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  1. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all finnishe took my time an just finnishe transferring all my pics n stuff over onto the new h. man o man is this ss blindingly fast or what??????????? now just got to post up some pics........... okay.....l.okks like u cant just post up pics on this forum?
  2. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    you know,funny you say that as about 3 years ago i ha a major 'junk' clean out with the annuall council cleanup.out went a huge amount of cabhles/wires/stuff.................ive built a few race cars in the last few years as well so the pile of crap was huge...................an ill bet their was at least one psu power cable in it.....lol an yeah it only ha the yankee cable in it not the 240v one...........
  3. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    yoiur freaking joking/.....................an american 110v power cable with the seasonic psu.....................what the fuck am i suppse to o with that??????????????????????????????????
  4. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    hi again guys!!! just got the new parts this morning..........wow talk about a aunting task to assemble this beast!! gunna b fun.... anyway i use an ol acer 2216w 22inch monitor....................Resolution: 1680x1050 its about 6ish years ol. what woul you recomen i replace it with,from a purely gaming perspective? oh an last night the letter that comes after "c" on my keyboar stoppe working.....lol looks like a new razor keyboar as well is on the shopping list.
  5. gongguy

    Bad Company 2 (again)

    it also surprises me how many Recon we can have and how few enemy get tagged up. like it was too much to press "Q". Familiarity with maps would help that alot and a moving sniper would rock on many conquest maps. Funny you say this. I've become so accustomed to pressing Q, occasionally my instincts get me killed because I go to press Q instead of fire when an enemy is right in front of me. That said, I went to play a bit of TF2 with a friend, and got frustrated cos I kept changing my weapons accidentally...(Q quick swaps weapons....no spotting :P ) On topic, I actually gave BC2 another go today. It was ultimately disappointing. I didn't believe it when I noticed it ran worse than BF3 on my computer. The controls didn't feel right. Found all my old battlefield stats, and unsurprisingly noticed I have only 26hrs in BC2, as opposed to 120hrs in BF2 and 146hrs in BF3.
  6. gongguy

    The OEM Microsoft Software Facts.

    ok kool,ill get back on to pc casegear and buy the oem win7 pro 64 cheers!!!
  7. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    my astone media player didnt like being installed on the home premium edition,we had to go into the registry and change some settings to get it to work.with pro you dont need to do this. cheers its actually a workaround on the astone forums,commen problem
  8. gongguy

    ssd noob reporting in......

    ok thanx mate.im building a new system , so the ssd is going to be the only drive for a while till i install my 2tb hdd for pics n stuff
  9. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    one last quick question guys, can i purchase the win7 pro oem version from pc casegear and install it on my new system without first registering with microsoft as a system builder?
  10. gongguy

    The OEM Microsoft Software Facts.

    i just bought a new system,in parts, from pc casegear. can i also buy the win7 pro oem from them to install on it? do u only get the key or discs as well?
  11. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    hhhmmmm might stick withe the evo then cheers and thanx for your time.im off to p.c casegear to order some parts.....;-)
  12. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    ok cheers mate!!!!!!! im oldskool about drives,never even seen an ssd in the flesh lol i7-4770K 3.5GHz 8MB $384 (as above) asrock fatal1ty z87 killer (cheaper vrm like the extreme3\z87m extreme4 but sufficient for a light-moderate oc) G.Skill Trident X F3-2400C10D-16GTX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 $229 R9 290 4G aftermarket hsf $579 (nice value card that should perform well for a while they can be had a bit cheaper now) Seasonic XP-660 Platinum 660W $199 (nice psu although overkill for a single gpu and not enough for two 290) CASE Silverstone Fortress FT02 $249 (great blend of high airflow and low noise just a shame its not cheap) Phanteks PH-TC14PE $89 samsung 840 pro 256GB looks like ill get the samsung 840 pro thanx for the replys mate,cheers!!
  13. building a new system and want to install my o.s and games (pretty much only play bfbc2 anyway lol) onto the ssd my question is ive never played with a ssd ,let alone used one at all,what size should i get and when u load the os does it give u an option to where it goes? e.g the hhd or ssd.... also anything else i need to know about these things,just asking as ive never had one on any system ive owned before...cheers guys tony
  14. gongguy

    new build..........:-)

    ok ill stick withe seasonic for now,i dont think ill use more than two cards anyway,at least not for the next two years. ill add a ssd to the list and away to p.c casegear i go!!!!! \ p.s noob question, as ive never used a ssd before,when u go to load the os , ddoes it give u an option to load onto the ssd or the hhd? also wouyld this be enough room? SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB for the os and a few games?