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  1. Chancellor

    Roll Call!

    *Putting hand up to indicate a status of not dead* First time in the green room in a while though.. Still lurk on the odd occasion.. kinda...
  2. Chancellor

    Photo 5 is back

    I remember that photo from looking through the entries :) Nicely done. I'm waiting for my box to come in the mail as well. Very interested in seeing the briefs this year :)
  3. Chancellor

    RIP Antraman

    RIP Antraman. Like many here, I always enjoyed reading his posts, and found him to be a great fountain of knowledge in photography. Best wishes to his family through this time.
  4. Chancellor

    Antraman's Photos

    I love the first three, especially the second and third. The fog in the third gives it the painted look while still very obviously being a photo. The last is very nice too, though as Genisis X says, the vignetting is probably a little too dark for my taste. Still very nice though :)
  5. Chancellor

    Chancellor's Photos

    The black and white one actually bugs me, and is one that I want to take again on a clear day. I should have waited a few minutes for the clouds to clear, or for the clouds to come in completely to get more of a texture behind the trees. One day :)
  6. I'll post up my basic workflow at some point, but for now here are some things that made my lightroom life a little easier: Autoadvance when doing a first cull of images I have come into the habit of flagging/rejecting every single image that goes into lightoom. If an image is in focus, does not have horrible composition, it is flagged. If it's an image I don't think can be recovered, or is just a horrible image, it's rejected. To flag an image, use the 'p' key, and to reject, hit 'x'. To make things faster, either enable capslock or enable the "autoadvance" option in the photo menu. This will automatically advance to the next image as soon as you flag or reject the image. By doing this, you can get through many images in a relatively short amount of time. Generally 3-5 seconds on each image is more than enough time to decide. Once I've gone through all of the images, hit CTRL + Backspace to delete all rejected images. Use ratings to rank images - second cull and picking the keepers The first cull should take care of anything absolutely horrible, but not everything is a keeper yet.. This is where rankings come in. There are 5 stars, but I generally can't decide between "is this a 4 star, or a 5 star image?" So I use the following: - 1 star: This is not a good image, but it made it through the first cull. - 2 star: Eh, not bad, but not great. Or a very close copy to another 3 star image and I don't need to develop it. Might come back to it. - 3 star: To be processed further. This is basically a keeper. May be demoted later on if I feel that it's not something I want to publish. - 4 star: Very rarely used - Something I want to develop and put online immediately. Most of the time I'll know which ones these are already, and will pick them out even before going through the ranking process. (It's rare :( ) - 5 star: Not used Again, I'll go through the images and mostly based on gut feeling, rank them 1,2 or 3 based on gut. That way every image is ranked. Put keywords on ALL images Yes, it takes a little longer to start off with, but it makes life so much easier when you are looking for certain images in a very large catalog. You can select multiple images at once and add keywords to all of them at the same time. Tag any images that have been exported as green It's just one of those things, I like to easily pick out images that have been exported, so they are marked green (keypad 8) before they are exported. I'm still working out a system for other tags, but the "green = exported" has been constant for a while.
  7. Chancellor

    Chancellor's Photos

    *sigh* I didn't know it was over a year since posting.. I keep looking at the great shots of people on the forums, but really need to start posting again.. The last few months: View of Adelaide from Mount Lofty Overlooking Wentworth Falls and the Blue Mountains Silhouette of trees Avalon Beach on the day of the eclipse
  8. Chancellor

    DWI- Digital World International

    With such a spendy lens, I'd be looking at a real bricks and mortar store.. I am possibly alone in this thinking, but my reasoning is, what if it's not as sharp as it should be? I bought my 24-70 F/2.8 through DWI. From the beginning it was never very sharp, and I'd really like to get it tested.. Now it's my own fault that I didn't raise this with them a lot earlier, however given the issues I have had in getting a much cheaper ($600ish) repaired under warranty, I can't really imagine the issues I'd have trying to get another copy of a lens that isn't as sharp as I'd like it to be. Would another store offer better after sales service? I don't know, though I'd like to hope so..
  9. Chancellor

    [ADL] Clearly time for another meet

    Sounds good :) Shall keep the evening free :)
  10. Chancellor

    which would you choose?

    If this is your first flash unit and you just want to learn, save your money and start with the 430ex II. It's a great flash unit and will do pretty much everything the higher model flashes do except act as a master. You can always get a cheap wireless flash remote if you do want to play with off-camera flash, or just get a long TTL flash cord. Then when you feel it's time to upgrade, get the higher model and use the 430ex II as a secondary flash :)
  11. Chancellor

    DWI- Digital World International

    I have bought several things from DWI ranging from flashes to several Canon L lenses, however due to issues with a faulty lens and several issues in a warranty claim, I doubt I will ever buy from them again. I am not going to go into details, but my warranty claim from several months ago still has not been resolved with very little contact from Atech/DWI. Otherwise as Michael.Jenkin says, the sales service is quick, and prices are good.
  12. Chancellor

    Smenkhare's Photos

    Beautiful shots there, especially the first. I agree on getting that one blown up and printed :) Oh, and added to the AtomicMPC user photos thread :)
  13. Chancellor

    ADL: Pre-Christmas Night

    I'll probably be stuck at work for a little longer than I had hoped, but should be there by 6:30. Fingers crossed the weather clears a little...
  14. Chancellor

    ADL: Pre-Christmas Night

    Having piked the last meetings, I think it's about time to get to one. Count me in, any evening is good :)
  15. Chancellor

    Eclipse 14th Nov 2012

    Nice shots :) Despite the cloud predictions in Sydney, I drove the hour to Avalon to try to get some shots and possibly a few sunrise shots. A grey and dull sky meant that the closest I got to see the sun was a few small streaks over the water..