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  1. Mr a-bomb

    Freeware and Open Source Software List

    [04:28] > Microsoft's Virtual PC is free, you should list that[04:28] <Vito_Cassisi> it's also shit [04:28] > eh [04:28] * mr_a-bomb shrugs [04:28] <Vito_Cassisi> compared to vitualbox anyway
  2. Mr a-bomb

    Windows 7

    There's nothing "with that". It's just how it should be. :) Awesome hey? Yes. Yes it is.
  3. Mr a-bomb

    Windows 7

    Unlike the 7000 build, I din't have to install any drivers at all, what's with that?
  4. Mr a-bomb

    Fonts for programming

    Usually Courier New for me. If you're having problems with l and 1, perhaps try Lucida Console.
  5. Mr a-bomb

    Reading other people's code

    I agree with kikz in the sense that over-commented code should never substitute for clear and concise code, but I still like to comment on my code here and there. For instance, I always put a summary before things like methods and properties; as a side note, I love how Visual Studio integrates those comments into intellisense. I don't like to write huge projects without making any comments at all, it feels unorganized and wrong to me. As long as the code is written properly, adding comments causes no harm A lot of organizations seem to encourage their programmers to overcomment their code though. I remember I saw this in one of Valve's cpp files: // If you don't know what a destructor is by now, you're probably going to get fired...
  6. Mr a-bomb

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday
  7. Mr a-bomb

    What games are W7 compatible?

    All of my vista compatible games have worked on windows 7, as do my RAID drivers. (running a RAID0, myself)
  8. Mr a-bomb

    Age is just a number.

    Happy birthday
  9. Mr a-bomb

    Can you touch my ball?

    Got it on the first go.
  10. Mr a-bomb

    Google Torrent Search

    Mmm, I'm inclined to agree with smithjoe1. You can find CD Keys and stuff with google, it's kinda the same issue.
  11. Mr a-bomb

    Looking to buy my first graphics tablet

    Yup, another vote for wacom here. As LordBug said, they can feel a bit strange to use at first, but after enough use it will essentially become an extension of your arm (like the mouse). I've got a cheap wacom tablet here somewhere; it's an invaluable design tool, imo.
  12. Mr a-bomb

    Anyone here work for Tel$tra

    Doesn't seem like such a big deal to me.
  13. Mr a-bomb

    Birthday happies.

    Happy birthday
  14. Mr a-bomb

    Raid 0

    This. Large disk operations are definately faster on my RAID0. As long as you're not storing mission critical shit, RAID0 is fine
  15. Mr a-bomb

    Congrats to a new dad, the manta!

    You need balls before you can have one. This thread is already win.