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  1. wraith676

    Planet Side 2

    I am Terran, character ident: wraith676.
  2. wraith676

    Planet Side 2

    For anyone thinking about trying out the game, or tried the game and was a little lost. Have fun and rock on with this awesome free game!
  3. wraith676

    American Mary

    Cool, im a movie buff and im always keen to check out new content. Thanks for the heads up i will let you know what i think if i can get a chance to check it out. :)
  4. wraith676

    Armidale lan

    I dont know if there is still lannage in Armidale any more, but when i used to live there a few years back there was a monthly LAN at Smith House(the hostel near the Cathedral there in the middle of town.) Maybe drop in there and ask if there is one that is still being hosted there. Used to be quite popular had maybe 10-20 people there regularly. The guys who where running it i am sure started up the Shop Computer Geeks up across the road from KFC so you could also ask there.
  5. wraith676

    Remote assistance options

    I use teamviewer all the time for all of my mates and families help desk requirements of me. Its very simple to use, and due to randomized passwords on each use it helps promote the sense of security for the people on the other end as well.
  6. wraith676

    Why cod 4 was the last of the great games

    Spooner, i would strongly suggest that you check out Planetside 2. Its free, there is an Australian server for it and i think it may be something that you may really enjoy. If you need it i can fix you up with a beta key( i have plenty floating around) but it goes live on the 20th. :)
  7. wraith676

    Why cod 4 was the last of the great games

    This, in my opinion, sounds like you are very bad at shopping for games. Yes the market place is drowning in AAA titles that force you into paid DLC to keep up with the new content. However there is also quite a number of titles out there that have no such issue. For example i logged onto steam this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite games this year, a pc title by the name of Wargame: European Escalation release its 4th free DLC since release and that it is focused on the single player experience. So i'm just putting it out there that you may just be too pre-occupied in looking at all these AAA title games from big money spinning franchises that dont really offer anything new to gaming in general. Do some research, spend your money wisely i mean i have bought 6 games in the last 6 months and i game every day. Two of which where AAA titles, Diablo 3 and Guild wars 2, both of which where going to provide me my monies worth of gaming, the rest have been smaller cheaper indy titles like Torchlight 2, FTL, Drox operative ect. I really do understand your frustration in this market place. Don't get on the hype bandwagon, shop around. Dont pre-order. Websites like Twitch tv are good as well for letting you see live game-play of what you may want to purchase. There is a lot of great stuff out there, it just takes a little more effort to find it. :) Good luck with your future gaming!
  8. wraith676

    Thunderstorms and copper lines

    Yea chrisg i will agree with your last statement. I personally find Ball lightning a favorite discussion topic of mine when talking about Lightning phenomena.
  9. wraith676

    Asteroid mining about to become reality?

    You are indeed correct Uncle, i was just suggesting how you could go about delivering an asteroid to earth as an example with the engineering knowhow we have today. As for deorbiting an asteroid well there probably isn't very many arguments out there for it but it would be easier(not to say it still wouldn't be challenging) to do then what NASA recently did with the new rover on mars. And to be honest i don't see that it would be all that dangerous either if it was monitored correctly. As for the moon idea it still probably would not be an ideal processing location due to a lack of atmosphere so you would not be able to use it for deceleration of an object. There may be ways around that though, slow impact collisions with the surface? However setting the moon up as a giant fuel dump, well that is something that is definitely going to be needed if we are ever going to have sustainable growth in the space industry. Someone is going to have to start getting fuel off planet before anything substantial can happen in space exploration. Its just too expensive to launch fuel from earth to orbit.
  10. wraith676

    Asteroid mining about to become reality?

    Wow really? How about this for instance: strap some solid boost rockets to a small(10-15 meter) asteroid, they don't need to be big just enough for it to get it to start moving on the desired trajectory. They also dont even need to be quick. Than put it into a stable trajectory aimed at orbiting earth. Once you have the rock orbiting stability in earth orbit strap a couple of more rockets and a parachute onto the rock. Drop it in a slow controlled descent trajectory and let it enter the atmosphere then slow it down with a parachute. Now i know this is a very simplistic description and to put it in practice would require quite a bit more thought but in reality the steps have all been done before in various different space missions(except for putting a boost rocket on an asteroid and pushing it back to earth. But an example of this would be bringing back small probes with cometary dust particles.) Now you work out how to do that on a large scale over a long period of time and you can really see the potential. Say having 10-20 robotic spacecraft fitting the small booster rockets that are automated and a group of people on the ground coordinating the trajectories you could easily see 1-2 a week roids dropping out of the sky to start with and that growing exponentially with the introduction of more advanced robot spacecraft.
  11. wraith676

    Asteroid mining about to become reality?

    Thanks for the share, and yes i love to hear about these companies. That article did have me chuckling at the end. :)
  12. wraith676

    [PC]Mechwarrior Online

    Just a heads up, the NDA got lifted on this last night so we are free to talk about our participation, game play and even post up video if we so choose. reference to the MWO forum post http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/56176-take-your-best-shot/
  13. To me the choice of going high res monitors or 3 monitors can be easily addressed. What type of games do you play? IF you favor more sim/racing style games(even rts games imho) Eyefinity works like a dream. However if you're more the arcade shooter style persona, or absolute max graphics nut, then you may want to look at the single monitor high resolution solution. In closure i would like to state that i'm a very happy eyefinity user who is currently playing torchlight 2, arma 2 with a variety of realism mods and wargame : EE all on eyefinity, and have the option of running any other games such as battlefield 3 at 120hz. So i believe i have the best of both worlds :D Let me also leave this here for you to browse.
  14. wraith676

    Torchlight 2

    Ahhh, fresh off my 3rd Hardcore character loss. RIP Ripperz buddy. Enjoying the crap out of this game, been playing it now every day since release for :D loving it! This game is so damn fast. Very enjoyable and if your a fan of the genre you would do yourself a dis-service not to download and play this game. :D
  15. wraith676

    Torchlight 2

    All in the spirit of Atomic yes? :D Game is awesome btw haven't stopped playing it since i woke this morning in a christmas like glee!