this https://www.dsogaming.com/pc-performance-analyses/assassins-creed-odyssey-pc-performance-analysis/ Liquid metal under the IHS is fairly safe but I wouldn't be in a hurry to use it elsewhere. Although I am tempted to try it on my Radeon VII. (I also spread it over one of the resistors on my GTX1070 to increase it's powertune %) Temps on my 3770K dropped by ~20c after the delid.
  7. It's only $139 for a Bykski full cover from PLE but people are still hitting around 70c hot spot with full cover blocks and I was hoping to see if i could get a little less. I am going to try get the storm on first and see how it's old silver ass performs.
  8. If you can delid the 3770K and stick some Liquid metal under there you will get a better OC out of it before it overheats. I had a bitch of a time getting mine off though and almost killed the CPU.
  9. Last I looked 3770K were still going for ~$150 online. It will get you 4 extra threads thanks to HT which can boost performance up to 25% in some things and reduce the chance of stutters in games that need more than 4 cores.
  10. Inlet\outlet are to close to screw 90 fittings in but maybe I could fit one and my snake. Drilled out the mount plate today maybe 1mm out with the holes and the other worry is that the screws for the G5 will be to fat to go through the GPU. Got the price back for the laser cut and it is more than I was hoping. Material $25 Programing $50 Setup Fee $100 Total Inc. GST $192.50 Edit: So the screws are too fat and it doesn't look like I can buy any long enough ~70mm that are thin enough ~2-3mm. Removed the barbs to see if I could use some shorter ones but they are larger than your standard water cooling parts. Wonder if I can weld the fat screws to the end of thin ones...
  11. Sent a email of to the laser cutter today but decided I think I am going to have a go at drilling holes in my old Storm G5 pure silver CPU waterblock and mount it only trouble is the hoses will be close to the PSU in the mATX case.
  12. Had a similar problem with my 2600K it was stable overnight for prime95 at 4.9GHz but after days of use it would become less stable needing clocks dropped further and further but leave it at 4.4GHz for a while and it was stable at 4.9GHz again for a few days.
  13. If the CPU can handle 70FPs + at 720p then it can handle 70FPS+ at 4k (not including emulators) and you just need the GPU to go with it now . What speed is your RAM running?
  14. Could probably use zip ties on the current blocks but with soft HBM I don't want to risk crushing it with uneven mount pressure. I could probably cut out a plate that would sit over the top of the current one that would work ok if need be.