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  1. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    What software are you looking at using with 2990wx that is latency sensitive? Latency on Intel quad channel systems ìsnt great ether
  2. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    Oops phone edit results in repost
  3. Dasa

    Cyberpunk 2077 - 48 minutes preview!

    As apposed to what turn based top down like Xcom or third person? Cant say I like third person myself as a PC gamer but it seems to suit consoles.
  4. Did some tests when I upgraded from 3770k to 6700k which has exactly the same IPC as 8700k but two less cores and doesn't OC as far. https://www.overclock.net/forum/18051-memory/1611359-3770k-vs-6700k-fallout-4-arma-3-rainbow-six-siege-core-cache-memory-scaling-ddr3-1600c11-2133c9-ddr4-2133c15-3000c12-4000c17.html As you can see for some games the 3770k will struggle to maintain the high FPS your chasing but for other games it will do fine. AMD Ryzen 2600 and i5 8600k would be the sweat spots at the moment for value. Once overclocked the 8600k is noticeably quicker in CPU bound games but AMD is competitive again. Intel has a 8 core chip on the way if you really want to pay a premium for something that will hold up like the Q6600 did. For overclockable RAM you want sticks with Samsung B die chips these start at 3200c14 which is what I'm using which hit 4000c17 but there is higher binned sticks like 3600c15 if you really want to push it. You know i use to be a guru I think i may have lost about 10k from my post count aswell. Oh and Nvidia has new GPU on the way but with no competition from AMD there 2080TI will probably cost ~2k AU or you can get ex mining 1080ti for ~!$700 on OCAU at the moment which is rather tempting.
  5. Dasa

    Cyberpunk 2077 - 48 minutes preview!

    Wicked. Nice to see some of the best old school gameplay in there vs a lot of the boring modern crap. It will be interesting to see how they can improve on the graphics\lighting that's is lacking a bit in some places. Had a good laugh about the guy continuing to complain about his legs after his head was gone.
  6. Dasa

    Desktop build

    PC don't start slowing down unless there full of dust and overheating in which case you clean it. If they start fee;ling sluggish its due to software usually viral activity and a heap of bloat in the background maybe a failed windows update creating high CPU usage in which case reinstalling windows is the easiest fix.
  7. Didn't actually try any benchmarks just borderlands 2 which is CPU bound by its single threaded physics since it doesn't load it all on the GPU. GTX480 GPU usage was about 14% while it was being used as a dedicated physics card.
  8. Configured the system to run fanless when idle, virtually silent at low loads, very quit under typical gaming loads. Then it can ramp up to full speed if it gets hot for some reason like if I don't bother to turn on the ac when its 45c outside\inside. Provided I don't use batteleye anticheat software as it disables speedfan. Safe to say my GPU got hot and unfortunately its memory is now only stable at +600MHz instead of 700MHz+ OC. This was before i attached the new heatsinks to it. Also have a external temp probe stuck into the fins I glued onto the 1070 and so far the hottest those heatsinks have hit is 42c when there isn't much airflow thanks to this quiet fan profile Stuck the GTX480 in temporarily to test it as a dedicated physics card. It worked but it didn't help performance.
  9. NVIDIA GV102 Prototype Board With GDDR6 Spotted, Up to 525 W Power Delivery. GTX 1180 Ti?
  10. Neat so how long till he starts to oc it? And whats this new ram you have?
  11. Dasa

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Will be reinstalling when alpha 17 comes out.
  12. Ask yourself this... Am I a real boy?
  13. Its not noisy per say until I take the fans over 1000RPM which isn't needed for 24\7 use but the old fan which uses a sleeve bearing has a bit of a click to it. While the new fan that uses ball bearings seems to make a bit more air noise when from reviews I thought it should make less. This leads me to think that maybe some tabs on the front of the case that go past the tips of the blades for mounting a smaller fan could be creating some noise, so I may have to cut them off to find out.
  14. Felt it was time for a little update after i finally stuck some heatsinks to my 1070 heat plate Also installed a second 180mm fan on the rad FM181. Being white looks a little funny. It's such a tight fit the old AP181 had to be offset to avoid the other side of the case but there isn't enough room between the AP181 and the GPU to use the other mount plate anyway. I'm not sure what to make of the noise differences yet and just how much of it is due to the different mount positions in the case
  15. Dasa

    AMD Zen

    For hci i find 400% is the minimum when running 8 instances at once with ~1777mb each so that all threads are covered and all ram is used I like to leave it run overnight so that each has 1200 coverage just to be sure but it will usually find any bad errors in the first 50-200% I find hci is very heavy on the cache and is great for finding errors related to the memory controller but a bit slower than linux gsat for finding memory related errors